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Cabin/Target Practice

Posted on Mon Jan 18th, 2021 @ 12:35pm by Ensign Desiree Martin & Ensign Christian Laknema

Mission: Between the Pages
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: current

Christian had finished up all of his work that he had planned for the day having coming on board, it hadn't taken him as long as he really thought it would which was scary in a way. He wondered if he was missing something. He pondered it for a bit before he shook his head and decided that if he did it could probably wait till the morning. Besides he had an engagement that he had planned with a Medical Officer that he had to get to and get set up.

Ensuring that the team had a Medical Officer on it had been one of his first priorities. He was glad that it was filled so quickly, but there was a bit of concern when she mentioned that she had a child. The Hazard Team was risky business not unlike Starfleet... but... the Hazard Team would be routinely called upon for situations where it just wasn't safe to send the general membership. But he was sure that Desiree knew the risks and Christian was going to ensure that she was prepared for anything that may come towards them.

Walking up the Holodeck door he stopped at the panel and scrolled through the training options for phasers. It was the standard drab that they all get tested on year after year. He didn't want this to seem like a proficiency exam it was more meant to be a upgrading of skills something a little more laid back to start with. He scrolled through several other programs also not liking what he saw. Giving up he dived into his own file that he was able to upload to the computer already. He brought up his cabin file and loaded it up.

Stepping through the door he was brought into the field where the cabin was located like nothing had changed, it was a matter of fact nothing had changed because it was a computer program now. He made a mental note to see if he could program into the computer what it would possibly look at given current times of years. Taking a deep breath in trying to imagine himself there as much as he could he relaxed a bit. Taking off his uniform tunic he moved over to an area and picked up a couple of dead logs and made a base so that he could put targets on it. Once when that was completed he had the computer whip up some standard Federation hand phasers and then sat down to wait for Desiree to arrive.

Des had ditched her lab coat back at her quarters after her shift and after a brief conversation with Christine, dropped Claire off with her. She hadn't even had a chance to sit and eat today but being a medical doctor, she was used to the long hours. She would be fine. She entered the holodeck at a speedwalk but slowed when she glanced around. She wasn't expecting this. She actually didn't know what she was expecting from this. "Oh," she said after a brief pause. "Sorry, I'm running late."

"That's okay Desiree. I figured we would start off with a hand phaser. These would be more of a side arm for the team but it is a good ground foundation," he handed her a phaser, "can you show me your best stance in firing?"

Des took the phaser, cautiously looking it over. She briefly questioned why she had accepted the position, but she was always into trying new things. "Sure," she said quietly as she placed her feet shoulder-width apart and raised her right arm as if she was about to fire.

Christian looked at her as she got into her stance, she remembered that much he could tell and was pleased to see it, "Fire when ready."

She gave him a side glance and pressed the button. The phaser beam missed the intended target by at least a foot and she grimaced as she returned to her firing stance. She surveyed the damaged tree with a sheepish look. "Well, the tree's no longer a threat," she said, chuckling nervously. "The first one is always the worst, right? I hope you're not going to change your mind about this."

"Oh poor Serah," Christian said looking at the char spot on the Tree, "That was her favorite limb." He had his back to her and was grinning profusely. He turned around still grinning, "Don't worry about it Desireewe can only get better from here."

He moved a little closer taking out his own phasers, with ease he moved to his shooting stance and fired. Hitting the target. He then adopted a pose with his left hand stretched out all the way m, his phaser hand, his right hand moved up to his face the web part of his hand hooking into his chin, "Adopt this pose, your phaser hand out stretched and then your other hand is going to be your sight ensure the two line up and then fire."

"Hmm," Des said, studying his stance and then chuckled nervously. "This was never my strong point." She attempted the stance. She closed one eye and fired again. "Huh." She studied the target, her shot had clipped the edge, but she had still managed to hit it. "I guess that's an improvement."

"Any hit on a target will slow the target down so you can either gain distance between yourself and your target or two take another shot," he replied with a smile, "Your doing good though Doctor lets try again. Can you go into the stance again I want to try one more thing."

"Uh..sure," she said with a bit of trepidation as she resumed the stance, and waited for the order to fire.

Stepping closer to her he placed his hand between her shoulder blades and pushed her forward slightly, "Fire," he repeated.

Though the move surprised her and caught her slightly off guard, she fired. The aim was a little better, a bit closer though still not center. "A warning might help," Des said with a smirk and studying the target. "I'm not sure how that was supposed to help."

"Did you look at the target, at least it is a kill shot if you were on the kill setting," he replied removing his hand and stepping back, "thats how you have to stand. Now do it again just like that." He smiled.

She looked over her phaser and then back at him, raising an eyebrow and giving him another smirk. "So you want me to try again without you shoving me forward?" Des let out a chuckle and adjusted her stance once again and fired. Her aim was getting better with every shot. "Well, I guess that helps. Should impress the security chief if my proficiency scores go up."

"As they say practice makes perfect," he chuckled as he pulled a PADD out, "Okay one last time," he tapped some stuff into the PADD

Des shook her head. "If you say so," she said, getting into position again.

When he figured she was about to fire he pressed a button on his PaDD and the cabin exploded in a ball of fire, and smoke. Shrapnel was launched in all directions but missed them.

She yelped and instinctively ducked and her shot missed the target. "Just what the hell was that?" she shouted. Des looked back at him, eyes wide. "A little warning about what you had planned would be helpful," she grumbled as she stood back up.

A little amused he looked at her as he typed and the cabin replaced itself, "sometimes there isn't enough time you gotta be focus but still know that something could come at you at a moment notice,"Again?"

"Give me a medical emergency and I do just fine," she answered as she steadied herself. She gave him a nod of her head. "Again."

Christian nodded and he pressed the padd the moment he figured she was about to fire. This time there was a bellow from a very klingon voice. It wasn't just one. It was answered by many as they emerged from the tree line and stared at them. A moment later they were rushing down the hill.

"Mon Dieu," Des muttered in her native French, a moment before the universal translator picked it up as my god. "It has to be Klingons, doesn't it?" she said as she took aim with her phaser and let out a shot. She hit one, not the one she had been aiming for, but at the wave of them rushing down the hill, it didn't matter. "You planning on doing something?" She smirked and gave Christian a side glance.

He smirked back pulling out a phaser moving up beside her and fired several shots as well felling five in a row before more came rushing from behind. Quickly moving so his back was to her he kept firing.

"I hope you have a plan," Des said, glancing over her shoulder at him. She fired several more shots into the trees. She cursed as she only hit one or two out several. She did, however, try to remember what he had mentioned earlier though that didn't help the panic that rose up in her throat as the Klingons came closer.

"Gonna expect me to come up with all the answers eh," he replied smoothly as he fell each shot, "What if this is a no win situation do you let yourself be captured?"

At that Des paused, musing over the question. "Yes," she said finally, staring at the fast-approaching Klingons. "Everyone needs a doctor. Whether it's Starfleet..or the enemy. There's a better chance at talking myself out of a situation than fighting. And if it can save my teammates lives as well, I'll take that chance."

"Good answer," he replied as he made the Klingons disappear, "I think that pretty much covers everything today. There is more but that can wait."

Des relaxed, and breathed out a sigh of relief. "And?" she asked, curiously. "How did I do?" She knew there was room for improvement of course. But the perfectionist in her prompted her to ask.

"Better than a lot of Doctors I am sure," he flashed her a smile, "Next we'll see how well you do at hand to hand combat."

"You're not going to give me a break, are you?" she said a little nervously. "Hand to hand is something I've never seen a need for."

"You need to know hand to hand incase your in really close quarters or your weapon depletes or malfunctions... and no I am not," he replied winking at her.

Her face flushed slightly. "Very well," she said. "I'm all for learning new things."

To Be Continued...


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