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The Golovin Autopsies

Posted on Fri Nov 13th, 2020 @ 3:14pm by Lieutenant Gavin Ross
Edited on on Fri Nov 13th, 2020 @ 3:18pm

Mission: Neither Past nor Future
Location: Deck 12 - Medical Laboratory - Morgue Unit
Timeline: [Current] 2420 Hours

MISSION: Limelight
LOCATION: Deck 12 - Medical Laboratory – Morgue Unit
TIMELINE: [Current] 2420 Hours


Lieutenant Gavin Ross was in one of the places on the Shanghai that he had despised the most, the morgue unit on deck 12. He had spent a few times operating within the forensic morgue unit. It certainly was not a happy place. As Chief of Medical, Gavin had a morgue technician's sole responsibility within the forensic morgue unit.

At his best, Ross was dressed in his comfy clothing, wearing his white tee-shirt with khaki cargo shorts. If he was going to be focused and engrossed with physically opening a corpse, he had wanted to be comfortable in his clothes, even if he wasn't comforted psychologically. The two corpses were transported prior when speaking with Lieutenant Kolokotronis.

Gavin's choice music artist, Billy Idol, played Rebel Yell as he had begun his work in the background.

"Computer begin recording of cadaver forensic autopsy files SH-1022 and SH-1023 respectively."

=^= Files Opened. Recording. =^=

"Lieutenant Gavin Ross Presiding. Chief of Medical. USS Shanghai. Forensic morgue autopsies of two Golovin residents. Custody of Evidence as presented with prior file work completed as per each cadaver, respectively." He paused, looking at the two bodies as he thought out the process and procedural.

"Cadaver SH-1022 a mature adult aged 18 years, male. Cadaver SH-1023, an elderly male, aged 65."

Placing on his elastic autopsy gloves, Gavin paid particular attention to the body presenting attributes.
"SH-1022 presents with soft tissue decomposition process analyzed approximate time of death 34 hours." He paused, having used his medical tricorder, analyzing the second elderly Golovin male. "SH-1023 presents with soft tissue decomposition process analyzed approximate time of death 46 hours, respectively."

"Both SH-1022 and SH-1023 affect an externally malevolent mood displayed." Ross had checked each of the cadaver's eyes and then gently closing their eyelids in the process.

Moving the alternative lighting sources over the two bodies, he analyzed any factors on the outer bodies, which may present contributing death factoring into his investigation. There was nothing out of the ordinary for each presenting male concerning age and sex. "No apparent outward contributing injury factors nor contusions on the illuminated skin process as per SH-1022 and SH-1023."

"As per away team findings. Two males were deceased within their Golovin residence, complaining to away teams of coughing, runny nose, and swollen puffy eyes. Cadavers SH-1022 and SH-1023 both complained of lung complications, breathing, excessive sweating before death."

"Evidence confirms as per both cadavers of excessive perspiring, swollen eyes, gaunt appearance." Pressing his fingers along their necks, Ross reported. "Each SH-1022 and SH-1023 are presenting with swollen thyroid in necks."

Furthering his biological, anatomical outline of each naked presenting cadaver, Gavin noted. "SH-1022 and SH-1023 present with characteristics of swollen underarm lymphatic nodes."

He noted that "SH-1022, SH-1023 presenting with chest ecchymosis, irregularly formed hemorrhagic area of skin. The color present is a blue-black appearance of the chest area."

"A buccal sample from each SH-1022 and SH-1023 from mouths respectively for later biological computer analysis has been taken. Samples H5-S1 from SH-1022 and H5-S2 from SH-1023 completed and placed into the main sickbay computer for microbiological analysis." Gavin had completed and locked into the lab computer unit on the adjacent desk.

Continuing, he noted. "SH-1022 presents with condylomata acuminate. The appearance of warts on male genitals. Secondary processes present of condylomata lata papules of secondary syphilis."

Moving onward, Gavin took a moment for him to change his gloves and then sat on the side of stainless steel metal shelving units, taking a few drinks of his coffee from his Starfleet mug. The black coffee helped calm and soothe him in his work.

"Continuing within internal pathological microbiology examination of cadavers Sh-1022, SH-1023 respectively." Gavin had placed on his new pair of gloves.

Using his stainless steel sharp scalpel for each body, he cut a linear opening. Then using his rather crude looking contraction instrument to splay open the humanoid rib cage for each.

After removing and analyzing each internal organ, Dr. Ross reported his findings. "SH-1022 and SH-1023 removed organs present the appearance of internal scarring around the lungs. Both present with fibrous tissue and episiotomy scarring lesions." He paused, reviewing with his advanced level micron scope at his desk with each lung sample.

"Inflammation presenting in both SH-1022 and SH-1023 lung tissues and cells. This is presenting evidence of initial swelling and heat process." Ross paused, squinting his blue eyes further into the micron scope lens piece. "Neovascularization of abnormal tissue process has occurred."

"Lower layers of skin surrounding lung retrieval site on cadavers SH-1022 and SH-1023 respectively. Presenting with erythema, diffuse redness of capillary engorgement. This is possible evidence of initial symptoms of injury, infection, and inflammatory process." He then moved from his micron scope, sitting on his lab metal roller chair.

"Buccal sampling of SH-1022 and SH-1023 respectively of surrounding tissues and internal tissues of lungs presenting cystic fluid contained. Samples SH-S3 and SH-S4 of cadavers." Gavin then moved to take his samples and presented them into the laboratory main computer compartment.

Taking off his gloves again, Gavin set them into the lab replicator on sterilization refuse orders. He then changed his music to ACDC – Back in Black.

LOCATION: Deck 12 - Medical Laboratory – Morgue Unit
TIMELINE: [Current] 0330 Hours

At his laboratory desk, Gavin was nearly almost falling asleep. The loud music in itself and the regular coffee was enough to keep him semi-awake. He was overseeing onboard triaging between the Golovin inhabitants and completing the Golovin Medical Triage Center (GMTC) report finished with Lieutenant JG Quinn just hours prior.

"Oh my god." Gavin rubbed his forehead and tired eyes as he had slurped at his silver mug of coffee.

After analyzing the laboratory microbiological, toxicological reports from the main sickbay computer, he determined death for both Golovin residents. Completing his Morgue Reports for Starfleet Medical and Captain Mei, Dr. Ross was confident of his analysis. He continued his reporting into the main lab computer.

"As unfortunate, humanoids living on worlds or communities with poor nutrition, access to water and food not unsimilar to the Golovin inhabitants, virology and respiratory pathologic processes concluded that there was a viral respiratory infection present in both cadavers SH-1022 and SH-1023 respectively. Both males had deceased from General Pneumonia. Bacterial pneumonia presenting in each cadaver lung buccal samples was aphaxis-orionis type II. This infection can be aerosolized and within the Locard's Exchange Principle. Whenever two human beings come into contact, something from one is exchanged to the other, in this case, respiratory aphaxis-orionis type II."

"As per the report, this Doctor's recommendation is standard microbiologic hypospray inoculations of the Golovin residents, each with a simple one-time dosage of Narratol Dihymexthane ST-1 at .03 cc's." Ross then continued. "Most importantly, Starfleet Officer's exposed to the virus are immune, as per standard Starfleet Medical inoculation guidelines, and the virus does not pose a danger to our crew."

Ross then communicated the report to Captain Sun. "Report as dictated, Dr. Gavin Ross, Chief of Medical, USS Shanghai."

"Computer complete and send reports to Captain Sun and log into Medical Mainframe for Starfleet Medical." Gavin then clasped his hands together, and his head fell to the desk, beginning to fall asleep.
He would need to get up soon to help with the Replicated Materials rollout for the Golovin Medical Triage Center (GMTC) in the morning on the planet. He may be cranky in the morning.


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