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Squirming - Slightly Mature Content Warning

Posted on Thu Oct 4th, 2012 @ 5:57pm by Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias

Mission: Rebirth
Location: Various
Timeline: BACKPOST: After Reman Assault, before Current Events
Tags: Azumi Morganna


Sun's cheeks flushed red as her head tilted back to the rear of the bridge, shaking her head as she tried to get back into a bridge mindset. She wondered how long she had been sitting there, off fantasizing about Lyn. She glanced about for a second, and as it didn't seem that anyone had noticed. She couldn't get the little petite lover out of her head. Images just continuously popped into her mind. Each seemed more erotic than last. She hadn't really noticed how bad it had gotten until snapping out of the mindset seconds earlier. She could barely think of anything but Lyn, and silly thoughts of the pilot coming out of the turbolift and the two simply fading into passion on the bridge.

There it was again. She shook her head, chasing the thoughts away for a second. She couldn't believe that her mind was tracking in the direction it had been. Sure, like all humans, her mind sometimes veered from the standard love making and into more and more exotic places, but hers was all over the place as of late. From thoughts of finding her love in the shower, or playing in a fighter cockpit. It was killing her. She couldn't get the taste off her lips. Every breath she seemed to breath in more of the orion's scent.

She squirmed in her chair, crossing her legs and glancing down at the console beside her hand. She swallowed and tapped lightly on it, seeking just a second away from the thoughts in her mind. She didn't succeed though, soon fading back into thoughts of the naked Orion falling back onto their bed. She couldn't take it any more. She stood, somewhat suddenly, and didn't take a second thought, "Ops, You have the bridge."

She moved to the turbolift in a few quick bounds and spoke quickly, "Computer, deck two." She spoke, letting the doors shut and the craft move, "Halt lift," She said with a little bit of a quiver in her legs as she shook her head, "Computer, locate Commander Lylyl'Llytheraias."

Lyn paused, flat on her back beneath the Fighter demarked 301, more commonly known as Dragon Leader. Taking a rag, she wiped heat conductive grease from her palm, and pulled herself out from under the Valkyrie. Tossing the rag in a collection bin, she grabbed her tool kit and stalked silently back to her office. Something felt wrong, though she had no idea what.

"Take me there." Mei ordered with a light bite to her lip. This wasn't like her in the least, but her body ached and she wanted nothing more than Lyn. The turbolift couldn't move fast enough to suit her, and when it finally did stop, she was as quick out of the thing as she could be, and headed off to find her lover with a clear hustle in her step.

Lyn signed a padd, which she handed back to her Maintenance officer. Looking up as the door from the corridor into the hanger opened, Lyn blinked, then smiled. There stood her lovely Lady Sun.

When Sun's eye found the petite pilot, she made a quick line towards the woman. She was as graceful as ever, and slid through the room to the woman, her arms wrapping around her waist without a thought, her lips brushing against the other's neck and slowly rising to her ear, "Ai, do you have a minute?" She asked coyly. The unabashed movements of her hands down the woman's body, sneaking lower and lower, without too much worry of those around her, waiting for her lovers response - and hoping not to be turned away.

Lyn nodded, "Of course, Captain." The petite pilot's words were cut off by the needy press of Sun's lips on her neck and ear, taking Lyn's breath away with Mei's sudden forwardness.

Leaning back against the bulkhead, she held onto the taller woman, small green hands exploring her lover's back as Mei's hands explored her own lithe shape, mostly hidden by her flight suit. Now she wanted Mei more than anything, and did not want to stop, even as she knew that several deck crew were likely staring.

Soft dark green lips claimed Mei's, though she had the presence of mind to not let it get too intimate here in mixed company.

Mei however, did not. Her mind had only one direction, and her body was pushing her down that road as fast as it could. Her lips stayed on those of the other as long as she would have it, and her hands were not beyond moving to places that were not very appropriate given where the two stood.

Their lips parting, Lyn gasped, "In the office, love?"

Sun pouted a bit at the parting of the lips but gave a light nod, a wide smirk on her face as she seemed amazingly happy. She still didn't know what had come over her, but she didn't really care - there was nothing more than this to her right now; nothing more important than Lyn. She turned and let her arms slip to the pilots, tugging as she began to head towards the office. Her heart was racing, and it showed in the light flush on her cheeks, and perhaps, in a less medical sense, how she seemed completely unable to keep her eyes off her love.

Lyn followed seemingly obediently, speaking as they entered the small office, not much more than a desk, three chairs, a window out into the hanger, and a status board dominating one wall, "Computer, darken window one-hundred percent."

As soon as they were in the wing commanders office, before the door had time to slid shut, Mei was back on what could only be described as the offensive. She wrapped back around the petite woman, going immediately back to a kiss, her hands drifting across her back, and giving a playful tug at the woman's flight jacket. She finally spoke, a whisper, but close to Lyn's skin, enough that Mei's breath teased along her, "Mm, finally..." Her voice much more sensual than usual, "You and I alone..."

"Mmmm..." Lyn moaned into the heated kiss, wondering what had come over Mei. Then Sun mentioned their being alone, and Lyn smiled, "Us alone is usually wonderful, love. Did you want something?"

Her tone was playful, albeit loving. She reached up and touched Mei's jaw, fingertips caressing the soft skin of Sun Mei Xiang's face, "I'm all yours, love."

"You," Sun answered quickly, "Cao," Which the translator changed to 'sex', though it may not have carried over the intent correctly, "I can't get your taste off my lips, and I've had this wonderful image," Her hands slid along the pilots curves, nudging her deeper into the room with the occasional brush against her, "making me... squirm," She kept talking, though her hands drifted across her lovers hips, drawing her closer, "I wanted to drag you back to bed... but the longer I waited, the worse I got," An uncharacteristically wry smirk followed a confidence that more closely mirrored Lyn than Mei, "Now... on a chair... or the floor;" And then an idea that excited her, causing her to grip a bit more tightly to her love, "Or the desk," She ended with a quick kiss, a bit more open than usual - much more playful.

Lyn blinked, her mind racing a moment. She'd come across exactly this situation before, just not with a ship's XO, "You... you're being affected by my pheromones... I've never had them affect a woman like this before, love."

"But for now, I am your willing slave," Lyn grinned. "Enjoy me as you desire, my love."

"I will," Sun spoke as she gave Lyn a playful nudge backwards, towards any sort of furniture within her periphery that she thought might work for her. It was a few moments before she seemed to comprehend that Lyn had said something before the statement she had wanted to hear. "And they aren't, just with Cai here..." She seemed to realize that was an excuse, and grew quiet for a moment. They were. They were making her short tempered, unable to think, and the only thing she could concentrate on was right in front of her.

She continued, "I don't want you to think," She said in a tone that was much more her own, "That this is just because of the pheromones. It isn't... I miss seeing you, or being able to just be with you... without being nervous about having another person in the quarters," She trailed her hands softly across the other and gave a light kiss to her neck, "I know they're affecting me... but this desire was here long before that, and it's just gotten stronger..." She paused, "I need you to know that..."

"I believe it, darling," Lyn smiled, eyes shut as she'd relaxed in Mei's arms, breath quickening as the woman's attentions caused her to flush with heat. "If you did not feel like this, or desire me, you would never have agreed to dating me, back in the beginning. I told you before, my love, that I am very good at reading people."

"Master taught me to read people, so I could know what someone was thinking... or more commonly, desiring. As it was my place to fulfill that desire, I was expected to know what the desire was without it ever being vocalized," Lyn admitted. Most would be ashamed to speak of having lived such a life, much less admit to having been as weak as she was then, but Lyn had no fear of it. She'd long since come to terms with her past life as a pleasure slave, and even reveled in some of the more licentious memories.

Smiling up at the slightly taller woman, "I sometimes just wish I could go back to what I once was, a slave to someone else's lust. But... now, it would be me being your slave, enslaved to your lust. But I doubt your mother would approve..."

"Ai," Sun smiled down, and placed her lips on Lyn's, resting much longer there than normal as she ran her hands past the other's side, wrapping back up to her sides, to rest next to her chest, "I love you. You can read me like a book, and you know when I'm even slightly out of my norm. I want a partner, a lover - and I'm sure I could be a lot more... lustful..." Her eyes brushed across her lover for a moment, and she bit her lower lip, "And I should be be more... open, about that side of myself..." She smirked a bit, "Besides, I've never really listened to my mother in that department,"

"Mm, so, how about you slip out of that suit, and I'll slip out of my own..." She spoke quietly, her hands slipping under Lyn's collar and giving a playful tug. "And we can play a bit more roughly than usual," She grinned, "I promise to be a bit quieter than usual..." She pulled her hands away, and stepped back, pulling off her uniform jacket and quickly slipped her hands under the shirt below, drawing it up lightly to reveal her midriff, before pausing and giving a teasing little twist, "Unless you want to do it for me."

Lyn shook her head slowly, "Uh uh... I rather like watching you undress, love. You have such lovely skin..." She started to unzip the front of her regulation blue flight suit, slow and lingeringly drawing the zipper down, baring pale green skin to her taller lover.

Without going any further, she smiled and slunk up close to Sun, bending down and kissing the woman's bared midriff, "Mmm... you smell delicious, love."

Mei pulled off her uniform top somewhat haphazardly, a great departure from her usual bashful and reserved method. She simply tossed it aside for the moment. Part of her knew this wasn't normal for her, but that same part enjoyed it. She wasn't nervous about her scar, or about being open to the world - she just wanted to lay with her lover. "Lyn," She started to say something, but it simply faded to a happy little noise, and the thought fluttered away. Her hands slipped through the others hair, tarrying longer than usual before slipping down and around to the sides of her neck - playful little scratches along her skin with a smirk.

Lyn's lithesome form molded itself to her lover's, happily sharing herself with Mei. Mei was a cool balm for her, while she also brought the greatest heat to the little half-Orion. Lyn was little more than putty in Sun Mei Xiang's hands right now, arms holding desperately to her taller lover above her.

Sun slowed for a moment, and then in another somewhat forward move, her hands slipped off of her lover, and back to what was left of her uniform. She wiggled out of the pants, and kicked them to the side before shivering lightly. "You keep it colder in here than I did, ai..." It was a playful little quip, and probably not even true - but as she stood there naked, and goosebumps formed along her legs one could have believed her.

"It's..." Lyn gasped happily as her lover once more covered her with that entrancing body heat of hers, "it's actually warmer here than the rest of the ship, darling."
Lyn suddenly sat up in her bed, panting and feeling needy. Looking beside her in their bed, she was disappointed to see that she was alone. Just another dream.

She missed Mei dearly, and her memories of the old Shanghai brought sudden feelings of grief. Part of her family was lost with her old home, and this new Shanghai did not feel like home without her lovely MeiMei.

Leaning over, she pressed a comm key on the panel by the bed, "Lyn to Zumi. You up to some company, hun? I can't sleep."



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