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Time and Effects

Posted on Fri Aug 26th, 2011 @ 12:24am by Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Sun Cai & Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Commander Amoran Rai'ya

Mission: Intermission
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: -Continuation-



=^= Amoran to Captain Sun =^= The captain's commbadge chirped as she sat on the bridge. She leaned back, and heard Amoran breathing a bit more heavily than normal.

"Go ahead, Commander," Mei chimed back in, sitting up straight.

=^= I am sorry to trouble you ma'am but it's Cai. She has been taken to Sickbay having suffered a trauma. It is not clear if she was assaulted or fell victim to some form of fit. I knew you should be the first to know, Ma'am.=^=

"Diu," The translator left it at that, but it was clear that it was a curse. She stood quickly, and spoke, "Ops, you have the bridge. On my way," Before she finally had the wherewithal to cut the comms, with a quick tap. She bounded too the turbolift, and spoke simply, "Sickbay."

She was quick to hit her commbadge again, "Mei to Lyn," The computer didn't like that particular style of communication, but it was smart enough to figure it out eventually.

Lyn sat up from the mat, having fallen to her back from her hands. While not terribly strong, she also did not weigh too terribly much, and doing exercises such as handstands were not as difficult as many would believe.

"Yes, Ai?" Lyn replied sweetly, responding in an informal fashion as Mei herself had. "Is everything al..."

Sun all but cut off, "Meet me in Sickbay, somethings wrong with Cai."

Lyn was on her feet quickly, not bothering to grab her coat, dashing to the door, bared arms, shoulders, and midriff likely to catch people's eyes in her mad dash to sickbay, "I'm on my way, Ai."


The medical staff that had treated Cai at the scene stood simply, explaining it to Commander Amoran when Sun arrived. They had barely started the conversation when the mother arrived, "Good. Glad everyone is here." The medic stated, "Medical officers are checking over her now, she's still unconscious but stable. The tests will take almost an hour to complete. We did notice two things though, when we began the tests that you should be aware of. Something is wrong with her - she's aged significantly since arriving on board. She was read as seventeen roughly, when Doctor Varr did his first tests. Our equipment is reading her age to be roughly nineteen now." He continued, "Yes we are certain. We have triple tested her against the earlier readings, and compared to the only other samples we have. Captain Sun, and our CAG. Given the rate, she should be the equivalent of thirty by this time next year."

"Does this prove or disprove her story that she's traveled through time?" Rai'ya began to discuss the possible meaning of this finding.

"I wasn't finished." The medic was somewhat rude. "We're looking into everything, but it should be known that her body cannot age this fast. Our working theory is that her body shut down because it made a jump in age so quickly. Imagine for a second, that your metabolism was operating at almost twelve times what it should. It would wreak havoc on your system, and you would fade away, starve within days. Die of thirst within four hours. It's like that, except with every system in her, except her mind - and we really aren't sure there. Her brain activity has shown signs of high peaks and low valleys. We believe this started after her jump back in time, or whatever, and she hasn't begun to feel the worst of the symptoms yet. Until we find a way to fix this, we want to put her into cryo. You have an hour to decide. Our tests should be done then - but if we are right, she could very well die if this happens again, and their is no telling if there will be security officers with her next time either."

"One hour, a full genetic spectrum and three dimensional holographic looks at each and every organ and system, as well as full spectrum of blood work, and every other test imaginable. The actual doctors will speak to you more after they're done with that."

"Answer Commander Amoran's question," Sun spoke up rather harshly, perhaps an affect of the pheromones, perhaps just upset at the situation.

"I can't." The medic shook his head, "It is incidental. Off the top of my head, over twenty separate diseases, viruses, and radiations, can cause rapid aging in humans - not to mention that she is the daughter of two women of different species. Any number of things could have gone wrong with the genetic manipulation required to birth her. We don't know how it was done - or what extra modifications were put in there. She may be from the future, she may have caught something there that is doing this. We won't know for an hour. If there is nothing else, Captain; Commander."

Lyn came barreling into Sickbay suddenly, sweat sheened over the woman's svelte green skin, "What happened?!"

Mei filled in the blanks rather quickly, short, simple bursts of standard that summed up the statements of the doctor without wasting time with any real details. It seemed quick, to the point, but she didn't want to waste any time they didn't seem to have.

"Amoran, what exactly do you think happened?" Sun asked simply as she quietly found a seat near the door, and fell into it. "And I mean, from the beginning..."

"I gave instructions that she should never be let out of the sight of my officers but somehow, she got round a corner ahead of them both. They heard her talking and then apparently she stopped mid-sentence. They rounded the corner and found her in what they describe as *some form of fit*, slumped and staring as if in a coma but with someone standing over her. That someone is a crew member who we have taken into custody. Perhaps she was attacked. The crew member we arrested said he saw her slump and came over to help her." Amoran explained every detail.

"After that, my officers say she began to twitch, shudder and generally become disorientated and febrile. One of my officers, at the behest of the crew member went off to get a med-kit but got onto the comm to me at the same time. I ordered them straight back to Cai's side and demanded they send for medics to be transported in, which is what happened. I got there in time to arrest the unknown man and the medics brought Cai straight here." She finished every single event and sat looking at Sun and Lyn to see what they made of it all.

"Alright, you see to all that - the last thing we need is letting myself or Lyn get involved with trying to find out what's going on." She twisted a bit, and continued, "What about the future thing? Thoughts on that changed any?"

"No Ma'am, not until we know more." Amoran surmised.

"Lyn, what do you think we should do?" Sun asked quietly, staring down at the floor for a moment.

"We need to let them figure out what's wrong with her, before whatever-it-is advances too much. Which means we should let them put her in stasis until the Doc can figure out what wrong," Lyn's brown eyes were wide, the petite pilot entirely fearful for her daughter's life and well-being.

"Good, I think we agree there," She adjusted in the seat. Quietly looking around down at the floor for a moment, not quite comfortable looking anywhere else. "Commander, use your best judgement in finding out what you can. Contact Jon, tell him take bridge duty until Lyn and I are done here, which is still... rather in the air as for time lines." She leaned back, "Contact the Admiral, and give him your assessment. I'll give him mine when I can. Simple enough."

"Yes Ma'am" Amoran did as she was bidden. She called the Counselor first and gave him Captain Sun's instructions and then the Admiral to debrief him.

---Almost an Hour Later---

"Excuse me, Commander, Captain," A scrubbed doctor said from a nearby doorway, "I apologize for the delay, we just wanted to be very thorough, was all. And I also apologize for the emergency team, they lack bed manners - as their patients are usually in too much trouble to care. Please, stay seated."

Amoran remained as she had been, standing leaning against the wall to one side of Captain Sun.

"I regret that I don't have better news. We don't have much more information than we did. Some cellular decay, rapid aging, and a lack of reasons. Her body has also been subjected to quite a bit of chroniton radiation. Like we said, she's aging quick enough that she will be your ages in about a year and a some months, at least physically. She succumbed to a type of shock, rapid aging, and her body aged rapidly, her nervous system, though wasn't set to do that, and for lack of a better term, locked up and shut down. These will probably get worse with time."

Amoran remained silent, taking in the detail but being less than impressed that it didn't move anything on, answer any questions not help with any decisions that needed to be made.

"On that note, we can slow it down. It is possible that we can rewrite her damaged DNA Structure with some blood samples from the two of you, and some tricks of the trade, we should we able to reverse it temporarily. Keeping her in stasis will let us try to get a hold of it. Unfortunately, with the crew and equipment we have, it may not be entirely possible to hold it off indefinitely." He seemed to get very careful for a moment, "Contacting Temporal Affairs may give us some information we need..."

Rewriting her DNA sounded pretty 'lab-rat' to Amoran. She wasn't medically minded but she figured that if travelling back through time had de-constructed Cai's cells on a level as basic as her DNA then either there was something fundamental wrong with whatever *they* whoever they might have been....... might be futuristically *about* to be.... might not have put her together right in the first place. ~Or....~ she thought. ~Perhaps it's what *we* are about to do that makes her this unstable in the future...?~ She thought of commenting but decided she was out of her scientific and medical depth, not to mention that she wasn't the child's parent whereas her two senior officers apparently were.

"We also noted a few discrepancies that are worth looking into, but we'll need more time, and permissions. Her DNA is incredibly complex, due to the interspecies nature. You may have noticed, however, that she has certain traits of each of you that are rather... specific. Suspiciously so." He paused, and his voice became a bit more quiet, "She also may have been augmented; which, as you know, is not entirely legal, at least for humans... We'd like to do a full scan, and holographic display of all of her systems, as well. More blood work, and if you are at all willing, perhaps even a mind meld, or similar, in an attempt to get into her mind a bit easier."

~More lab-rat? More intervention in something that we're too back-in-time to be poking around at? Or life-saving intervention that, if withheld could be unnecessarily cruel or harmful? Man, this sucks!!~ Amoran was so relieved not to be having to face these decisions regarding any future child of her own, she felt sorry for Sun and Lyn. She also felt sorry for Cai. Whoever, or *what*ever she was, she was sentient and probably scared out of her wits. Or was she deliberately putting them through this for some nefarious purpose? ~No....~ Rai thought that less likely. ~Perhaps someone else is manipulating her? But she's still sentient, that much is clear, and who would self-inflict what Cai is going through?~

Lyn glanced at Sun briefly, then looked up to the Doctor, "I'm for keeping her in Cryo until we know what's going on, and how to manage it. However, I'm concerned about involving Temporal Investigations. They're known to take their subjects, and let them die if they need some kind of help like this."

"Mei?" Lyn said softly, glancing up at the distant First Officer.

"Yeah. Cryo will be fine." She sighed, and shook her head, "We'll leave Temporal Investigations out of this as long as utterly possible. Until then," She didn't move for a moment, "Can we see her?"

"Well, yes, but she's unconscious, and we need to keep her that way to slow down the degeneration. But you are welcome to watch over her after she is put in cryostasis. She is your daughter, after all."

That didn't seem to sit well with Sun, but she gave a nod anyway. "Alright, go ahead then, we'll let you get back to work, unless anyone else has anything to add..."

Rai'ya kept her opinion to herself. She felt she had interfered enough in this already.

Lyn looked at Sun for a long moment, then up to Rai`ya's pretty face. Turning back to the doctor, "Thank you, Doctor, and good luck."

There was a pause for a moment, at least from Mei's point of view, as the Doctor went back to work, she sighed lightly. "I guess, one of us should stick close to sickbay for a while... and maybe we should think about getting up with another doctor. Someone we know, and can trust more than most..." She said quietly, thinking to herself but not coming up with anything of the like.

Lyn touched Sun's face, "I will be sure to remain with her as long as I can, and is advisable. I am on limited duty for the time, since you are integral to the ship's operations, love."

Without moving her hand away from Mei's face, she turned her dark eyes to Rai`ya, "Thank you, Rai`ya. I'm sure she has been a handful, and I'm sorry. Thank you for getting her taken care of."


Cpt. Sun Mei Xiang
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