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The Empress (Part Two)

Posted on Thu Sep 1st, 2011 @ 1:10am by Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Karsel'Lyn Lylyl'Llytheraias (Mirror)

Mission: Doppelgänger
Location: Various
Timeline: Immediately Following Part One


[Prime Reality, Akilor Orbit]

"I can't find Five either, it could be all the interference," Sun spoke quietly for a moment, before shaking her head, "Wait, I've got something," She shook her head again, "Damnit, it looks like the sensors are glitched, debris is just disappearing from sensors..." She spoke up to Lyn, before tilting her head somewhat, double checking with her eyes as they were trained to do. It had been an instinct, nothing more.

"What the hell?" Mei spoke under her breath, quietly staring out at the battle as pieces of space junk and debris disappeared, simply fading away into the black. More disturbingly, though, she thought, was watching what appeared to be an escape pod simply fade away, as a ripple seemed visible in space for a moment. "Do you see that?"

Lyn sighed, "No, love, I've got my eyes elsewhere at the moment. What is it?"

"Sun to all craft, evasive maneuvers. Avoid the wave at all costs," Sun called out over the comm.

"Sensors negative, I don't see a wave," A pilot responded.

"If you can't see it, it's behind you," Sun flipped back to just the cockpit comm, "Us too, Ai."

Lyn glanced over, "Err, yeah, don't think I want any of that." Banking the fighter into a hard turn to port, Lyn brought the fighter up to point-six C, or 179,875,474 meters per second, which was near the Valkyrie's safe maximum velocity rating. "I can't go much faster, Ai!"

"I don't think we can outrun it," Sun spoke quietly, she wasn't sure if anyone would escape it, or what it would do to them when it caught up. She really didn't like the idea of finding out. The fighter shaking a bit as the wave began to catch them.

Lyn sighed as the wave overcame the speeding fighter, knowing that she should have ordered a retreat at warp.

[Alternate Universe, Akilor Orbit]
[The Zhurong]

The Empress Zhen Ci and her handmaidens appeared in a blue shimmer of light, appearing on the bridge itself. The bridge was massive, manned by over twice the individuals that one would find on Cruiser or Carrier elsewhere. Her handmaiden's scattered to the various corners of the room, and took up standard guard positions, still in their battle garb.

"Report, what do we have?" Sun spoke as she moved over to the 'captain's chair', though it was clearly more of a throne than a standard officers chair.

"Small craft, damage, reads like one of our Fighters, Highness," A young man near the helm replied as the viewscreen zoomed in on the vessel.

"Well, is it one of ours?" Sun barked at him, not happy at the prospect of the Cardassians fleeing, or one of her fighters being out of position.

"No ma'am," He whimpered, quietly tapping on the console, "Wait... another appeared. It looks like... an escape pod? Ten life signs," He kept reading, "Three human, the rest non-human."

"Beam the terrans to sickbay,"

"Bridge to sickbay, prepare for possible injured personnel," An officer called out. "And the non-humans, ma'am?"

"Let them crash to the planet. Send a fighter to retrieve the other fighter," Sun called out as she crossed her legs.

"There is another, now, Highness." The man at ops spoke with a quiet nod, "The computer reads the life sign as one Karsel'lyn, Empress' Personal Contingent."

"Xiao Cui Ji?" Sun spoke as a look of betrayal slipped across her face, as she directed an order to a handmaiden, "Find my Xiao Cui Ji, bring her to me," She spoke as she stood, barely waiting for a response before she began to head towards the turbolift, "Zhen Ci out, Bridge, beam that woman to Sickbay."

"Yes, Highness."

"Jian hu ren, with me," Mei spoke as she passed the two handmaidens at the entrance to the turbolift, causing them to bow and fall in behind her.

[Deck Four, Aft - Empress Zhen Ci's Personal 'Quarters']

The Empress' personal quarters took up almost the entire aft half of deck four, and much of deck three above and five below. They were palatial rooms, built with fine marble and hardwoods. There were chambers dedicated to security, housed by the Empress' Personal Guards, or the Empress' Handmaiden's, and corridors of rooms for her beloved Handmaidens and Attendants of course - each as luxurious as the finest VIP quarters on Starfleets finest vessels. Past these rooms was a sight not seen by Terrans in many generations.

A garden grew in the 'foyer', with flowers and blooming plants of all kinds from Earth, mostly Asia, gently tended too by crewmen daily, complete with flowing creeks of water, and a small waterfall. Past this, a large open room with marble floors, and a large heated bath in the center. On one side, corridors led to what what generally called the 'libraries'; a collection of books and artifacts of Earth's past, or at least those the Empress did not wish to keep on her person, or in her own chambers. On the other side, corridors often called the 'servants quarters' or sometimes the 'harem', by those who were willing to part with their tongues.

Guarded by four to six handmaidens at all times, at the very aft of the ship lay Zhen Ci's own quarters, a small group of rooms including a private study, private library, private bathhouse, two different sleeping quarters, and even a holodeck. In truth, the complex was almost its own city, filled with art and luxuries highly uncommon in their universe. The woman was no fool though, she did not just horde these things to herself. Her crew shared in many luxuries not found any where else in the so called Mirror Universe. However, only her favorite and most loyal followers were allowed to step foot in her 'Quarters', lest they feel the lash of the Mistress at Arms.

The small half-terran woman with green skin, called Xiao Cui Ji by the Empress, was brought before Zhen Ci and pushed down to her knees, where she knelt silently, head hanging. Karsel`lyn, as named by her Orion father not long before the Orion culture was destroyed by the Empire, the men slaughtered and women enslaved, was not in the best of shape. Zhen Ci had spent nearly an hour whipping the small woman when the Empress had been enraged by something unrelated to Lyn herself.

Her voice hoarse from screaming, she croaked out, "Mistress, you wished for your pet?"

She paused for a moment and shook her head, "We're going to sickbay, something..." She trailed off. There was no reason to really

[Deck Ten, Sickbay]

Empress Zhen Ci and her guards walked into the large well lit and well traveled sickbay, which was already well covered by various sentries. She walked to the Emergency Medical Hologram, only to be directed towards the biobeds in the back. She moved towards them, slowing slightly when she saw the Starfleet uniforms of those men and women she had picked up from the pod and fighters. She paused and narrowed her eyes, "Where is Xiao Cui Ji?" The people seemed confused for a moment, staring at her like she was some sort of ghost. "Karsel`lyn, where is she?"

There was a general gesture towards a room behind them, a set of young men and women who knew who she was clearly, but seemed very confused. Zhen Ci struck it from her mind and walked around the corner, catching a glimpse of the fighter pilot. She was somewhat angry, and it showed through rather easily, "Xiao Lyn," She started, surprisingly warranting a reaction from the woman she addressed.

Her flight suit bearing a gaping hole, burned from a small plasma leak in the fighter's cockpit, Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias' eyes lit up as she quickly rose from the biobed and pounced upon Zhen Ci, hugging her enthusiastically, "Mei! I thought I'd lost you!"

Sun clearly wasn't expecting that particular response. She was taken off guard and shook her head lightly, trying to steady her mind as she started to speak again. She was, luckily, cut off by the intrusion of the others she had summoned.

Zhen Ci's personal pet stopped and stared, mouth agape, "Wh... Mistress?"

Likewise, Lyn's eyes were wide as she took in the sight of her exact duplicate, except wearing far less, and looking as Lyn herself used to, broken and well-used, "Wh-what's going on? Where am I?"

Sun pushed the Lyn hugging her away somewhat, taking a step back with a wry smirk, "This is very interesting." She nodded her head lightly and began, "I don't appreciate being referred to by that name, if at all possible, Commander," She spoke with a hint of distaste, "I'm sure my Xiao Cui Ji here can attest to that," She waited, deciding it best to learn about them before revealing who she was, "But you may call me Zhen Ci, in hopes that we don't set off on the wrong foot..."

"Now, Commander, we found your ships damaged and suddenly appearing. Whom do you work for? How many of you are there? Should we be expecting more?"

She paused before allowing Karsel'lyn a word in edgewise, "Xiao Lyn, be polite to our guests. At least introduce yourself."

The tattered looking duplicate glanced up briefly at her double, dressed somewhat more conservatively than she herself was, then once more bowed her head, "I am Mistress' Empress Zhen Ci's pet. Pet does not have a name, as pet has not earned a name."

The pilot Karsel`lyn blinked, "You're not the Mei I know! The Mei I know is a Starfleet Captain, not an empress! Where am I?!"

"That's a good questions... you're in orbit over a Terran colony we just liberated from the Cardassians. I gather that isn't what you're asking though," The Empress spoke quickly, "I can't answer your question definitively. I'd assume, we're from different worlds or universes, however its termed. I've heard stories to the such," She spoke with a light smirk, "In this galaxy, the humans once ruled an Empire that expanded almost the entire alpha and beta quadrants. It wasn't until interlopers helped set a chain reaction that brought down our empire and reduced us to slaves. Terrans stood up though, years later, and fought back, eventually throwing off our shackles. Now many have adopted the Bajoran, or Klingon ways of life, and try to live peacefully - but I, like many others, realize this is beyond our comprehension."

"You, are on the Flagship Zhurong, my flagship. There is no safer place in the galaxy. Your men and women will be well taken care of, and you will be treated as dignitaries, until we can determine exactly how to get you back where you came from." She knew more than she was letting on, perhaps on her Sun, it would have been easier to tell, but this one was much more adept at hiding things. "Until then, I'd like to be able to foster a good relationship with you and yours," She smiled, "And forgive me, the thought of two of you," She brushed her hand through the 'pet' Lyn's hair, "Is exciting."

"I... I'm sorry, madam. Where I come from, the only humans who keep slaves are considered criminals, but it seems that I'm not where I come from," Lyn frowned. "I was a slave as a child, until Starfleet liberated me. As to Starfleet, I'm not even the senior officer from my vessel, which is no more. Did you recover another copy of yourself, madam? She was the ship's executive officer, one Captain Sun Mei Xiang. She was in the gunner's seat of my fighter when the odd phenomena overtook us. There is also an eight-foot tall reptilian officer, a Vice Admiral Relau Chlan. He should have been in an escape pod. We were under attack from a task group sized collection of Orion warships, including a heavy carrier."

"There were also a collection of small craft, including fighters and runabouts. Have you recovered others?" Lyn asked one last question before pausing for breath and to allow the Empress to respond.

Zhen Ci couldn't help but laugh, "Orion warships? Your reality is disparate from our own, to be sure. By the time I, or you in a sense, were born here, the Orion people had been long dead, in terms of a civilization capable of having a presence in space. They've long been nothing more than slaves and servants to the other species," She paused, "But, do not worry, I have no intention on enslaving you or your crew. I'll be sure my crew recovers those we can, if any appear."

"As for Chlan, I may know of a mercenary by that name. But I have not detected the one from your universe." Sun shook her head lightly, her hand not in the hair of the orion woman balling into a fist. She had choked back a need to yell, a curse at the very mention of the mercenary's name. "A shame your Captain Sun was not drug over as well, I would have liked to see how I turned out in a different world."

"Mei probably would not share that sentiment, madam. She is quite different than yourself, though she has had her moments. I do wish, at times, that she could be more like yourself, madam: Dominant and aggressive," Lyn smiled at the thought of Mei being more... dominating, like this Zhen Ci. "Mei and I are... likely to be wed, hopefully soon. We have a daughter already, who was in a stasis pod on one of the shuttles. She was suffering from an unknown temporally-induced malady. If you find her, please don't pull her out of stasis? It would probably kill her."

"As for the Orions, they haven't been terribly organized as a species for over a century. Instead, they've fallen to criminal organizations, though they have a new 'Emerald Queen'. They're most known for slavery, which I suffered from, myself," Lyn frowned. "I see that even in a mirror universe, my fate is the same."

"Don't be so discouraged. I treat you kindly," She tilted her head, "Though I'll admit, from time to time I may take out frustrations on you that I shouldn't," She was, by this point speaking down to the mirror version, quietly giving a tug on her hair, before releasing her, "But, like in your universe, you are my favorite - for the time being." She adjusted, and quietly leaned back. "We'll take all the precautions required if we find anyone in stasis, I assure you."

She smiled lightly and shook her head. "I do wish to learn more about your universe, but wish to allow you all the time you need to let your mind wrap around you." She gave a light nod, "I'll return to the bridge, coordinate the recovery of your assets. Then whenever you are ready, have Xiao bring you to my quarters. It will be more comfortable there, and then, when I have completed the recovery, I'll meet you there for dinner."

"As you wish, Madam," Lyn said. Before the woman could depart, "One moment, Madam." Lyn smiled up at her as she paused, then leaned close and hugged her. Looking up, she whispered, "You're so like her, but so different at the same time. You even smell like her... which for a former Orion slave who's undergone the brainwashing and training, means a lot."

"Perhaps I'm more like her than you would expect," Sun spoke quietly, but did grant her a hug. It was not for her though, more to get a feel for exactly alike they were. Though, she was polite, not invasive. She rose back up. "After I am finished on the bridge, I will

Stepping back, Lyn turned to herself, well, what would have been herself had she remained in bondage. She reached up and brushed some of the girl's hair back, before pulling the slight half-Orion into a warm embrace, "I'm sorry. I don't know what all happens, but you're hurting, I can see it."

Pet shook her head, "No, ma'am. Mistress is good to me, most of the time. Sometimes she gets really angry, and it's either kill a lot of people or punish me. It's better that she punishes me than to kill people who probably don't deserve it."

Lyn closed her eyes and sighed, holding her duplicate even tighter, "I'm still sorry. I respect your loyalty to your mistress, and your honor in serving her. I often long to once again be a slave, carefree and able to please another as only a well-trained pleasure slave can. My Sun Mei Xiang is a fleet officer, and my lover. We're discussing getting married, as we already have a daughter together, from the future."

Lyn lifted her duplicate's face with a finger under her chin, then gently kissed the girl, before drawing back, "Come, darling. Take us to your Mistress, and don't parade us past my crewmates? I don't want to confuse them any more than they already are."


Empress Zhen Ci, Sun Mei Xiang
Leader, Terran Empire (Unofficial)
ISS Zhurong


Pet, Karsel`lyn
Little Green Pleasure Slave of Empress Zhen Ci
ISS Zhurong


Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias
Commander, Aerospace Group; Second Officer
USS Shanghai (Destroyed)


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