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A Check In

Posted on Tue Sep 8th, 2020 @ 6:34pm by Captain Mei Xiang Sun & Lieutenant Gavin Ross

Mission: Neither Past nor Future
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: 2399 - Supplemental

[Captain's Ready Room, USS Shanghai]

Doctor Ross had spent the better part of his early morning going through requests and approving specific medical devices, compounds, and technologies. As per his discretion, Doctor Ross walked a fine line between estimating the guests who were aboard the new Shanghai and those who may be leaving Golvin side.

Gavin had to speak to the Captain regarding minor issues. While at the same time, he had wanted to check in with the Shanghai Captain. How was she doing under stress? Any good Starfleet Doctor had to take in to account the health and well being of the crew, especially in stressful times.

Ross, with several Padds, shuffled them in his hand before he could chime the Ready Room door on the Main Bridge.

"Enter," Mei called out before swiping away a series of holographic displays. The door hissed open and the screens faded away. "Doctor Ross," She called out with a wave, "Come in. Make yourself at home. I don't have any tea ready at the moment, but would be happy to make something up if you'd like - or can replicate something if you prefer. To what do I owe the pleasure? I'm pretty sure neither myself nor the kids have an appointment coming up."

"How are the twins?" Ross smiled. "Honestly, I would love the chance to update Ayano and Xun's growth records. Twins are a handful, but you handle their upbringing with breeze. What is your secret?" He raised an inquiring brow. Sick bay had nothing but praise over the years over the Twins. Their obedience and handling were remarkable.

"Thank you Captain. I am good." He acknowledged the Captain's pleasantries. He took a seat, taking in the Captain's ready room, he always felt welcomed. "I have good news. And not so good news." He let his eyes scan the padd before handing the health reports regarding the temporal guests.

"My secret is I've taught them to be good in public," Mei smiled with a bit of a twist of her head, "They're a handful, and I'm exhausted. But I wouldn't trade them for anything - though I need to brush up on Trill biology more." She gave a grin and shook her head. She took a bit of a breath, "Well, let's go with the not so good first. What's going on?"

Ross nodded at the mention of the Children’s Trill biology. He was aware that Mei had a former partner, though he was not privy to the intricacies other than the death of her partner. Any situation was a tragic loss as such.

“Of course, Captain.” He offered a somber tone. “I can’t claim to understand children myself. However, I can appreciate their joy. From afar.” He winked.

He then clasped his hands together with his one padd. He handed it to Mei. “I’ve had to field a few… demands from the health care providers on Golvin.” He used the term “providers,” as they didn’t seem to operate as efficiently as expected. “One was a stretch. In your time, have you worked with Di-Methyl-tetrazine?”

"Doctor..." Mei sighed, "I..." She shook her head and leaned back, "I'm sure I have but you have been with me long enough to know that I am a social scientist at best. You are going to have to put it in layman's terms," She smirked, "And then probably explain it slowly." She gave a wave, "But go ahead, I'm following so far."
He nodded, "Of course." He tapped a few keys on the nearest stacked padd that was open. He pulled up the Di-Methyl-tetrazine. "Captain, In normal functions the drug is used in generalized applications. A fast acting steroid, cardiac events, etc..." He stopped. "But add a few Nano particles of wild delphinium flower, which is present on the planet apparently. Then we have a completely different substance, an airborne type of anthrax, well closely associated, but molecularly different."

"Wait..." Sun spoke for a minute before shaking her head. "A relatively common drug can be mixed with a flower, that has... either been on this planet, or we brought here... and it becomes a notorious plague?" She shook her head, "That sounds like a way things would go sideways for us..." She took a breath. "Alright. And my assumption is that you either want to pull this drug from the planet, or find a way to neutralize the possibility of it becoming an outbreak?" She spoke, "Or am I way off?" She shook her hands, "Actually, nevermind, tell me what you need to minimize or remove that risk."

"In any other setting I would have no problem. The drug is stocked in countless starships and emergency kits." He informed. "I just do not like the nature of the request." He breathed outward, his reservations. "I've sent an inquiry into who has specifically asked for Di-Methyl-tetrazine. Communication was cut short there after."

"It is easy. We just deny the shipment, and send in other therapeutics as requested. I've informed I cannot process the Di-Methyl-tetrazine."

"I just wonder why it was requested, when many generics are ample." He furrowed a brow.

"It is a concern. I wouldn't suggest any ulterior motives casually. Just I had wanted to give a heads up Captain." Ross offered.

"Well." He looked out the window of Mei's office. The stars cape a backdrop to every mission. He placed his hand at his padd on her desk. He stood up from the desk. "If I come across any information on the matter, I will keep you updated. As you have cancelled the request, I think that is the most we can do." He nodded.

"Yeah, I can be the bad guy on this one until we pin this down. Let me know what else you need," Sun spoke with a quick nod.

"Thank you for your time Captain."



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