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Mission: Limelight
Location: USS Shanghai, Deck One


Lieutenant Cayne stepped out of the Captain's Ready Room as people buzzed around the bridge in preparation for the early morning meeting with the staff. It was early and the night shift was ready to trade-off after the morning meeting, but there was just enough cross over to make this a bit complicated. The Captain was not one to be late, but this morning was going to be a bit different. Cayne straightened his sciences blue uniform and ran a hand across his cheek. "Shanghai team," He said to those on the bridge, "Good morning - I'm Lieutenant Cayne, Temporal Investigations. You'll be seeing a lot of me over the next little bit." His lips twisted to a smirk, "And I am looking forward to it."

"I'm not," Christine said, standing from her seat and looking him up and down. She didn't bother hiding the obvious disgust on her face. There were other words she wanted to say, but not here and not in front of her crew. If she had a choice, she would have sent him out the nearest airlock.

[Observation Lounge]

The rumors of a Temporal Investigator being aboard the Shanghai spread as rumors often did; seemingly at the speed of light. Captain Sun's usual morning briefing wasn't tagged as being anything out of the ordinary, just going over the usual and catching up on the changes occurring due to the temporal refugee situation that had been ongoing for a couple of weeks now. As always, the crew services team had prepared a breakfast for the meeting, laid out in the room. Though, normally, Mei would have been working in the room when the first of the crew arrived. That was not the case today.

Christine was early, for once. And the first one to arrive. The presence of an officer from TI set her on edge, and she had rushed everyone out the door. She sat with one leg crossed over the other, fingers of one hand tapping against her leg as she waited for the rest of the crew.

Isabelle had heard of the arrival of the TI investigator on the ship’s grapevine, she could also feel how uneasy the crew were having such a person onboard ship. Now she was recovered sufficiently to be back on her feet and on light duties she joined the meeting. Walking into the observation lounge she made her way to the replicator to get herself a drink before returning to a seat nodding to Christine as she sat down. “Good Morning Commander.” She offered a polite nod to the officer.

“Morning,” Reagan raised her coffee cup slightly, greeting the officers already present in the lounge as she entered. After quickly finding a seat, she returned to the engineering data on the PADD she had brought with her. People had been gossiping about the TI on board and she assumed this briefing would have something to do with that, but she wasn’t terribly concerned. Reagan had enough on her plate in engineering without worrying about whatever the TI would want. As long as he stayed out of her way, things would be just fine.

Christine raised her head from her PADD. She had been lost in thought for a little bit, but it seemed the others were beginning to filter in. "Good morning, Veran. Glad to see you up and about now," she answered with a polite smile. Someone else had entered shortly after and she gave them a smile and a nod as well.

Wale entered the briefing room in civilian clothes, feeling extremely self-conscious. Given his current status as scientific mission advisor and liaison to Golovin, Captain Sun had personally requested his presence at the briefing - as such, he'd be the only civilian in the room. He exchanged looks with Christine, and grabbed a seat at the far end of the table.

Alexander walked in quietly, grabbing a chair across from Christine, not saying a word. He nodded to his commanding officers and took his seat. He noticed the glares the new Temporal Investigations Officer was getting but didn't bat an eye. He had no issue with the man, nor his job, so he kept to himself.

Dastan tugged at the hem of his new Starfleet uniform. By this time he had comfortably settled into his new role. Strategic Operations would be different for him since he had always been a science officer, but the Dastan Alexandee in this timeline was a little different. The conference room door opened and the walked through. There were familiar faces but each looked just a little different than he remembered. He walked over and took and empty seat by the viewport.

Christian had nearly forgot that he was required for the briefing, it had been Petty Officer Karen King that had reminded him of the meeting. After gathering a PADD he had requested that King join him. With Christian already being an Assistant and no Chief still aboard he needed an Assistant and he hadn't assigned one yet. They both arrived and took sitting together. They hadn't fully met the Crew yet so he hadn't talked to any of them other Senior Officers yet. In fact he could count on one hand how many he had spoken to so far something that he really needed to fix.

Jane wanted to arrive early, but it took longer than expected to make it from the classroom where she had been reviewing Galaxy class flight controls to the observation lounge. She decided to sit next to Wale. “It’s good to see you, sir,” she said. Even though he wore no uniform, she defaulted to assuming he still had his rank. And she still thought frequently of seeing this man’s younger self impaled and killed.

"Ensign," acknowledged Wale with a nod. He took note of her apparent discomfort. He knew she was from the alternate timeline, and of course he'd heard about his counterpart's demise. He shifted somewhat uncomfortably in his seat.

The walk to the turbolift that led to the observation center had seemed like an eternity to James. Which was ironic due to the cause - an arrival of a Temporal Investigator. He had dealt with them before - in the past and the future. He entered the turbolift, tapping on his PADD aimlessly. He was supposed to be reviewing reports, but they were scrolling by without him registering. It took the lift beeping at him to realize the doors had opened. He lowered the PADD, striding out and through the short corridor to the observation lounge. He entered, exchanging looks around the table. He sat down next to his wife. Looking to the head of the table, he raised an eyebrow at the Captain's absence.

"Commander Barnes," Christine said with a smirk, "Nice of you to join us finally." She turned her chair towards him, her eyes discreetly looking him over. Though it had been a couple of weeks, it was taking her some time to get used to the beard. She didn't know why he insisted on keeping it. And she wasn't the only who wasn't a fan. She let out a quiet sigh and gave a small shake of her head.

Mei was behind by about ten minutes, which for her was nearly unprecedented. She entered the room in a bit of a hurry, a bit of an exacerbated breath escaping her lips as she made her way around the gathered crew. She seemed in a less cordial mood than normal as well. "Good morning everyone," She said quickly as she reached her seat. "I'm going to skip pleasantries since we're so far behind already." She shook her head and glanced around the room. "I'm sure you all have heard that there is a Temporal Investigator aboard. Lieutenant Cayne will be moving around asking questions. Answer them, and let's get this over as quickly as possible." She took a quick breath. "We've also got Press on Seppala. Clear any interviews or requests for interviews through myself or the Commander. If you are ambushed with questions and a recorder, you come to me immediately afterward with details. Any other new business or questions before I speed into crew changes?"

Isabelle shook her head, right now all she wanted to know was whether Starfleet would grant her request to take the position of Chief Counsellor as intended for this universe’s counterpart of her, who was still officially listed as missing.

Reagan leaned back, crossed her arms and looked around to see if anyone else was going to ask a question. She didn’t have anything to add, she just wanted to get back to her job.

At the mention of the agent's name, Christine shifted uncomfortably in her seat and tapped her fingers rather aggressively on the table. She frowned. She didn't like the investigator snooping around. If she had her way, she would have sent him back. She would keep her comments to herself though. It would do no good to be a poor example to the rest of the crew.

Doctor Ross was consumed with medical work already. Having a bureaucratic oversight was not something he was looking forward too. He tapped his hand at the side of his review padd on the desk. He did not have anything to say at this time, he would cooperate hoping that TI would complete quickly. He took a drink from his energy drink, and sat it back down and cracked his knuckles subconsciously.

Jane worried about what a reporter might want to talk to her about. Given the requests she had made, and her girlfriend’s unusual situation, she felt like she was already on thin ice with TI. She hoped no one would ask her questions.

Jones quietly made her way into the meeting. She was annoyed having had another lengthy exchange with Ne'Tel. His record had to be a mistake, in her mind. How could he be so loyal and so reliable when he was so constantly arguing with her. What was it about Vulcans that made them think they had the right to tell the rest of the universe how to live?

"Well, I'll take the quiet as we've got no new news," Mei said softly. She took a breath, "Some of our senior staff has offered to step down to allow 89 crew to integrate easier. Lieutenant Salos, Doctor T'var, and Chief Carter are all transferring off to handle quadrant duties aboard the USS Covington. Lieutenant Saya will be transferring to the Halifax as CFCO there. Logistics and Morale are going to set up a going away party, so those of you from 99 - mark that on your calendar. No its not mandatory, but yes I'll be disappointed if you skip it." She said with a smirk, "Those of you transferring in will be taking their places. Sinclair as CFCO, Kolokotronis as Ops, Veran as Counseling, and Alexander as Strat Ops."

"In other news, I was tired of waiting on Starfleet, so Lieutenant Quinn is taking over as CEO. Some of you might know her from her time here as a junior officer, but likely only ops and engineering staff." She sighed, "For the rest, we're working on getting a Civilian Liaison set up officially, and trying to work with Golovin - which will be the crux of what is going on in the next little bit. Anything to add?" She said glancing up and waiting for a response for what felt like a split second.

"Good. Moving on. Those of you that have been here a while know the drill. We need the Promenade deck ready for guests. Engineering, Logistics, and Operations need to ready to start helping the colony rebuild. Security, Tactical, and Hazard, I need a full rundown of colony security systems and where they can be improved." She took a breath, "Medical, Counseling - you'll be going through and providing service to the colonists and prioritizing procedures that would normally be too dangerous or otherwise unavailable for them. Flight Control, Fighters, you're on escort and travel details - help out the other departments as needed. Strat Ops, Intel, Diplomacy, we'll be working on getting meetings with the regional powers. I especially want to work with the Cyen and offer them some sort of thanks for putting so much work into the colony in our absence." She paused, "For those of you unaware or whose first time it is, just try to imagine working on a Starbase, in the busy season, but having to pack everything up when you're done - that's basically what we do." She sighed, delaying the inevitable conversation about TI. "Any questions or reminders?"

Isabelle shook her head, her role was obvious enough helping Ross with the medical side of things and doing her job as Counsellor helping the colonists. It would help to take her mind off her own problems for a little while.

Ross was well aware of the current logistical issues that were Golovin, currently. He had a concerning issue regarding medical requests in the past week. He had a council with Mei herself. He nodded in conjunction with Isabelle. Counselling and Medical were foremost important in humanitarian matters of this size; they would be working in tandem. His only concern was not wanting to stress out the Counsellor, as she already had enough on her plate.

Jane nodded at the instructions. She was also looking forward to getting back to Golovin. She had some medium term plans for herself on the planet, and knew how she could help her Starfleet colleagues and the colonists. “Captain, in our original timeline I oversaw construction of a civilian spaceport. With your permission, I can examine the status of their current planetary landing infrastructure and work with Ops to build or improve as needed.”

Alexander pondered his instructions for a minute. He sat up and held his hands together at the table. "What type of resources does the colony have at the ready? Will we be their main supplier or mainly just manpower?" He was curious as to the state of the Colony but was looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. He hadn't seen much of it and this was his first formal meeting about the situation in Golovin.

"The colony's resources are very limited," spoke up Scholl. "We have a few replicators - basic ones, to say nothing of industrial replicators. But their pattern replication buffers are misaligned, and we didn't have the proper tools to repair them properly, so we scavenged parts from other replicators to keep a few of them running. We do have manpower, but most are unskilled, and will require supervision. Farmers, mostly. A few former Starfleet officers."

"While the colony has an adequate security staff for their size, they are severely lacking in firepower to support that staff. They would need at least a single crate of phaser rifles and a crate of hand phasers to insure they have the necessary firepower to insure their security staff are properly armed", Jones replied while resting in her seat slightly. Her irritation at Ne'Tel distracting her from her typical ridged posture.

"I still have some contacts with the Cyen, Captain," James observed, having sat back in his chair. He was stroking his beard slightly, surely to the annoyance of his wife to his left. "They're older, but they should still check out. We did a lot for them in the day."

Having listened, Mei started from the top. "Alright, Ensign. That's not a bad idea," She shook her head a bit, "Timeline is a bit different, and land use will likely be different from what you remember. If you can, start working up the project. Be sure to make note of our Transporter tech while you're at it. I think Seppala and Golovin are due a Public Transporter connection - and it would make sense to plan to include that with that infrastructure. Alexander, get the Ensign what she needs,"

Alexander nodded to the Captain and then Jane. "Yes, Sir. Ensign, I'd invite you to the next Operations division scheduling, we can get you what you need and I'll assign some crewmen as we see fit."

"Yes, Captain," Jane replied. "And thank you, Lieutenant. I'll be there."

"And on that, Lieutenant. We're going to be both for a bit, but we want to set them up to not need us," Mei nodded towards the Operations Officer, before nodding over to Wale based on his comment, "Let's break down a couple of our industrial replicators and get them rebuilt on the surface," She took a breath and moved her eyes to the new CEO, "Quinn, your team is going to need to help with that. We need at least one of our main industrial replicators pumping out parts to replace ours - but we can do reduced capacity for a time. I'd like to keep our capacity at fifty percent or more, including the loss of whichever of our replicators is being used to repair our broken down ones. Find the numbers, you two - and get me a timeline to build an industrial replicator center colony side." Sun spoke.

"Oh, and Doctor Scholl, I'd like at least one of those Industrial replicators put to use building parts for another one or two once its up and running," She said quietly. "If we can get the colony's essentials repaired first, I'd like to start work on Seppala. There were plans in 2389 to build a yard station here. I believe that might be worth revisiting."

“I’ll get a team on it,” Reagan responded to Mei before looking at Wale. “We should get together and coordinate on the industrial replicators. I might also be able to spare an engineer to look at the current replicators with misaligned pattern replication buffers.”

Wale nodded. "As long as there are at least two replicators in working order on the colony, and plenty of hands to help with the reconstruction," he said.

The Captain then turned to her Security chief, "Do it. For protocol, I'll need you to bring me or Christine the list before we can fully sign off. I'd like to not just get them weapons, but if we have some additional spare support materials, I think that would be worthwhile. Emergency comms, transport buffers and scramblers, SAR kits. Whatever we can spare. Hazard Response can help with essentials, most likely. And while you're working on it, can we double check their training resources?"

"The Hazard Team will be happy to help out with training support and what ever other duties the Lieutenant your yourself sees fit Ma'am," Christian replied looking at the Captain and then at the Lieutenant.

"And James, see who you can contact. I'd like to get a full blown diplomatic meeting set up with the Cyen as soon as possible, so anything either your team, or our Diplomatic Attache can set up or find would be incredibly useful. Long term goals aside, short term, I'd like to be able to do something for them for the help they've offered in our absence." Mei said with a nod. "Not to mention we need an updated view on what exactly is happening in this region," She said with a glance to Strategic Operations as well.

"Aye, Captain," James nodded, tapping on his PADD. "I'll see what I can rustle up. Maybe do some old fashioned on the ground intel gathering."

Dastan nodded at the Captain. "Aye, sir." He then turned to the CIO. "If you need any help with that intel, Commander Barnes, I'd be glad to help."

It was still hard for her to have no particular task to do despite being in the same position for the last two years. Christine was still adjusting to it. "I'll be around to help where needed," she said, with a glance around the briefing room table. "If someone needs a hand, I'll be available, you all know where to find me."

Ross had waited while he ran the numbers through. He had checked his padd over and over. “Captain Sun. Golvin colony, no doubt, needs our help immediately.” He empathized. “We will have to skeleton crew current sickbay resources, gutting current triaging efforts for the temporal guests who have arrived.” He stressed the current level of care that was being already cut thin.

He pulled up the personnel numbers of Starfleet officers capable of triage, combat medic, and general first aid for Golvin inhabitants. “I need to know how are we going to continue triage operations onboard? We have schools of officers, but not everyone can handle a medical tricorder.” Ross wasn’t distasteful to the idea. He had wanted an all-out humanitarian effort on the Federation’s part, but they were currently one of a few vessels in orbit capable. It was a nightmare.

“I can free up a few hundred officers by direct requisition planetside. Training and therapeutics

“We have identified mass malnutrition, miscarriages, cardiac and pulmonary abnormalities, cancers just too high light a few. Not to mention on the Counselling side, trauma, PTSD, and other Federation compendium manifestations. This is not solved in a few months.” Ross rubbed at his face, tiredly.

“We’re going to need as much help as we can get” Isabelle took over from Ross. “Just trying to get the people here to trust us is going to be a mammoth task, we’ll need as much backup as we can get if we’re going to stand a chance of getting to help all those who need it.”

Alexander looked over his padd and briefly glanced at the list of officers and crewmen available. "I can redistribute my Ops personnel as needed, I don't think we need to be worried about how qualified they are. Right now, manpower is what we're focusing on. We have a versatile crew, and I think a lot of us are worried we'll bite off more than we can chew." He placed his padd on the table and sat back. "l say we push, give what we realistically can and go from there."

"Coordinate the deployments with the Colony leadership council," Wale reminded him. "You can go through either Hisa, Delgado or myself."

"Agreed. Set up a dedicated coordination channel. We have a thousand crew, and can run the ship on skeleton while we're here. As long as the crew is wearing commbadges, we can initiate emergency beam outs to and have everyone back on deck within a few minutes." She nodded, "The rest of you Seniors, get a staff list to Ops so we can make use of every extra hand."

"Aye, Captain." Ross pulled his self away from the chair, more confused than ever.

Isabelle stood ready to depart with Ross. They had lots of work to do.



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