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A new Service & New way of Life

Posted on Tue Sep 22nd, 2020 @ 11:17pm by Ensign Christian Laknema & Captain Mei Xiang Sun

Mission: Situation: Normal

Ensign Laknema moved through the Shanghai with natural ease it was like he had been on the vessel before but in reality was brand new to the Fleet. Initially he was doing Marine training but then that had changed last minute as the Service was disbanded, from what he heard most of the Senior Officers took retirement but some of the younger generations had depending on their skill set had transferred into Starfleet Security, Medical, or this new Department that was open to all Departments of Starfleet. The Hazard Response Team. Christian had done some reading on it when he had to make his choice on where to go, first conceived on the U.S.S Voyager when it was in the Delta Quadrant it took some time before finally being adopted here in the Alpha Quadrant. With the Corps disbanding there were a lot of push to get it up and running as a stop gap for forward operating ships that did not have back up within an hour. Starfleet had decided to open it up to all departments so as to boost the numbers as well and give more diversity to the teams.

Turning down another corridor he walked up to one of the doors and double checked the PaDD he had been carrying, confirming that this was his room he pressed his thumb on the door chime button to open the door and was pleasantly surprised when it did. Walking in he glanced around quickly and noted that it was of regular Starfleet crew quarters for his rank and station, being that he was on a Galaxy class vessel his quarters were a little bigger and had a few more amenities then if he would have been assigned to the inner core of the Federation. Setting down his duffle on the small couch which really looked more like a love seat he moved over to the replicator and ordered a water, "Computer any messages for Second... Ensign Christian Laknema?" he asked.

"Affirmative. One written message from Captain Sun U.S.S Shanghai address to the Hazard Team Command staff," the female voice replied. Christian moved over to the Computer terminal and pressed some buttons for the message to pop up, scanning through it he read that he was requested to report directly to her upon arrival as the Leader hadn't arrived yet.

"Computer location of Captain Sun," he stated setting the glass of water back into the replicator and recycling it.

"Captain Sun is located Deck 1 Ready Room," which is where Christian figured she would be. He started off and hoped that he didn't botch this.

Christian strolled on the Bridge moved down towards the Captain Ready Room, he pressed the door chime and waited for entry. He noted the layout as he waited quickly for future reference if ever called back up to the Bridge on a emergent situation.

There was a slight pause before the door chimed for entry. When it hissed open it revealed the captain sitting at her desk with a small cup of tea in one hand and a series of holo-documents fading away from the console above her desk. She took a sip and waved him in.

Christian walked in and up to the Captains desk he almost saluted and caught himself at the last minute, Starfleet didn't Salute 'This is going to take some getting used to,' he said mentally, "Ma'am Ensign Christian Laknema Hazard Team Second in Command reporting as ordered."

Mei stood as he approached and gave a small bow when he spoke, "Captain Sun Mei Xiang," She spoke as she rose, motioning to the seats in front of her desk and giving a small smile to him. "Please, make yourself comfortable. Sorry for the confusion and last-minute changes." She took a breath, "I hope your trip was comfortable - we're a long way from any major planet or trade lanes. At least any Federation ones." She sat down her tea and motioned to a pot nearby on her desk, where steam rose from the spout and a few other cups sat nearby. "Would you like a drink? I have fresh tea - and a replicator," She nodded to the other side of the room.

"No, thank-you Ma'am," he replied. His trip had been interesting to say the least, like she said they were a far way from any major centres. There had been a lot of ship hopping and waiting from Vessels that had left too soon to arriving late. He had been on Starfleet ships, commercial ships, private ships and probably a few that if Starfleet Command had known he had booked him on would never book with them again. It had definitely been interesting and an experience, "The Trip was charming."

She gave a nod at the answer and continued her train of thought, "So, if I understand your profile, you're pretty green - and not exactly expecting to be thrust into a leadership role. Which I understand. With a little luck, a lieutenant will be here to take over. Until then, you'll be answering to the command team and likely Security on a more day to day role. But I wanted to ask you directly if you were comfortable taking an acting leadership role for the time being. Or if you'd prefer if I would assign someone else to that role." She gave a quick nod and raised a hand, "To be clear, this isn't a test or anything like that. A genuine question. I'm okay with either choice, so it is up to you."

"I am good trying my hand at it if you are Ma'am," he replied, "I believe most of the Team is already here minus those from the Crew that want to join. Have the Crew been notified of the team?"\

"The Senior Staff is aware and they should have made their Junior Staff aware. Some additional crew may volunteer for Hazard duty. I'm a fan of the option personally, so I think with a little encouragement we should be able to get a few good part-timers to supplement things. Did you have any concerns about the project, especially aboard a ship this large?"

Christian shifted uncomfortably for a moment before replying, "The Security department Ma'am. I believe they need all of their members assigned to just that department. While the Hazard Team should bolster their ranks not diminish it in my mind."

Mei nodded at that statement and took a few moments to parse her thoughts before a smile crossed her lips. "Good answer," Was all she added to that. She adjusted in her seat and gave a look over to the other edge of the ready room for a moment before turning back to the officer. "Well, since you'll be acting as chief for a bit, I suppose you should go through my usual." She took a breath, "I tend to run my ship a bit differently than some other captain. I come from a large family, so communication is high on my list of things. You'll note, we tend to over-communicate. I hold meetings nearly every morning, though weekly department meetings are the only ones I fully require. Since it is my preference to do early mornings, I treat the team to breakfast." She said with a quick nod. "If you have any dietary requirements or requests, let me know - but don't expect anything too fancy." She tapped on her desk. "I have a full open door policy. If you have a problem, you can come to me any time, day or night. Here, in my quarters or office, off-site. Anywhere. There is one caveat, though." She added, "I have seven-year-old twins. They might be around, so I might need a minute to shuffle them off if need be. And I ask that respect what little time I have with family if you can."

"Not a problem Ma'am. I can do all that you are requesting I am a morning person anyway so I will be at the daily meetings and family is a big thing," he replied with a smile.

"Good," She gave a smile and didn't say anything for a moment. "Normally, I ask a lot of questions of senior staff, try to gauge who they are and what they are like from the meeting. For the time being, I'll leave that - as we'll likely work more closely on the job. For now, just expect me to be a bit more liberal in my use of the Hazard Teams than most COs. I'll want to put you into work relatively often. Is there anything you'd like to add before we shuffle on?"

"No, Ma'am," he replied with a smile. He had a lot of work in front of him and he could see the list piling on as the seconds ticked on. The Captain was going to keep the Team busy from the sounds of it which is what he wanted he hated just sitting around and doing nothing but training, but that also meant a lot of training too. He figured he didn't have a lot of time either and only a quarter of the main team had arrived he had a lot of work to do.

"Good, schedule your team for extravehicular activity training, and search and rescue. Those two tend to come up more than I'd care to admit, and I'd like to be sure the team is completely confident when called to act." She gave a smirk, "Otherwise, if there is nothing else, you are dismissed."

"Aye Ma'am, he stated standing he nodded and then departed.


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