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Diplomatic Negotiations

Posted on Sat Jun 30th, 2012 @ 12:21am by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.)

Mission: Intermission
Location: Planetside


These are old backposts, and might not have anything to do with the current mission. I, as the CO absolutely hate throwing away good writing, so these contexts will be weird, out of place and generally incomplete. Please excuse our dust, but these are great writings!



"Thank you." Relau said. He then tapped his commbadge. "Chlan to Talon. You are cleared for operations. Get to it." He turned back to the species and tried to live up to his diplomatic responsibilities. "What else can we do to help?" He started off, asking.


As Relau's order went through, there was a shifting of feathers from the Colonel in front of him. "We'll try and get your reactor stabilized. What else can we help with?"

"You have already helped more than we though legitimately possible. The idea that an alien species would come to rescue us was beyond our wildest hopes. We only to be able to help you in some small way for what you've done here." The creature fluttered and gave a small bow with its wings again. "We must exchange information, your cultures and society must be vastly different than our own, your technologies amazing, and your knowledge of the universe simply... vast. We have much that we could learn from you, but unfortunately little we can offer you."

"I am glad that we can help. It is the nature of our Federation. Can you perhaps tell me how you got into this predicament in the first place?" Relau said slowly for the UT's benefit. "And perhaps a dictionary that we can load into our computer's databanks." He added as an afterthought.

"Of course... if it would aid you in some way..." The supposed ambassador waved at one of the guards, to send him after a dictionary, before turning back to the Admiral. "Roughly ten years ago, though it has felt an eternity - we discovered a small trickle of exotic particles from a region outside of one of our major cities. Our scientists discovered the energy potential of the particals slipping out of the area, and we developed an accelerator to force the rip open a bit wider. For the first year, it worked wonderfully. We were able to all but cut our ties to outdated carbon and nuclear power. There was limited radiation, and it was under control. But as our power needs became more and more dependent on the energy we had gathered, and drew more. However, we soon found we had a growing surplus of energy, just a little. Nothing we thought about. Then, last year in mid winter, there was a sudden jump in power, and it kept growing exponentially. Eventually, it lead to an explosion, and then the entire system imploded... we can't even see the stars anymore due to the mist that is created each cycle... We only found out too late that our scientists had exaggerated how prepared they were for the possible side effects of experimenting with the systems."

"I see." Relau said, about understanding half of that. "Our scientists are working right now to try and fix this. I am sure that we will prevail. So tell me, what do you call your race? I am called Ryuu, and my Executive Officer is of the race human. We have never met such an interesting people before. We;d like to learn more about your culture."

The aliens paused and seemed to struggle for a second, "Ryuu," they could say, but they struggled with 'human' for a while, "I'm sorry, but the mix of sounds is hard for us to say for the other -" He paused and gave a light bow, "We are called the," Another whistle, but at least the Universal Translator was giving it a phonetic version, "Kyalie, it literally means, the People of the Empress," He added a light nod and something symbolic, "As for our culture, I would be happy to discuss it - but I would not know where to begin."

"How do you believe that you came into being?" Relau asked for a first question. He looked over at the art hanging on a wall, along with the statues. Surely, this had to be one of the most magnificent places on this planet. "These are very interesting." He said, pointing to a painting that caught his attention. It was a simple scene, two of the Kyalie were in it, flying over an ocean painted with brilliant hues.

"That's a very weighted question," The Kyalie gave a nod, "We have a variety of religious concepts on that, but I won't bore you with details of all of them. Today, most believe that through the creation of the universe, we evolved on our planet - some believe guided by a greater power, some believe guided by chance. I myself am part of the first category." He shrugged, "In fact, the Royal Family is believed by many to have been the first family to enter creation."

"The painting that seems to have caught your eye is one of the 'ascension of Kyi'o'ah'le', an Ancestral Prince of the Royal Family, who was of impeccable moral character, and of a great bit of faith, who helped usher in the age of reason and knowledge we now live in - but he disappeared while flying over the oceans. Many prefer the story that he 'ascended' to some higher plane."

Relau smiled at the painting, being careful to not touch it. "It is very beautiful. May I see more works of your art?" He was led into another hallway with paintings, sculpture and models, all beautifully crafted and i different settings. Most were brilliantly colored. He admired the works of art for some time, turning back to the entourage a few minutes later. "Thank you." He said sincerely. "I have never seen such beautiful ways to express yourself before."

The marines and Sun had stayed close behind, mostly staying quiet. The marines kept on their jobs, and did little else, while Mei seemed happy to look about along with the Admiral. To her, it wasn't unlike the Forbidden City, but she said nothing - not really being anything resembling a diplomat.

"Thank you, sir," The Advisor spoke quietly, and nodded towards the other. He turned back to the Admiral with what could have been described as a smile, "I am sure there are wonders like this on many worlds, but our Royal Family has always encouraged the arts, if at times for entirely vain reasons."

"It is still different then from where I was born. They continue to try and destroy civilizations until this day. I broke from them about two years ago. The Federation is quite peaceful, but we do defend our own." He said, slipping up on the diplomacy angle a little bit.

"Well, if you are able to stop our reactor, I am sure our Empress will want to put as much effort as possible in extending out into space, and perhaps even meet some of your Federation representatives. To be honest, she has already expressed an interested in meeting your scientists working on the Reactor." He spoke with a nod, "When she was a child, she had wanted to explore space, but when it was determined to be too big a feat for our current technology, she gave up on the dream."

Relau nodded. "It is a dream shared by all of us, to some extent, I believe. Certainly, I can relate." Relau said as they came to a large door at the end of the hallway. "Are we allowed to pass?" He asked, gesturing to the door.

The ambassador seemed nervous, and then tilted his head, "No, unfortunately, not without the express invitation of the Empress herself. No one is allowed to enter." That was that it seemed, simple enough, but then he explained, "She has been ill, now, for long enough that she doesn't care for visitors anymore. You must agree... reliving the same four days of being very sick for as long as we have would be very draining."

"Of course." Relau said, turning away from the door. "Our doctors can take a look at her, if you wish. We understand either way. Our sincere wishes to the Empress." He moved back down the hallway, considerably relaxed at the moment.

"No, no, we have it well under control, but thank you," He spoke quickly, almost ushering them back down the hall, "Perhaps we should discuss other things, we have quite a few other arts you might find interesting. Forms of dance and music," He trailed off and began to lead them away from the large doors a bit.

Relau noticed the fluster that came into the alien, but ignored it. It wasn't their place to worry about their monarchs - yet. If they were to join the Federation, then it would be his problem. "I would like to request an audience with Her Highness as soon as possible." He said, as diplomatically as possible.

"I," He paused, "Hm, our custom is that the Empress must ask to meet someone, but perhaps if I mention you and your Federation enough she will seek an audience with you." He spoke with a nod, and expertly turned about, "I apologize, our customs must seem odd."

"No, it's just fine. We have different cultures, there are bound to be misunderstandings along the way. Please forgive my limited knowledge of your race." Relau said. That was possibly the most diplomatic thing he had ever said though, and he was kind of proud of himself for the line.

"I'll talk to the empress for you, see if I cannot get her more interested in meeting with you and your Federation," He gave a tilt of his head, "But I cannot promise anything. She is young, and at times fickle. Nothing was expected of her, until her father's death, and then suddenly she was forced into power, to guide a people through its worst disaster, and she has not gained much confidence in the experience." He paused for a moment, before taking a step back, and beginning to flutter upward "If you'd like, I'll report to her now, and perhaps expedite things."

Relau watched the alien flutter away as he just felt a bit off. "This place actually gives me the creeps." He muttered , unconsciously shifting to a more guarded stance.

The man flew up and away, leaving the group to stand their amidst the palace for a moment. It felt almost like an hour before anything happened. A long screech from deep within the palace translated to a scream for help. A voice they hadn't heard before. "That sounds like the beginning of a revolution," One of the marines chimed in, as they began to take up more defensible positions behind pillars.

"We should at least check it out, sir," Sun spoke quickly, but glanced up through the palace, "There's no way in hell the marines and I can climb that quickly though," There was a shattering of glass towards the entrance to the palace, and cheers from that direction as the marines called out.

Relau almost tossed Sun behind the nearest piller, snapping at a Marine. "Marine, your sidearm." He demanded, wanting to be armed in case of a confrontation. "I don't know much about their planet, but should we take positions outside of that huge door we saw earlier?" Asking around, generally.

"Should we even be firing back?" Sun called back to him as she slid to a stop and slipped her pistol from its holster.

One of the marines tossed his side arm as ordered, and responded, "Not sure, sir! Pillars give more cover," He said simply, before waiting for the official weapons free order.

Relau grimaced as best he could, looking around him. "Can we raise the Shanghai or the runabout at all? Tell them that we need an emergency beam out." He said, still looking attentively for anything that might be considered a threat to them.

"Nebula keeps us from contacting the Shanghai with the commbadges," Sun spoke as she tapped her badge, "Captain Sun to Commander Lylyl'Llytheraias, respond." There was no response, "Sun to Talon," She spoke as a few rattly dressed harpies slipped into the room, armed with what looked to be nothing more than poor variants of the weapons they had seen earlier on the guardsmen. "No response, sir, we may be on our own."

"Let's get out of here, it's too enclosed." Relau said, ignoring the marines and taking point. He knew that he was a Flag Officer and was breaking regulations, but he could care less. The point was that he was built for war, and he wasn't 'out of his prime' yet. In human years, he was quite old, but in Ryuun years, he would be considered the equivalent of 45 or 50 years old. As they moved down the corridor, hoping to get out of the palace, the door in front of them blew its hinges off. Relau shielded his XO and took the brunt of the blast, digging his claws into the ground.

Sun had to admit, she appreciated all the times she hadn't suffered some rather severe injuries, but she was growing more and more worried that the Admiral was going to get injured because of her one of these days. "Marines, End this!" She spoke as she felt her hearing coming back. "Full yield, shoot a non-structural target!" She called out as she pulled out from under the Admiral and stood, as the Marines opened fire on just the floor.

Both marks simply vanished, meters of building and foundation disappearing as the phaser bursts ripped into them and forced them out of existence. Sun raised her side arm, "Stand down, or we will leave, and let your planet continue to be destroyed over, and over. And it will end for those of you here, much faster." As she grimaced, and looked round at the various rebels and guards that now stood about a bit stunned at the group. "Lay down your weapons, all of you, or we reduce you to atoms in one barrage," She ordered, hoping that bluff worked better than she expected, and that it didn't come to violence.

The harpies were too stunned to do much of anything. Relau pushed his way outside into the sunlight, past the star-struck aliens. "We have to get out of here soon. Recall our engineering teams." He said, taking up a stance with the sidearm outside the gaping hole.

"Aye, sir." Sun spoke quickly, she waved her hand forward, seeming to speed the marines up as they moved outside. "Keep an eye out, weapons tight, no firing unless fired upon," She didn't seem happy to back outside in this place. Somewhere deep inside her, she worried what the purple air would do to her. "Keep on the Admiral, and activate a locator beacon." As they walked, a bit hastily, the marines did as told, keeping an eye to the clouds, and their weapons ready. She didn't ask if the Admiral planned on letting engineering finish, though it did pull at her to do so a bit.

"Engineering is done." Relau said, getting off the comms with them. "ETA three minutes until pickup. Hold tight, Marines." He said, scanning the skies.


OOC (Sun): We talked about finishing this with a rebellion, why not.


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