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Operation Juliet Tango! (Section Two)

Posted on Tue Jun 28th, 2011 @ 11:53pm by Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.) & Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Commander Amoran Rai'ya & Commander Jonathan Franz & Lieutenant Mirella Yazhi & Lieutenant JG Dwight Cobb & Lieutenant Arseni Kozlov & Captain Archibald Bampfylde

Mission: Intermission
Location: Holodeck


The Patton dropped out of warp not long after the Breen disappeared, a Nebula class vessel, carrying a contingent of marines in its pod ten times the size of that on the Shanghai. It's captain, and the colonel on his bridge were not happy with being called to the border for what they called a false alarm, even with the readings in place and proof in front of them. The argument he was having between a comm officer was perhaps more prominent than it should be, but soon interrupted.

The shuttle dropped out of warp, agonizingly close to the border. This time it was close, it was definable. Type Eleven Shuttle craft. The hailing frequencies lit up as a small Breen task group dropped out of warp after them, fighters launching as soon as they were clear of warp.

"Get me starfleet Command on the comm right now" said Franz through gritted teeth, he was trying to keep a grip on a situation that was rapidly growing out of control

"Sir all communication in and out of the system are being jammed by the Breen" said an op's officer from his station, the young man looked up to see the large Breen fleet stare back menacingly on the view screen. He added "only ship to ship communications working sir"

"This is the Federation Shuttlecraft calling all Federation ship, Priority One - We have wounded personnel in need of immediate attention." The words paused there as the shuttle rocked, as the fighters caught up to the shuttle. "We won't last a minute out here alone, god damn it," The man's face in the dark shuttle was barely visible, it seemed they had put everything into shields and speed, in hopes of breaking the border. "There is a child on board, for the love of god,"

"Federation Shuttlecraft this is the the USS Shanghia, can you make it over the border...we.." but Jon didn't get to finish what he was saying as saw the USS Patton begin o move.

The Patton hadn't waited for orders, instead, she moved directly towards the border, powering up weapons, and beginning to launch what few fighters she had in an attempt to break across quickly and save the shuttle.

"Damn!" said Jon out loud, he thought to himself ~just because your ship is called Patton doesn't mean you have to act like him.~ They had general orders to rescue the shuttle, but it was still in Breen territory, making their actions dubious at best ~Well it would seem that this is one of those times were one leaps before looking~

"Helm! Lay in a course for the shuttle craft, get us between it and the Breen" Jon marched back to his chair and sat back down. "Mr Cobb, general order to the fleet; do not fire unless fired upon, re-deploy to pattern Piccard eight, have our fighters protect the Patton, and liaise with their commander to get a marine rescue plan in place if needed."

"Aye, aye, sir," Cobb said, sending out the orders and watching as the rest of the ships and fighters fell into place. He patched through to the Patton's marine CO and began hashing out a rescue plan.

"Sir, may i respectfully suggest this is a trick to entice us to break the rules and give them an excuse to blame us for starting a war. We have no proof the original occupants of that shuttle are even still aboard and certainly no evidence of children ever having been at stake." Rai offered, quietly but not without some urgency.

"You are right Ms Amoran, however I will not let a Starfleet vessel stand alone" said Jon full heartily. Jon watched the screen "Even if its commander didn't wait for orders. The Patton has already crossed the border and we need to back her up even if we're in the wrong."

Rai shrugged and went back to aligning weapons under tactical *ready* but without actually live-arming anything that could be seen or scanned as hostile intent.

Escorted by the USS Fearless, the Akira class USS Shanghai banked and glided into the combat zone, the shuttle began to get closer on the ships main view. Fighters from the Shanghai re-deployed around the Patton, hovering around it like angry wasps around their hive. The Gallant covered the deployment of the fleet, taking up an orbital patrol around the shuttle. The ships most advanced and capable war ship; the USS Centurion, hung above the deployment like watchful mother.

Franz nodded his approval at the deployment; he kept one wary eye on the Breen forces that as yet had not fired their weapons, the odds however were on the side of this capable enemy. Franz pointed at the shuttle that now hung in space, literally at the centre of Franz's world "Scan that shuttle, I want confirmation that our people are onboard"

Rai did as she was asked. "Negative Sir, something is blocking our scan. Their shields have been modified to phase-shift, it's not possible to get a solid reading."

"Have a fighter eyeball the flight deck of the shuttle through the window if you have to" said Jon urgently "I need to know what..." Jon didn't get to finish his sentence as the ship rocked violently. Sparks flew from consoles and personnel where thrown to the ground. The small shuttle craft had exploded with massive ferocity, letting loose its booby trap explosive with deadly accuracy. The Shanghai being the closest had taken the brunt of the hit, and it underbelly was now scorched and blackened with melted hull plating"

The fleet scattered to avoid the explosion and that when the Breen attacked.

"Shields up, transferring extra power to the bow shields to prevent the damaged hull becoming open to space vacuum." Rai reported as she worked quickly. The red alert lights and klaxons began to sound, intitiating a rush of adrenalin across the Bridge as they always did.

"The rest of the fleet are taking evasive maneuvers to avoid the shrapnel," Cobb reported. "The Gallant was the only ship hit, they're reporting minor damage from being clipped."

"SIR!" Johnson spoke up, agitated. "it doesn't make sense. Sensors indicate Federation signals from the lead ship." He spun his head round, looking at Jon for instructions.

"What do you mean the federation signals are coming from a Breen destroyer?"

"That's what i'm getting. There are Federation transmitters, sending from inside that ship, Sir." Johnson looked bewildered but he set his shoulders instinctively because he was certain.

"Mr Cobb, confirm those signals. If they are our missing personnel then get a marine rescue plan underway"

"Yes, sir," Cobb got in touch with the CIC and began taking in the data. "The signals are matching up, sir. Authentication codes check out with a one Lieutenant Commander Kinglsey. We tried to pull up his service record, but it's marked classified. My security clearance isn't high enough for me to see it. If you needed any further proof that this was a black op, sir, then this would be it."

"Thank you Mr Cobb, get a marine team together and co-ordinate with the Patton to get a marine team over their to rescue those men. You've got as long as it takes for us to punch a whole out of here" Franz's point was punctuated by the ship shaking under phaser fire, he looked about the bridge for a moment then said; "Helm right hard rudder, bring us about to heading 99alpha mark 2. Lock all weapons on the closest target"

"Aye Sir" Rai locked the phaser cannon onto the nearest Breen ship and armed the spread of torpedos she had set up earlier under cover of *ready*. She held her finger above the LCARS panel, waiting for the command to fire the preset spread. For once, she wasn't feeling the rush that this kind of battle-readiness usually gave her. She was still convinced their hands were being forced and that made her want to go some other way, just because it wasn't the way whoever was manipulating them wanted.

It was a reflex, rather than a considered strategy, which was why she was in Security where cynicism was a qualification, not an antisocial characteristic. She concentrated on the best tactical patterns to do the most damage with the least shots into the most effective or vulnerable parts of the enemy ships. If Rai could disable and disarm there would be a much better chance to get their people off in one piece. She focussed. This was where she could be of real use at last, and she was determined.

"Fire" Said Franz, one hand clenching into a fist as he gave the order. For a pacifist he really seemed to be getting into the swing of command a war ship.

"Aye Sir" The cannons blazed, punching into the lead ship at strategic points, the Akira's gentle silhoette becoming menacing as it lit up with columns of carefully aimed destruction, delivered down what looked like threads of light. Once the first phaser cannon volley had done it's work, then the photon torpedos were away, silent and deadly through the black space. When it was over, three of Breen ships hung in the air like little abandoned models in a puppet show.

Rai allowed herself a smirk to celebrate the accuracy of her calculations, particularly since the Federation database had offered scarce data on Breen craft and some of her shots had been educated guesses rather than informed decisions. "That should even up the score a bit" she commented as she reset the next calculations and began a rapidfire, manually guided volley as the Shanghai began to move, making presettings too slow for the foray.
The two defiant Class starships darted in and out amongst the Breen destroyers, with each flyby they let loose a torrent of torpedo fire and then pulled away at a steep recline, counter phaser fire skirting past their hulls. The Centurion pounded away with its deluge of fire power, bringing down merciless fire from its higher position in the combat zone. The Shanghai flipped on its side then did a loop on its axis, dodging lancing shots of arching phaser fire as she then returned with her own bombardment of shots.

"Cobb to TIC, inform the Fearless and Gallant to continue looping patterns until further notice and instruct the Centurion to adjust their position by 35 degrees."

Cobb scowled and put his finger in his ear, listening to the information he was being presented with.

"Okay, put him through....Yes, sir, captain....We have a good idea on the interior, and my people in the TIC are forwarding you the general layout of the ship. I say no more than two eight men fire teams doing a standard breaching and clearing maneuver."

Jon could see that the odds where against them. He had walked right into an ambush that had damaged his ship and scattered the deployment of his fleet. He looked at the screen, trying to glean what information he could to make for a better retreat. Then he saw it. A nearby gas giant had a several large rings around it each consisting of large deposits of debris and rocks. The starfleet vessels were smaller than the breen destroyers, if he got the Prometheus Class to break down into its three parts perhaps they could use the rings to cover their retreat?

"Can we enter those rings and use them to cover our retreat?" Asked Jon pointing at the screen

"Technically, Aye Sir" Rai'ya responded. "But it'll take some fancy flying!" She looked across at the pilot and inclined her head respectfully. ~Wouldn't want *that* job!~ she thought.

"Cobb whats the status on the marine rescue mission?"

"The marine captain and his team are in position, sir," Cobb stated. "They're standing by in the Patton's hold. We just need to get the cover. I suggest the Shanghai, Centurion, and Patton use their guns to provide covering fire from the Breen fighters while the fighters escort them to the LZ."

Franz nodded his agreement "As soon as they're back aboard I want all ships to head for those rings"

Johnson sent out the instructions to the rest of the fleet and had them all wait for his CO's mark.

The USS Centurion; a Prometheus class starship, divided up into its multi vector assault mode, breaking into its smaller (three) parts, then coming about and raining down its superior firepower on its chosen prey. The Breen Destroyer took heavy damage as explosions tore across its hull. This was when the Patton attacked, committing its self to a flyby action on the Breen vessel, swooping in dangerously close to the enemy ship, and shooting its phasers as it did, while in the bowls of the Nebula class star ship Marines stood on massive transporter Pads and where beamed abored the enemy ship.

The bridge of the Shanghai watched on the view screen as the marine officers blew through the hallways of the Breen ship. The marine CO had a camera on his helmet and they watched as he barked out orders and cleared the hallways. "No sign of Breen yet," the Major replied. "Something doesn't feel right. The signal is coming through the next room, we're breaching."

The marines stepped through into the next room and stopped suddenly. The Breen prisoners were sitting in the middle of the room, tied down to the floor. At the center of the room was a large bomb with a timer counting down. "Back, back, back!" The Major barked. The marine regiment quickly backed out of the room. "Anyone read Breen? Looks like we got about five minutes until that bomb explodes."

Cobb cursed himself and shook his head. That bomb was rigged to blow and it was easily big enough to destroy the Breen ship and all the Starfleet ships around it.

A series of hand gestures where exchanged between the Marine Captain and his Gunnery sergeant. This senior NCO then passed the message on up the line, soon two marines with specialist equipment partly ran partly crouched to the top of the line that was pressed against the wall like it was cover; almost a platoon of men in total. The marine captain re-deployed his men to cover all entrances and exits into their sector of the ship. The marines scattered professionally taking up their sectors and guard positions. The two specialist marines; accompanied with two bodyguards went back into the room to diffuse the bomb.

Under his combat fatigues and armour the marine sweated profusely as he applied his trade to the bomb with surgical procession. He twitch slightly almost hitting the wrong wire, as phaser and disruptor fire could be heard from the corridors outside. Two perimeter defence points, guarded by four men each where coming under heavy contact from Breen small weapons fire . The marine captain stood at the centre of his defensive perimeter issuing orders to his men, trying to give his marines more time as they diffused the bomb.

There was a shout of "clear!" from inside the room. The marine Captain called over a corporal and issued more orders; he had to shout over the weapons fire. The Corporal and his team set up three tripod like sensor unit, used for enhanced beam out, so those on the USS Patton could get a clear reading on them. The other marines gathered up the civilians, and with phaser fire lancing over their heads the marines beamed out.

With the Marine team aboard the small Federation fleet, set at full impulse into the Rings of the gas giant. Franz gripped the end of his chair seat nervously as the point ship entered the meteor strewn rings, that swirled with dust and clumps as ice. He was thankful that the simulation was based off the profile of actual Starfleet officers; some of the best pilots in the two quadrants, and Jon made a mental note to right a thank you letter to the trainers at the Starfleet academy flight school (A class that he had flunked out of).

"Breen Fleet on screen" said Franz. The picture changed to a rear view of the USS Shanghai, it showed the Breen fleet bearing down on them at full speed, exchanging the occasional long ranged shot with the USS Patton and the Shanghai herself.

"Mr Cobb co-ordinate with the other ship captains, when the fleet is well into the rings, have them link their fire with ours."

"Aye, aye, sir," Cobb said, relaying the orders to the TIC.

"Ms Amoran, on my order, target the larger rocks behind us. Blow 'em to bits....I want a more dense field of Rocks between us and them to cover our retreat."

As the fleet plowed through the debris ring, the ships began to fly closer and closer to each other, forming a wedge with the Shanghai flying point.

"Fleet is in position, sir," Cobb said. "Ship COs are awaiting your orders."

Franz gave the order "Fire!"

Rai'ya let loose the dogs of war: the whole spread of phaser cannon in a full arc, some of the hits ricocheted off and hit nearby asteriods in a secondary volley, causing a *blender* effect, reducing the larger sized clusters to a soup of swirling debris, buzzing around like a swarm of angry geological wasps.

Once again the characteristic, barely discernible, satisfied smirk was all that indicated Rai's acknowledgement of her a job to the *n*th degree. Amoran reset the phaser pattern to 'primed' in preparation for the next instruction.

With the dense and packed debris field now between them and the fleet, Jon ordered the fleet to put as much distance between him and the Breen, but his helm officers could only do so much high speed flying in this collection of space rocks, he needed something else to get a clean get away, and hope that they wouldn't follow them into Federation territory.

"Do we have any mines or probes we can re-deploy with explosives?"

"Both Sir. Which would you prefer? Where would you like me to deploy them?" Amoran answered, wondering whether Franz wanted to send them into the asteroid soup too, or if he was thinking of something more 'sneaky' as Jon himself might paraphrase his own strategically unique but often inspired and brilliant ideas.

Jon stroked his beard thoughtfully as he gave himself a moments pause to gather his thoughts. "Re-configure the probes to transmit the signature of each starship in our fleet. I then want them to launch in a roughly galactic south vector. Then deploy the mines into the rock field we just created. I want the mines to go off in the field, making it look like we are faking our own destruction in the belt. Then activate the signals on the probes, where gambling on Breen then going after them, on the grounds that its a double bluff. While they do Mr Cobb order the fleet to head full speed to Federation space. We will cover their retreat in case any Breen vessels don't take the bait. Ok lets do this."

"Yes, sir," Cobb said. On the screen, the Federation ships began to disappear into warp speed, leaving just the Shanghai behind. As the ships made their getaway, the mines launched out of the Shanghai's hold and sped through space towards the rock debris, exploding in dazzling flashes.

The Breen took the bluff and their fleet of menacing starships sped towards the deployed probes. The shanghai suddenly found itself very isolated, all alone with no starfleet ships or Breen forces close by. It was a brief breather, as the ship banked, came about and went to warp after clearing the asteroid field. The rest of the task force waited on their side of the border, quickly joined by the USS Shanghai. They where safe.


Captain Sun Mei Xiang
Executive Officer
USS Shanghai

Commander Jonathan Franz
Chief Counselor
USS Shanghai

Commander Amoran, Rai'ya
Chief of Security and Tactical
USS Shanghai - NCC 63384

NPC Johnson
Conn (Played by Amoran)

Lt. JG Dwight Cobb
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
USS Shanghai

Ensign Arseni Kozlov
Chief Operations Officer
USS Shanghai

PNPC Laiken
Played by Relau Chlan


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