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Prologue: Limelight (Part 1)

Posted on Wed Aug 26th, 2020 @ 11:52pm by Captain Mei Xiang Sun

Mission: Limelight
Location: USS Shanghai - Sun Family Quarters
Timeline: Early Morning, a Couple Weeks after the rescue of the '89 Shanghai

[Sun Quarters]

Mei had barely started getting ready for the day when she was beset by a morning chime at her door. She instinctively called out with a quiet, “Enter”, and the door hissed open. Her erstwhile yeoman appeared in the doorway, his eyes cast across the room to the Captain who was still out of uniform, with a young half-trill daughter clutched to her back in some vain attempt to get high enough to reach a glass of some sweet drink she had replicated early, and the other twin quietly sitting nearby watching as he ate some breakfast.

“Am I interrupting?”

“Yes,” Ayano called out as she strained to try to get to the glass.

“No, Locke, you’re fine,” Mei said quickly, “It’s not quite time for me to be on the bridge – everything alright?” She barely finished the sentence before continuing her conversation with her daughter, “What do I get for giving you this, hm?”

“Nothing, it’s mine,” The young girl said twisting around her mother a bit before dropping off of her to rethink her plan.

“Wrong answer,” Locke said with a smirk before he continued to the captain, “The transport Dragonfly arrived a few minutes ago to Seppala. We got two requests for scheduling a meeting with you,”

“Never heard of it,” Sun said as she walked around to the edge of her living area, with Ayano bouncing around her and jumping to try to get a hand on the glass – and as quick as the girl was, her mother was still a skilled athlete and kept playfully one step ahead of her.

“Just some traders. But they carried some passengers out here this time,” Locke said, holding up a padd. He flipped a finger across the screen and a holographic display at Mei’s quarters’ desk flickered to life, showing a couple of ethereal figures.

“Viridia Mattix,” The young Xun read off from below the picture of one of the figures. A human woman. The Andorian next to her on the other hand, took him a bit more time as he sounded out the words, “Thelahr,” He pronounced the H a bit too hard, “ch’Ra-azani,” He spaced out the gender signifier and split the long-held a into two a sounds.

“Right,” Locke added, “Ch’Raazani is a journalist doing a deep dive into Starfleet’s renewed exploration initiatives and its previous failures. He’s known for being particularly combative with Starfleet officers. Mattix is his producer and videographer. They want a meeting with you as soon as possible but are going to try to get one with Ms. Matsuko and the Colonial leadership first.”

“It worries me that you led with them if you have more,” Sun groaned.

“Right,” Locke flicked the padd again. Another face appeared, this time a Starfleet officer.

“Lieutenant Cayne,” Xun read off as the man appeared and his jacket information began to appear. “Re-dac-ted,”

“Oh, good. IA or SFI?”


“Well, d…” Mei stopped herself from cursing, not that her daughter didn’t pick up on that immediately.

“You were going to curse,” Ayano pointed out unhelpfully.

“But I didn’t.”

“But you were going to.”

“Do you know what TI is?” Mei asked her daughter with a quiet smirk.

“Bad guys?” She bounced, reaching for the drink again and stretching up onto her tiptoes.

“No, they’re good guys. Just… frustrating ones,” Mei sighed, “You two can keep this a secret for now right,”

“Right,” Ayano said, wiggling fingers stretching towards the drink.

Xun just nodded.

Mei relented and offered the drink to her daughter, who took it up and darted off to sit next to her brother in case her mother changed her mind. “Don’t mention TI to anyone,” She ordered the three with a quick point to each. “And you two will get a treat, and you won’t get court-martialed,” She smirked at Locke.

“Send a message to the command team and schedule a meeting with the Lieutenant. Let’s see if he’ll agree to get over here quickly. I’d rather not push back the daily meeting for fear that people will know something is going on,”

“Yes ma’am,” Locke said quickly, “Anything else?”

“Not for now. You’re dismissed.”

Locke gave a nod and backed out of her quarters.

The Captain took a deep breath and clapped her hands, before glancing at her twins, “Alright. Looks like we need to go a little quick this morning. Xun, quick shower, and get dressed. Ayano, finish that up and as soon as he’s done it's your turn.” Mei nodded, “I’ll get your school clothes together,”

“What about exercise?” Xun spoke.

“No time this morning, we’ll just do some this evening after school if you’re not too tired.” She clapped again and turned around, “Alright, let’s try to be quick.”

To Be Continued


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