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Security Credentials

Posted on Sat Oct 24th, 2020 @ 6:41pm by Commander Christine Descharmes-Barnes Ph.D & Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn

Mission: Between the Pages
Location: Bridge/Ready Room
Timeline: current

Having obtained her new quarters assignment from logistics, Reagan grabbed her bag and the few things she had and walked to what would be her new home. She knew what the upgraded quarters would look like before she entered, but that didn’t keep her from being elated when she entered and the realization hit that this was now hers.

Packing and unpacking was something that Reagan had grown accustomed to over the years, having moved often during childhood. This was no different, she thought, quickly organizing her things into the new storage areas and carefully placing her family photos around the room. Upon completion she took a step back to admire her work. Nothing was more pleasing than a fresh, well organized room. Let’s just hope this is worth all of the added stress of the new CEO position, she thought.

Satisfied that she’d found a place for everything, Reagan moved on to the next task that the Captain had given her. Commander Barnes would have to rework her security credentials. “Computer, locate Commander Barnes,” she requested. “There are two Commander Barnes on board. The Executive Officer, Commander Christine Descharmes-Barnes and the Chief Intelligence Officer Lieutenant Commander James Barnes,” the computer spit back.

Reagan hadn’t even thought of the possibility of there being two of them aboard. Which one would rework security credentials? It seemed like it would fit either of their job descriptions, but she didn’t want to pick the wrong one. Being new to the CEO position and knowing she was under more scrutiny because of her lack of experience, she didn’t want to screw up something as simple as choosing the right Commander to get her credentials reworked.

“Computer, locate the XO,” she made her decision and just hoped it was the right one. “Commander Barnes is on the bridge,” the computer responded. Regan grabbed a PADD and headed to deck 1.

It was a quiet afternoon, the Shanghai currently docked at Seppala and there was nothing -this time - to report. It was a skeleton crew on the bridge -when it was quiet it didn't need to be fully staffed. She learned over the past two years that the bridge can be fully staffed at a moment's notice. It enabled others to be productive and work on other things. So she sat in her own chair, perusing a report submitted by the logistics chief. She could take the center chair if she had chosen but it still felt awkward as if it was simply too big for her to fill.

A shadow hovered just off to her side. At first glance, she thought it was one of the junior officers assigned to bridge duty and who was simply trying to get her attention. The second time she glanced over, she saw that it was someone new. She scanned her face. It was familiar, and she felt she should have recognized it. Ah. She remembered reading her dossier during one of the meetings with Mei. "Lieutenant Quinn?" she asked, uncrossing her legs and turning her upper body to her. "You're not scheduled for bridge duty today."

“No ma’am, but the Captain informed me that I’d need to have my security credentials reworked as I’m taking over the CEO position. I was hoping you could help with that?” Reagan inquired, praying to every deity that she hadn’t made a fool of herself on the bridge by choosing the wrong Barnes for the task.

"Oh, right," Christine said with a smile, "Captain Sun did mention that as well. It must have slipped my mind. It's been a little hectic lately. " She stood, adjusting her uniform jacket as she glanced around the bridge quickly before settling her gaze onto the junior officer seated at science. "Piers," she said, "You have the bridge. I'll only be a few minutes."

"We can use the ready room," she said, nodding with her head in a follow-me gesture "Sun won't mind. Besides, I'd rather not have every officer on the bridge know your credentials. It's a security issue. Neither Jones nor my husband would be very happy with me."

Reagan internally let out a sigh of relief in having apparently chosen the correct Barnes for the credential rework. She followed the XO into the ready room. “So, any words of wisdom or anything you think I should know before I gain these new security credentials?” She knew that as a lesser experienced officer taking over as the CEO she would be under a microscope and at least wanted to clearly understand everyone’s expectations

Christine sat in Mei's chair, crossed her legs, and turned back around to the new CEO. She gave Reagan a quick glance over. "I've looked over your file. You've been here a few years. Honestly, I was a bit surprised she chose a junior's a big department," she said, then gave her a smile, "But then she took a chance with me too. And well, I didn't turn out so bad either."

"I'll tell you this, though, from my own experience," she added, "There are those in your department that have a shit ton of experience. Some more than you. They'll push you. Don't let them walk all over you. But also remember to not try to do everything yourself. Be humble enough to acknowledge you have limits and to ask for help. Some probably not going to be too happy to be passed over. I didn't have a traditional Academy education. Hell, there are those who've spent their entire adult lives knowing what they're going to do, focused on one career track. And then there's me. I've been all over the place. At my age, I should technically have more than 2 years of experience as first officer. And I still have some question my judgment." Christine shook her head.

"But, you didn't come here for a story," she confinued and gave her another smile. "Any personnel issues or problems, come see me. I usually like to see department head's scheduled roster for the week on Monday morning. If you need help with it, I'm also available, just schedule a meeting through the command yeoman. Any major repairs or changes, I'd like to see. Anything below that, use discretion and proper protocol. Equipment requisitions, you know to go through Logistics. Crew or personnel requisitions will go through me. Anything else, use your judgement. But I'm generally available should you need help with anything. Sorry for the long speech. Any questions?"

"No questions, but I will be scheduling a meeting with you for help with the duty roster. That's one area I'm not as familiar with and I'll take whatever help I can get," she stated. "Once I finish my final assessment of the current situation, I'll send you a requisition of any engineering positions that we need filled." Reagan paused for a second before adding onto her statement, "and thanks, for reworking my credentials and the advice." She said with a smile.

"No problem," Christine answered, returning her smile. "I used to have an open door policy wherever I was on the ship, but now with three kids, I can't guarantee what someone is going to see when they enter my quarters. It's why I ask for crew to set up meetings. I don't mind when. Just..having people show up in the middle of getting them ready for school or during bedtime can be a bit, well, awkward."

"Anyway, your credentials," she continued, "Computer, bring up the personnel file including security credentials of Lieutenant Junior Grade Reagan Quinn. Voice authorization Barnes-Alpha-Five-One." The computer beeped in response. "Delete current credentials. Increase active security clearance to Level 4 and grant Beta access."

"Voice confirmation and code required."

"That's you," Christine said. "You should probably enter a different voice code than the one you used already."

"Voice authorization Quinn-Charlie-Seven-Seven" Reagan responded. The computer chimed in acknowledgment and she turned to look at Christine. "Is that it?" she hadn't actually had her credentials changed before. It was a bit simpler than she thought it might be.

"I think so? You should have the same access as other department heads," Christine answered, thinking it over for a minute. "If you're having issues with it, let me know. Or the other Commander Barnes. He's been doing this a lot longer than I have." She gave Reagan a quick smile. "Did you need anything else from me?"

"No ma'am, I think I'm good. Thank you for your help." Reagan returned the smile before exiting to tackle the next item on her to do list.



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