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Staff Briefing

Posted on Wed Aug 10th, 2011 @ 2:41pm by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.) & Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Commander Amoran Rai'ya & Commander Jonathan Franz & Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Lieutenant Commander Azumi Morganna & Lieutenant Mirella Yazhi & Captain Archibald Bampfylde & Lieutenant JG Dwight Cobb & Lieutenant Arseni Kozlov & Lieutenant Commander James Barnes

Mission: Return to Roots
Location: Observation Lounge, Shanghai


Relau motioned for Trell to follow him into the observation lounge where the entire senior staff had gathered. He walked in and the room came to a hush quickly as he strode to the front of the table, placed both claws on the table and leaned over it. "Give me a rundown of what the computer recorded with that subspace distortion that isn't there." He said, waiting for a reply.

Franz once again wondered why the ships counselor was dealing with a science issue. Still he could read and all he had to do was read off the information on the Padd in front of him. "The ship registered a anomalous readings with its sensors in orbit around the moon. These readings where temporal in nature and demonstrated a wave effect across its event horizon. An event horizon which consisted of chronaton particles in the theta band" Franz had no idea what he had just said. He read the conclusion that the ships computer had come up with "the subspace distortion was in phase"

"The computer is over simplifying the situation, which means it doesn't have anything to compare it too. Subspace, as we all know is used by us in a hundred different ways. Warp travel and our long range communications are examples of this. The subspace distortion was detected by our sensors and since it didn't understand it, it was broken into a molecular and particle analysis, by saying it is in phase, it just means it was able to detect it." Kozlov added.

"Why isn't it there any more?" Relau shot back, annoyed.

That was more tricky, and Franz didn't have an answer for him. ~Why the hell wasn't there a science officer in the room~ thought Franz to himself. He hoped Koslov had more input.

"Thats a good question sir," Kovlov asserted, "Most subspace distortions leave a trail. When I first detected the distortion I thought it was a warpfield signature field of a cloaked or concealed ship. That being said I have found no evidence to support this, it seems that may be an unlikely theory now. It is possible that the distortion occurred from some sort of phenomenon around the moon, which would explain the lack of trail."

He turned his attention away from the pair to his right and then motioned Trell forward. "This is Gabor Trell, he was my former First Koko on the Aranos K-109." He said, aware that most of his biography was still classified. "In short, if you didn't know, I'm a refugee from the Ryuu Confederacy, where I was sentenced to death, along with Gabor here. We broke out aboard the Arantos class vessel K-109 which is now in Federation hands at their Xenologist Research Facility. To make a long story short, we were granted asylum. Trell has some disturbing news he'd like to share with us."

Trell nodded to Relau, then stepped forward. "Sparing you my history." He said in a very deep voice, so deep that the deck plating seemed to rumble, "I have been turning my interests and pursuits from something other then warfare, these past two years. We have been noticing a rapid increase in the ability of most of our people here on the surface. The other portion has fallen away and now lives on the fringe of society. We are now trying to pinpoint the reason why our colony is, frankly thriving when it should be in its early stages of development."

"Increase in ability?" Karsel`lyn spoke up. "How so? Mental acumen? Physical strength? Dexterity? Healing?"

"There have been rumors of similar things on other worlds... a world whose rings kept the world's inhabitants from aging," Lyn noted aloud. "Do you think that would be appropriately descriptive, sir?"

"Perhaps, the subspace distortion from the moon is related," Kozlov hypothesized, "I suggest we explore the moon and its surrounding space for my evidence."

"There is no other presence that we can detect. We do not appear to be smarter, just have the ability to be more hard working. Now, I doubt that we are just more hard working by ourselves. But, we've been reading an increased telepathy ability over the past few months. Nothing major, but it is the kind of thing that increases as the standard of living goes up among our people. Now, most of our race feels that the fact we are doing so well is due just to the fact that we have been given a chance to start over. No one will now listen to me. They take it as a life changing experience, nothing more." Trell said, leaning against a bulkhead. "The moon thing is new though. We don't know what's been going on with it, just know that a few weeks ago it started showing signs of subspace warping. The Chimera said that it was nothing, that we were merely calibrating our telescopes and observatories and scanners wrongly."

Kozlov quickly made notes into his paDD as Trell spoke, "This is extremely interesting, now we know this was not a one time event. Also, you noticed it as..." Arseni double checked his notes, "subspace warping, I think that is a fair description of how I would have described the event the first time I saw it. I would really like to look at those sensors logs sometime Mr. Trell."

"They will be made available at his earliest convenience, Mr. Kozlov." Relau said, taking over for Trell. "Security, how are we doing in that area, how are the Orions reacting to us?"

Franz had been watching Azumi through most of the meeting. Sitting opposite her, he was seeing some unusual signs. First she seemed distracted. Which was odd, Azumi's attention to detail and levels of concentration where renowned. Secondly; she seemed tired, her normally beautiful and delicate features was shadowed with worry lines and the tell tale signs of make up being used to cover 'bags' under the eyes. While the conversation was still going on, Franz picked up a Padd and sent a message directly to Azumis Padd. It read; 'Are you ok?"

"Commander, I asked you a question." Relau said, starting to get annoyed. Why did it seem that everyone besides him on this ship was incompetent? "Do you have an answer?" He thought that he was in the right. It wasn't like him to talk like this.

"Sir?" Rai'ya was taken aback. It had only been a few seconds literally since he had asked her and she had just checked for updates before responding.

Azumi continued to gaze dreamily into space, she glanced down at the flashing 'incoming message' light on her PADD for several seconds before opening the note from Jon. She read the message then shook herself back to reality and read it again. "I'm not sure." She eventually manged to reply

Jon typed on the PaDD and sent the message to Azumi; "Has something got you not sleeping right?"

Though now Jon had one eye on Azumi and the Admiral who didn't seem to be his usual self.

"Bad dreams." She replied, glancing quickly at Sun.

Franz, who's job it was to read body language caught the quick glance to sun. "You going to tell me about it?" he typed back.

Azumi paused as if collecting her thoughts, then typed: "It would appear that Captain Sun and I shared a collective mutual dream last night. I'm not sure how or why but I feel a this morning." She explained.

Franz frowned at the answer on his Padd. He typed a response back quickly "Ok, you stay after the meeting and we are going to have chat with Sun"

Azumi gave a curt nod by way of response. It looked like the briefing was wrapping up.

"You're all dismissed." Relau growled. "Find me answers." He was not in a happy mood at all.


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