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Death's Door

Posted on Thu Aug 27th, 2020 @ 9:10pm by Lieutenant Dastan Alexander Ph.D

Mission: Neither Past nor Future
Location: Somewhere in Deep Space
Timeline: 2389

= First Officer's personal log stardate 2389. I have been assigned as escort of the three refugee transports traveling from New Anchorage to Hawkeye Island in the Raeyan Sector Block. These transports are only capable of warp 5 at maximum so this is going to be a long journey. The total time for this trip is estimated at about 2 weeks so I hope the Shanghai doesn't run into any trouble while I'm away. I'm proud that Captain Sun is confident in my abilities to give me this solo assignment, but I feel that I would be able to better serve at my position of the bridge. =

The white shimmering of stars shot across the black background of space. Traveling at warp three Huron class transports zoomed by. Two Danube class runabouts and one Peregrine class fighter were close behind. Commander Alexander and a young ensign were inside the fighter. The transport was routine until the unthinkable happened.

As if it came out of no where a large pulse wave struck the convoy. “Warp engines offline,” the ensign said as all the ships in the convoy dropped out of warp.

Alarms sounded from all the consoles. “Status report,” Dastan said.

“Sir, our shields are down to 73 percent,” the ensign said. “Looks like the others aren’t so lucky. The transports’ shields are all less than 10%. They’re holding together.”

Dastan’s console glowed as the civilian Captain of one of the transports appeared. “Commander, do you know what that was?” he asked.

Dastan had looked at the sensor log and noticed something different. “Sir, it looks like it was a temporal wave of some kind. I’m not sure what the origin is, but we need to get out of here.”


The ensign co-pilot started to panic as he rapidly tapped on his console. “Commander, looks like another wave is inbound, thirty seconds to impact.”

Dastan started inputting rapidly on his console. “Boosting emergency power to the shields.” He looked back to his console, “Sir you need to boost power to the shield.”

The civilian captain looked a little confused as he gave the order. “15 seconds to impact. Commander looks like that only increased their by 5% on one of the transport.”

Dastan tried to transfer power to Transport Beta but it was too late. The next temporal wave struck the convoy. The fighter rocked from side to side. Once the shock was over, Dastan looked up to see the Transport Beta fade from space and time before his very eyes. He felt his heart sink for only a moment. “Ensign, report.”

“Shields down to 51%. Transports Alpha and Gamma ‘s shields are down to 6 and 3 percent respectively. Sir, they aren’t gonna be able to take another hit.”

Dastan thought for a second, “Ensign, do you think they can stabilize the warp fields so that we can all get out of here.”

“I don’t know, sir,” he said. “Sir, I’m detecting a power up on Transport Alpha’s warp engines. I think she’s trying to go to warp, but the field isn’t stable.”

Dastan quickly tried to hail the transport’s captain, but there was no response. Then an orange explosion was seen on the viewscreen as the second transport exploded. “Damn,” Dastan said. He ran through several scenarios through his head.

“Runabout Pecos try to reverse your warp field integrity and see if you can get out of here,” Dastan said.

“Yes, sir,” a female lieutenant said. The runabout’s warp engines glowed as it shot to warp.

Dastan smiled as he looked up at his comrade. “Sir, third wave inbound, 45 seconds to impact.”

“I’m sending orders for Transport Gamma and runabout Yangtze to reverse their warp fields,” Dastan said. The Yangtze soon vanished in a warp field.

“15 seconds,” the ensign said. “It doesn’t look like transport’s engines will be available in time.”

“Prepare to extend out shields around the transport,” Dastan said. “That’s the only way she’s gonna survive.” He paused. “Extending shields,” he said as the wave rocked the ships.

Sparks shot from all the consoles. “Shields offline, warp engines offline, prepare to abandon ship,” Dastan said to his comrade, but there was no answer. Dastan glanced up to the co-pilot chair to see the ensign’s cold lifeless body. Just then the transport Gamma vanished to warp. Dastan could feel pain in the side of his face from the fresh plasma burn. He slowly became to fade out of consciousness as he could see a giant black hand reaching out through space. ‘Was this death?’ he thought to himself as the hand opened and then surrounded him in darkness.


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