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Checking It Out

Posted on Tue Oct 27th, 2020 @ 5:29pm by Ensign Jane Sinclair & Lieutenant Gavin Ross

Mission: Between the Pages
Location: Main Sick Bay
Timeline: Current


[Main Sick Bay]

Gavin was still in the sick bay on his day off, overseeing some final paperwork that he had to complete for the Federation upper echelons. He was completing an entry for a journal paper, co-authored by many other Federation Medical Doctors. The article titled; "GeNe SIS phase IV prospective, the value of neuron-specific enolase F-C-11-09 HX2." Dr. Ross had significant research and metadata included in the study and was happy to participate.

In his pair of khaki cargo pants and grey fleece cotton long-sleeved shirt, he was more than off-duty relaxing. While in his closed office, he was having a nice cigar and drink as he did his work.

A chime at his door alerted him.

"Fuck." He mouthed as cigar smoke wafted out of his mouth. Swiveling from his desktop computer and setting his drink and cigar still burning, flowing into the replicator on the refuse setting, he discarded.

"Come, in.." He called out as he spritzed the air in his office with a fresh scent titled Risa Breeze.

"Hello, Doctor. Sorry to bother you on your day off. We have a follow-up, one of the patients you had seen earlier. Ensign Sinclair. Her pilot injury to her arm and bone fracture, follow up." Nurse Ensign Keslar informed him.

"I will be right there, thank you, Nurse Keslar." He nodded with a smile.

He then reached for his medical tricorder and taped send on his document on the Federation Journal of Medicine. He had reviewed and agreed on his data, having been re-reviewed.

[Bio Beds Sick Bay]

"Ensign Sinclair." He spotted her. How could he not? She was drop dead. "How are you doing?" As he was sincerely concerned with her follow up to her fractured arm, he walked over to her and former lacerations to her body. "How has the healing been?" He had wanted to ensure there would be no regenerative complicating scarring for her.

"Doctor," Jane said, sitting on the biobed and smiling at him. Her uniform jacket was off, leaving her in a tank top and giving Doctor Ross easy access to her once-injured arm and abdomen.

Before her journey through the time vortex known as "Gargantua", her arm had been broken very badly by a woman impersonating her best friend Christine. The bone broke the skin, causing her more pain than she'd ever felt in her life. Thankfully she got beamed out shortly thereafter, and her wound was stabilized enough that she could help in the evacuation of the old Shanghai. Stuck in a rigid cast until the bone could be repaired surgically, the arm was useless as she flew an unfamiliar runabout full of passengers through a turbulent time vortex into the year 2399.

Whereupon she crashed the runabout onto the landing deck, embedding the forward console into her abdomen. She passed out from pain and blood loss, and only came to much later, with Doctors Ross and Martin having fixed her up.

In the days since then, she was feeling much better, but it was important to make certain there was no underlying damage.

"I've been alright. Healing has gone well. I've done by best to take it slow, which hasn't been easy for me."

"You have been impressive, on all ends." He stressed. "From the looks of things." Dr. Ross had allowed his self to touch Jane's abdomin wall. Her ribs had healed nicely, and the scarring with a third, neoproxin dosage, that Ross was now administering would see that the cell epidermis would continue to rejuvinate naturally. "You will be a super model." He paused, "Er. Well. I mean not that you aren't now Ensign." He smiled, and looked at Jane's rest of her. "I mean, what do I mean!" He flustered about.

Jane laughed at the doctor’s awkward joke. “I understand, Doctor. All good.”

"There. I'd say your as good as new, you don't need any more resting!" He winked, and stood back. "How about that?"

“Thank you.” She got up from the biobed and picked up her uniform jacket. “Glad to hear the good news. I’m hoping to go back on duty tomorrow. It’s been too long, and I’ve been getting antsy to get back to it. Even if it is ten years in my future.” She tied her jacket around her waist; she was just going back to her quarters anyway. “You know, I’ve not asked anyone from this timeline what it’s been like accepting us on board. It must be weird. From my perspective I last saw you a few days ago. From yours...I’m told this era’s Jane was on Shanghai for two years, but that was eight years ago. Did you know her well?”

Ross almost looked like he had witnessed a ghost when Sinclair had stated that. He swallowed. And turned to his medical tricorder as he fidgeted with it.

“Uh. Well.” He remembered it all too well. He had chased after her. Never wanting to seem desperate, but he had let her know more than once that he had tried to take her on a date or something. It didn’t turn out like he had expected, as his Shanghai’s Jane had declined his advances politely.

“I well. I did ask her.” He paused, his eyes thinking. “I mean you. Or her. Out like twice?” He flushed red, embarrassed. “Wasn’t meant to be.” He shrugged and gave a slight smile.

Jane grinned and giggled. “Oh, I’m so sorry Doctor. Seems your gaydar needed a bit of calibration.” She adjusted the uniform jacket tied around her waist, as the knot she had put in was apparently a bit weak. “I only date women, and from what I can tell, my counterpart from this timeline is similarly inclined. So while I wasn’t there, I think I can tell you it wasn’t personal.”

Gavin could have swallowed his own tongue. "I honestly had no idea." He was surprised. "That, that's great!" He then grinned. "I'm sure you do very well." He chuckled.

“I do alright,” she admitted. “My girlfriend was on board the last Shanghai when we went through Gargantua. She was rescued too. She came in for a physical two days ago so you might’ve met her. Shaila Flynn. About my height, pale skin, red hair. Supermodel hot.”

Gavin almost pouted. "Damn it. Ensign Eris probably handled her physical." He looked at Jane. "Bet she is, if she is dating you." He grunted. "She's got perfect taste is all I have got to say." He held his hands open with his tricorder. "Fawk! I miss all the hotties on this ship." He shook his head. "I'd love to meet her sometime."

“Well try and find us in Ten Forward sometime,” Jane suggested. “We try and stay social and meet new friends, so we rarely dine alone in my cabin. Until she permanently resettles on Golovin, that is.”

"Right on. I will do that." He then seen no other reason to keep Jane, other than their great conversation. However he would be putting aside his other responsibilities, and delaying hers.

"Thank you Ensign Sinclair. You are doing quite well. If you have any inflammation at the points of your injuries, anything at all come back to see me... With your girlfriend. Of course." He had winked.

Jane winked back and turned to leave. "Be seeing you, Doctor." She left sickbay and headed for her quarters, for a short rest before a return to duty in the shuttlebay.



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