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Commencing Negotiations WARNING:*MATURE CONTENT*

Posted on Sat Jun 30th, 2012 @ 12:22am by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.)

Mission: Intermission
Location: Empress' Quarters, ISS Zhurong


These are old backposts, and might not have anything to do with the current mission. I, as the CO absolutely hate throwing away good writing, so these contexts will be weird, out of place and generally incomplete. Please excuse our dust, but these are great writings!



The Empress entered her quarters, flanked by two handmaidens. She stretched, somewhat tired, and glanced around the large bathing chambers situated in the middle of the palatial complex. She grinned to herself, as she unzipped her uniform jacket, "Bring me Lyn and her double..."

"Double, ma'am?" The handmaiden addressed asked quietly.

"Yes... and try not to be distracted," She spoke with a smile, "They are intoxicating," She leaned to the other, "And can you have a servant bring me, and them some more, luxurious robes and such?"

"Of course, highness," She spoke before wandering off to find them.

Several minutes later, both Pet and Karsel`lyn stepped into the massive chamber, blinking at the brighter light and the abundance of flora. Lyn was dressed considerably lighter, wearing a semi-transparent dress that hugged her slender frame quite tightly and walked barefoot. Pet herself was nude, as was customary for the Empress' personal pleasure slave.

Zhen Ci stood just short of the hot pool of water, having slid off most of her accouterments before they arrived, she was left only with standard clothes; trousers, shirt, and the underthings. She smiled as she saw the two enter the room. "Ah, good, please, join me." She said as she pulled her shirt off over her head, letting her bare skin feel the steam. She stretched, for the sole purpose of showing off her athletic form and bare breasts. She paused and snapped her fingers, "Ah, food. Have the chef make us something nice, and bring me the finest wine we have, and three glasses." She spoke simply, as her thumbs slipped under her pants waist line and she wriggled out of the clothes, standing naked for a moment before again showing off.

She smiled and gave another playful wave before slipping into the water slowly and sinking in to a comfortable position. She let out a relaxed sigh and closed her eyes. "I'm in a wonderful mood; and would love to entertain a bit, and get to know more about our guests world." She paused, and her head tilted up, "Unless this kind of thing is inappropriate where you come from - then perhaps I could have a moment to soak, and we could continue... more... dressed? Though that seems less fun..."

Her double off obeying her Mistress' commands Lyn slowly disrobed, not having much on but the robe. Obvious to the experienced slave owner was the light scar ringing the little woman's neck, a remnant from having worn a slaver's collar in the past.

Slipping into the water next to the Empress, Lyn sighed at the hot water, "Of course not, Madam. As the saying from Earth goes, 'when in Rome, do as the Romans do.' I admit, madam, you are a tantalizing woman, but I am promised to another. She matters greatly to me, and I hope we can make sure to later part on good terms so I can go back to her."

"Aw, a shame our cultures differ there," She spoke with a light smirk, "Our marriages are simple political arrangements - normally; my own was, however short lived. Sex is used for pleasure, or at times for profit." She relaxed, sliding further under the water until only her head remained out, lulled back into the water. She, unlike Mei, was completely comfortable, even proud of her naked form. She twisted, and turned to have her body face Lyn a bit, motioning for her pet to slide up behind her. "I would enjoy playing with two of you, or just watching you with my pet..." She turned her head to face the slave, "You'd be amazed what she can do with her tongue," She brushed a hand along the girls cheek, "Then again, you may know exactly what I mean." She placed a bit of emphasis on the word 'exactly'.

The thought of laying with a carbon copy of herself was oddly arousing, but Lyn had her duty first. She'd long since learned to set her libido aside for duty, which was one of the few reasons the petite half-Orion was still part of Starfleet.

"I'm not sure that would be the best idea," Lyn frowned. "Not only would I betray my lover, but I would compromise myself in case I am the senior most officer from our ship in your universe, and am expected to negotiate."

"Hm, perhaps I can wear you down," She smiled, "Besides, you must think... is it cheating to simply enjoy the company of her body and your own?" She offered a hand for a second, before pulling away. "I tease, Ai," She smiled lightly. She wasn't. She had it in her mind to attempt to have the woman, but for now, she would diplomatic, or at least as diplomatic as she normally was, before changing the thought, and turning to her pet, "I was thinking of letting you warm up a boy or two for us to play with."

Lyn shook her head slowly before her mirror could saunter off, "I'm sorry, madam. I have no interest in men, at all. I used to, but have been burned a few too many times."

"Apologies, for my rudeness. An interesting day, two beautiful women, and a bit of excitement. It has me... hou sik," She grinned, "I don't want that to get in the way of opportunities for establishing good relations between your people and my own. I am sure we have a lot to offer one another," She glanced up as a servant returned with a stack of silken robes, and she quickly spoke, "Thank you, you're dismissed," The servant bowed repetitively as she backed out of the room. "Food should arrive shortly. Can I entertain any questions? Concerns?" She asked with a light nod.

Lyn nodded, "Of course. First of all, what is it you want with us? I know you said that you would work to return us from where we came, but I expect that you would want something in return?"

The Empress paused, almost playing idly in the water with her thoughts, "In our universe, our history has been changed often by those who simply appear, or who come from another universe. From Empress Sato and the Defiant, to Spock's betrayal, to the Rebellion and the new Defiant. In public, I'm committed to the idea that this means I am on the right path, but I can't help but feel it will be your crew that helps destroy what I've built. In short, I don't want an enemy of another Universe, and I am willing to work to get you home to serve my own needs."

"That being said, I am putting up a lot of individuals, it's a strain on our supplies. This ship was designed to hold nearly seven hundred crewmen, and I strained it with almost three hundred soldiers. Now, almost one hundred and fifty refugees have been picked up. I'm operating in a dangerous zone. My crew are not fond of non-humans, there isn't one of us who didn't live the life of a slave to one before coming to build this ship," She smirked, "Were I completely honest, the company of their commander would make things much easier."

She pushed off and slid across the marble over closer to the prime Lyn. "Without being polite, or diplomatic, I would love for you to share my bed, to hear you moan my name," She stood in front of the woman and gave a long smile, "To watch you with yourself. Your lover would never need know. At worst, I feel she would come to the same conclusion as I would," She nodded a bit, taking a light breath before continuing, "I am already... attached... to you in a way, more vulnerable around you than I'd like to be." She smiled, "If you truly cannot, allow me one indulgence, one kiss; and your company in other ways, and I will take out my frustrations on my pet," She paused and turned to the pet, "By which I mean sex, not anger."

Lyn looked thoughtful for a brief moment, before pushing up from her seated position to brush her lips over the taller Chinese 'Empress', "Like I said, 'When in Rome'. You smell so like my Mei, and it is... intoxicating. Please, I would love to show you that we mean you no harm from our side of reality."

The empress let a smirk cross her lips. It was very familiar, just like the prime Mei would have when a rare devilish idea crossed her mind. She licked her lips lightly, "Mmm, you taste wonderfully," She gave a quiet lean forward, and whispered into her ear, "By all means, please... go ahead and show me..."

Lyn would have smiled devilishly at the woman's request, had it been her own Mei. Instead, she was in front of the much more experienced Zhen Ci, who may even rival Lyn when it came to sexual prowess and experience.

She even felt a hint of trepidation before she leaned in close and kissed the Empress again, a small hand sliding up out of the water over the woman's tautly muscled abdomen to one firm breast, slender fingers squeezing soft flesh as they slid over the water-slick skin. Fingers tweak a perky teat, before she releases it and flicks it with a fingernail. Zhen Ci was not going to lie with a slave this day, but an experienced free woman who wanted to make love, not just slake her owner's lust.

The Empress let out a long little moan, sinking a bit into the water as her body was teased by the Orion woman. Her smirk was clear, she gave a light quiver; the same type that her prime version would have, but without the light blush on her cheeks. She was clearly going to let her take the lead, it was odd for the Empress, to have a woman who was willing to take the first step, and to do so well, and without fear. Her prime self was lucky.

Karsel`lyn busied herself tasting the woman's skin, her little tongue trailing down over the woman's upper chest, until she reached the peak of the woman's bosom. One hand holding a breast, the small half-Orion's lips caressed a teat, before teasing it with her tongue.

Zhen Ci simply enjoyed herself. She wasn't hesitant, she wasn't quiet. She let a sensual, and somewhat primal 'ah' tease out of her own lips before brushing her hand back through the Orion's hair, placing an encouraging scratch to the back of her neck.

Lyn smiled around the teat, captured between loving lips smiling at the sounds she drew from the powerful Empress. Tugging on the woman's flesh with her lips and teeth, Lyn suddenly released the flesh and continued to push downwards, lips caressing and tongue teasing as she slowly pulled the taller human up out of the warm water so that the small Orion could feast on her bared skin.

The Empress was wonderfully comfortable with herself, no fear of what the other thought of her, a complete confidence that only shined through for Mei from time to time. She slid out of the water, happy to show off her frame and allow a hand to continue teasing through Lyn's hair. She smiled, and let the girl work, brushing her hands along her neck to try to hint at where she wanted the orion to go.

Karsel`lyn groaned softly at the feeling of the woman's hand in her dark hair, finally trailing her little pink tongue to the soft juncture between the Empress' firm thighs. She gazed up at the woman, feeling her lust flare up as their eyes met, the petite half-Orion fighter pilot delighting in the look she brought to the woman's eyes.



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