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A Regal Ryuun Reception

Posted on Mon Jul 18th, 2011 @ 12:30pm by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.) & Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Commander Amoran Rai'ya & Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Commander Jonathan Franz & Lieutenant Mirella Yazhi & Lieutenant Commander Azumi Morganna & Lieutenant JG Dwight Cobb & Lieutenant Arseni Kozlov & Ufalla Zlan & Captain Archibald Bampfylde

Mission: Return to Roots
Location: Akilor


As the contingent was beamed down to the waiting reception hall, Relau couldn't hide his nervousness and he was getting all jumpy. As they materialized into an opulent, magnificent hall, the crowd rose in applause. Humans, Denobulans, Ryuu and other colonist races sat side by side, the crowd surged to their feet, cheering the contingent in front of them. It was admittedly a lot to take in, and Relau felt vaguely sorry for the rest of the party. They were normally greeted with raised shields and photon torpedoes, this was a great turnaround for them all.

As he looked out over the hall, decked out with clan and tribal flags, he noticed his clan flag was placed prominently in the middle of the end of the hall, over the head of the table. It was a rare gesture, and one that while he appreciated it, he thought it was overkill. As far as he knew, he was the only one of his clan in the Federation, and it embarrassed him to no end. As the applause petered out, he realized that they were looking askance at Ufalla and guiltily realized that this was probably too much for her, having never been to Akilor.

Relau nodded his thanks and appreciation and moved down the long hall to the front of the table, where the dignitaries were standing respectfully for them.

As they materialized in the hall, Archie cast a watchful eye around the room, as was habit and in doing so couldn't help but be impressed. The hall they had beamed into was decorated extremely impressively and quite literally packed to the gills with colonists, from each of the three races. It was rather a sight to behold.

Lyn felt dwarfed in a room with people of average height and a large number of Ryuu. She had to fight to keep from hiding in the midst of the assembled officers who'd just beamed down, as well as to force her hands to remain at her sides. She so badly wanted to grasp Mei's hand, but knew it would be inappropriate and unbecoming an officer of her station.

So she lifted a hand and let it settle at the small of Mei's back, maybe to reassure Mei that she was there with her, but more for her own peace of mind.

Sun almost jumped when she felt a hand on her back, but quickly adjusted to being a bit more comfortable. The scene was overwhelming. She couldn't help but think they were very, very excited. It made her a bit cautious, a bit wary to even move forward. She was proud the colony was so, well, proud. It deserved to be it seemed, but it made her feel small. She looked to the dignitaries, and gave a light bow, but not enough to let the comforting hand slip off of her back. She still wasn't good at official functions; and this one made her wander if she ever would be.

Azumi had felt uncomfortable in her dress uniform before, she had a minimalist view when it came to clothes, but for once in her life she felt under-dressed and said so.

Cobb was befuddled by the outpouring of applause, even though none of it was for him. But he was with the crew and the applause was for them and the Admiral, so he did what felt natural to him. He worked the room."Hey there," he said with a big smile and a wave. He shook hands with a Denobulan and complimented his facial ridges. "Looking good, buddy. Liking those ridges."

Arseni stood in the back of the landing party in awe at the crowd and the applause for the Captain of the Shanghai, he knew some of the details regarding this planet and his Captain, but he had no idea he was held in such high regard. Out of the corner of his eye his spotted Commander Lyn place a hand on Captain Xiang back, he wondered if there was more to it than a simple gesture, but he was too swept in the size of the crowd to focus on it. Not used to large celebrations he stood in back taking in the crowd with an odd smile made up of mixed emotions across his face.

Franz wished to himself that the Starfleet dress uniform had some pockets for his hands, unfortunately they didn't and he felt himself feeling a little pretentious with his hands smartly behind his back, which, feeling self conscious he then moved to his sides, then back behind his back in a final last minute decision. It made him think what the Admiral was thinking. After all this whole shindig was in his honor, and it made Franz wonder if the giant alien lizard was feeling comfortable around all the other giant alien lizards, perhaps he was feeling magnanimous, maybe it was inflating his ego, or maybe (and Franz suspected it was the latter) it was just making him feel plain uncomfortable.

Azumi shuffled over to the counselor, "How long do you think this will go on for?" She asked.

Jon shrugged, his limited experience with diplomatic functions indicated to him that this was going to drag on for a long time. "probably going to be a while" said Jon with a sympathetic smile "you never know though, we might get lucky Ryuu might like really short speeches"

Azumi scowled. "Not likely!" She looked around at all the attention they were getting. "Not much chance of slipping away either."

"Tell me about it." said Jon in agreement, this time making a final decision on his body language and folding his arms. He shrugged and smiled "Its almost as if we were star fleet officers and that they expect us to go to this sort of thing." He winked.

Lyn leaned close to Mei, "Wow... this is crazy! What exactly is going on?"

"I'm not entirely sure," Sun gave a light word back before shaking her head. She had wanted to see the colony again, but this was almost too much to take in, "I don't remember the colonists being this... extravagant when we were here before, but -" She tried to shake off her usual nerves at such functions and adjusted. "I'm really not sure."

Jon was handed a clay goblet-like cup by one of the Ryuu. In the hand of the large lizard like alien it looked small, in Jon's small mammal hands, it was massive, and filled with some sort of local wine.

As the crowd moved in amongst the party and greetings and introductions were being given out, Arseni slipped past the crowd giving curt nods and politely saying excuse me as he moved through. He felt that in a large reception such as this his junior rank was an advantage, since he could go about without drawing attention, unlike the Admiral and his senior officers. Moving past the crowd, Arseni found a large window with a bench seat in front of it. He looked out the window and gazed at the growing metropolis before him. It was truly amazing what had been accomplished here.

Amoran stood back, her initial excuse to herself for this was that she was watching out for the Admiral and doing her job in keeping the whole crowd under surveillance. She moved closer to Arseni and smiled at him. "Hey" she said softly, standing looking out at the giant lizards so as not to look impolite. "This is awkward, isn't it?" she added, leaning back against the wall at the side of his window seat, talking to him sideways so as not to exclude the party yet speaking so softly that it wasn't audible to anyone else.

"Definitely" Arseni replied quietly, glad to have the Security Chief as company, "everything seems so perfect... best we keep our wits about us."

"Absolutely" she replied softly. "I have an inexplicable feeling that all is not as it seems. I just hope I'm wrong."

Relau was in the thick of it. The function was in reality, a huge party and Ryuu were talking with all members of races, no matter what their background was. Keeping Ufalla close to try and show his support for her, he greeted the Councilors and the various people that had been invited to the feast. He was being mobbed essentially, the colonists all wishing to get up close to the Admiral.

Moving politely through the crowd, he was met by a large Ryuu blocking his path. Relau actually had to look up a little bit in order to see the Ryuu's face. He smiled as best he could, expressing his pleasure of seeing the Ryuu in front of him. "Gabor!" He exclaimed. "I didn't think that they would let you in here. You were enough trouble on the Arantos K-109 ship then anything else." He introduced Ufalla to the hulking Ryuu. "Ufalla Zlan, my former first Koko, Gabor Trell."

"Charmed." Gabor said in a deep voice. "I won't take any more time from your reception, Koko'Tor Chlan. Afterwards, I need to talk to you about Sirra." He said cryptically.

Relau's face was visibly troubled at this news, and he almost lost focus for a second. "Of course." He said, recognizing the codeword given to him. It had only been used once before, when Gabor had called him to tell him that he was going to be executed. It was their personal word for a problem that needed immediate attention. Having the disguise of a name, and so simple prevented the authorities from knowing what it really was - a call to arms. He maneuvered through the bodies, pulling Captain Sun aside from the hubbub for a moment.

"Captain, the large Ryuu in the corner, his name is Gabor Trell. After this reception, he is to be escorted directly to my Ready Room on the Shanghai. See to it please." He said.

"Absolutely, sir, with pleasure," Sun spoke with a curt and polite bow and smile. "I'll see to it myself," She was surprised with a request of an escort that was spoken aside, and away from the crowd.

"Thank you. And please also inform the crew that although they do not have to stay, now that the preliminaries are dispensed with, it would be wise of them to stay for appearance's sake." Relau said absentmindedly.

As she found herself away from the Admiral, and others for a moment, Sun tapped her commbadge and gave a quiet order, "Captain Sun to Commander Amoran and Captain Bampfylde. Work at the end of the reception, form up with me for details then."

=^= Amoran to Captain Sun. I am already at the back of the room, by the window, keeping all under surveillance. Let me know if you want me to move forward, Ma'am =^=

Sun moved on without much more than that, just tapping her commbadge off before slipping back over towards Lyn, with a light smirk, and melding back to the conversation and crowd, with a light glance and shake of her head, "Sorry. Work." She spoke simply, with a grin. "Nothing serious."

"Okay, love," Lyn smiled up at Mei, just happy at the woman's side in a relaxed setting. As always, she wore something nice, but rarely a dress uniform. This time, she wore her favored white satin flight suit with matching gloves and matching white flight boots. At least she'd be prepared to fly at a moment's notice.

Franz put the large clay goblet thing he was carrying on a nearby table. The flavor of the drink reminded him of some sort of honey mead, but with a sour twist. What ever it was though it was strong stuff, two sips had already made Franz a little light headed, and going under the assumption that being drunk at a formal diplomatic function would be a bad thing, he had set the drink a side and instead went for a nose around.

Cobb was in the middle of the party, looking up at a large Ryuu and chatting with the lizard like alien.

"You see what I'm saying though, right? It's not for sport or hunting, it's just the fun of riding the horse. I have to get you into the holodeck sometime and show you....hopefully it can create a horse big enough for you to ride."

The Ryuu mumbled out something in its low and gravelly voice. Cobb leaned in close to understand what he was saying. "Umm....there are a few people who eat horse meat, but it's rare. Huh?....Oh, no, not a delicacy. We just don't eat them. They're more for riding."

Relau chuckled as he went and stood over by Lieutenant Cobb. "That's right, however we don't have anything that we can ride on our native world. The most we could do was keep La'dahie as pets, a type of bird." He said conversationally.

"How big are they in comparison to a human? Cobb asked curiously. "I wouldn't mind trying to get one if it's alright for us to take them, or if it's even safe. I have a nephew back on Earth, he's always wanting souvenirs from my assignments. I'm sure a bird from an exotic planet like this would be a treat for him."

"Not big, but it is highly territorial." He said, remembering the gouging of eyes and outer extremities at the long, sharp talons.

"Hmm...maybe it's not the best pet for a curious eight year old boy who likes to poke things with a stick. I guess he'll just have to settle for a starbase souvenir. It'll break his heart, but I'm sure his mother will be thankful not to have a son that's missing a few fingers."

The Ryuu nodded sagely. They were trying to adopt the Federation custom with children and were finding it more than a handful. "Perhaps you could shop around here on Akilor? I am sure that some shops would cater to the kits on the planet." Relau said, using the Ryuun word for children. "They would be most grateful for Starfleet's business." He added jokingly.

"As soon as I get my next paycheck, I'll be sure to do that," Cobb said with a nod. "I just hope they sell t-shirts. Preferably a humorous one about how my loved one went to the far reaches of space and all I got was this lousy t-shirt."

Relau nodded, about getting half of the joke. "Thank you, Lieuenant." He said, moving away from the crowd. He spied Franz in the corner and went over to him. "Commander, how are you doing?"

"Can we go yet?" asked Franz with a wry smile as he massaged his forehead of its troubles. It was a rhetorical question. "I'm doing well sir" said Franz "Quite a party they got going....all for you, how you holding up?"

"It's for you as well. I'm doing well enough. It's hard to come back after so much time away from my people." He said, musing a bit.

Lyn stayed at Sun's side, smiling as she heard a chirp from her communicator. Small hand rising, she touched the entrance to her ear, tapping the end of the small earwig communicator, "Lyn here."

"=^=It's Jhaeryn, Commander. I'm setting your runabout down outside, in case there's trouble," Lieutenant Rhis Jhaeryn reported.

"Affirmative, Lieutenant. Try to make as little fuss as possible. Stay with her, in case we have to boogie in a jiffy," Lyn requested.

"=^=You got it, boss lady," Jhaeryn's voice announced, chipper as usual. Lyn glanced back to Mei, noticing the woman watching her, "Sorry... work. I had my second bring my runabout down, in case we gotta get out of here in a jiffy."

"Good, I appreciate it. Mind transporting a victor india in a moment?" Sun spoke quietly, with a light grin.

"Alright, then," She tapped her commbadge, "Amoran, Bamfphylde, move in - I'll be in front," She gave a little brush to Lyn's arm before slipping off and through the crowds.


A JP Between:

Rear Admiral Relau Chlan
Commanding Officer
USS Shanghai, NCC 63384


Captain Sun Mei Xiang,
Executive Officer
USS Shanghai, NCC 63384

Commander Amoran, Rai'ya,
Chief of Security and Tactical.
USS Shanghai NCC 63384

Commander Jon Franz
Chief Counselor
USS Shanghai NCC 63384

Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias
Commander Aerospace Wing, Second Officer
Squadron Commander, VFA192 "Golden Dragons"
USS Shanghai NCC 63384

Captain Archibald Bampfylde
Marine Commanding Officer
USS Shanghai NCC 63384

Lieutenant Commander Azumi Morganna
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Shanghai NCC 63384

Lieutenant Mirella Yazhi
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Shanghai NCC 63384

Lieutenant JG Dwight Cobb
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
USS Shanghai NCC 63384

Ensign Arseni Kozlov
Chief Operations Officer
USS Shanghai NCC 63384

Ufalla Zlan
USS Shanghai NCC 63384


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