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Posted on Fri Oct 5th, 2012 @ 6:02pm by Lieutenant Christine Descharmes

Mission: Intermission
Location: ISS Zhurong, Crew Quarters
Timeline: Backpost


After the Shanghai exploded, people had simply 'faded' away, from the perspective of those in both universes. It was a jarring, and rapid transition, that left most somewhat unaware of what had happened. Soon enough, a Sovereign class had begun to pick them up, one by one. Beaming escape pods and shuttles aboard as they could. The injured were taken to sickbay, released as they could be, and brought to crew quarters, escorted by the soldiers of the ship.

The soldiers wore older uniforms, reminiscent of Earth Starfleet, and their patches bore a picture of Earth with a sword struck behind it. They were well armed, and saluted in a fashion that worried anyone who had studied Earth history. They were all given the same speech as they were taken to the Crew quarters.

"We picked you up in orbit around a previously occupied Terran Colony. Your commanding officer, or most senior officer, is currently speaking with the Empress, no doubt about what we will be doing to help you acclimate, or what we will be doing to find out how you arrived here. Until then, we have provided quarters, and you will each be given two replicator rations a day. We ask that you stay in the crew quarters or the crew mess until your commanding officer says otherwise. Please realize we are at a state of war, and you may go some time before reaching home." And, then generally added to the human, or more human appearing crewmen, "I'm sure the Empress will do everything in her power to return you safely, feel free to mingle with the soldiers on the deck."

They would lead crewmen by twos to quarters, and allow them in before ending with a quick. "If you need anything, please contact your superior officer or one of the soldiers." And then, with a crisp roman salute, "Long live the Empire." Before they would move to escort more.

True to their word, the crew was allowed to mingle. The many guards in the area didn't move to stop them. They just kept an eye out, or threw a flirtatious remark towards a crewman every now and then. It was odd. They were familiar. Many were crewmen from Shanghai, and many recognized some of the Shanghai crew rescued, but none made any move to talk.

Something's off, Christine thought as she stared at the strange uniforms. "And it must start with this Empress." The blonde voiced the rest of her thoughts to no one in particular. She stood off to one side, obviously not blending in, not courageous enough to start a conversation either. Never had Christine felt so out of place in such a large group. She moved from the wall in the crew mess to the hall, hoping to see someone she recognized, but she hadn't been that long on the ship.

Stepping into the relatively crowded corridor was a small green skinned officer, wearing what looked to be the remnants of a Starfleet Aerospace flight suit, a ragged burnt hole in one side displaying green-skin and a svelte hip.

She smiled as she was greeted by familiar crew in dirty and soot-stained uniforms, having not yet had the opportunity to clean up and change into clean clothing.

Reaching out, Karsel`lyn snagged a man's shoulder with a small green hand, insistently pulling him to the side, "Lieutenant. Have you seen the Admiral or Captain?"

The sudden grasp of a hand on his shoulder snapped James out the daze he was in. El-Aurians were known to have a sort of sixth sense for disturbances in the space/time continuum. James was pretty sure they had been thrust into what Starfleet Intel had termed "The Alternative Mirrored Timeline", a similar but generally opposite and extremely dangerous dimension. He spun quickly, reacting instinctively as he wrapped a hand around the wrist of the hand that had grabbed him. James saw who it was and stopped before he had started to do any damage. "Sorry, ma'am," he was still visibly distressed as he released her wrist quickly, "I have seen a female who resembled the Captain, but I'm certain it was not her. I have not seen the Admiral in any form."

Lyn shook her head, "No, Lieutenant. That was not the Captain, but our host. Who happens to be the Captain's mirror. I have spent the last hour or two with her, figuring things out and what we're going to do from this point forward."

Lyn noticed the new bar tender standing off to the side, looking out of place, "Miss Descharmes?"

"Somebody knows me, thank-you," she muttered when someone called her name. She let out a smile when she seen the Commander, even though they hadn't exactly met personally before this. "Yes, that's me," Christine said and moved to stand beside the Orion and away from jeering strangers. At least with an Orion female present the comments would be deterred away from herself.

Lyn smiled up at the taller human, "I'm pleased to see that you made it off the ship. It seems we're in a bit of a jam right now, but I'm sure we can find a way back to where we should be. I want you to be sure to stay with someone from the Shanghai no matter what. Maybe the Lieutenant here could help you out there?"

"Oh, you mean James?" Christine said and turned to look. "Of course. Do you know what happened?

"Somehow the destruction of the Shanghai with all of those Orion ships opened a dimensional rift. Some of us were sucked into it, but others were not. Captain Sun was in the gunner's seat of my fighter, but did not cross over, it seems," Lyn frowned. "Right now, it appears that I'm in command of our people, and have started negotiations of a sort with the leader of these people, one Empress Zhen Ci."

Lyn was not going to remark on how those negotiations began, given what had occurred in the Empress' personal living space. However, Lyn knew that the results mattered right now, not the means.

James nodded. "I'll see what information I can discreetly gather," he crossed his arms, scratching his chin slightly. His head was starting to clear now as he got used to being in the mirror universe. "I apologize for my snap reaction earlier. As you may or may not know, El-Aurians are more in tune with disturbances in the space time continuum than other species due to certain aspects of our evolution. I was disoriented when you grabbed me."

Lyn lifted her hand and drew back the sleeve to bare her wrist, which was slowly starting to bruise. She shrugged with a smile, "Wouldn't be the first time these wrists have been bruised, Lieutenant. Not even close. I'm not too worried, really, so you shouldn't either."

She put a hand on the Bartendress' back and drew her closer to the pair, "I want you two to stay together. Be discrete and keep your eyes and ears open. If I'm with the Empress or otherwise unavailable, see if you can find one of our other Commanders, such as Miss Rai'ya or Mister Franz, and report to them with the orders that they are to comply with orders from the Empress until it is said otherwise. Until then, learn what you can. And for gods' sake, keep your mouth shut."

"I want you two to act as if you are a couple, to avoid drawing suspicion. These people don't view marriage and love the way we do... they are more like our Romulans than they are like us," Lyn frowned. She was able to say 'us' as she was half-Human in addition to her obvious Orion ancestry. She also embraced more human mannerisms, lines of thought, and other ways of life; as opposed to her Orion heritage. "Do not trust them, not yet anyway. I have already begun negotiations with the Empress, and she is... given towards me, as my mirror happens to be her favorite slave. She is attached to my mirror much as Captain Sun and I are, so this Empress is about as equally affected by my pheromones as Captain Sun can be."

"Make sure to pass this information along to Commanders Rai'ya and Franz, should you see them aboard. As well as the Admiral or Captain Sun herself, alright?" Lyn stood up straight and leaned back from the pair.

Christine nodded to the Commander, "Of course." She glanced at James and gave him a sly grin. "I'm sure that would be no problem."

"Good luck, lovebirds. Stay out of trouble," Lyn's voice was louder this time as she moved away from the pair.

She watched the Orion walk away and moved closer to James until she brushed against his arm. "I wonder just how much she knows," she murmured.

James grinned. "I wonder if the review board will look at the TIC interior sensor logs when they do the Admiral's court martial for the destruction of the ship?" he replied back quietly.

She looked askance at him. She knew very little about the internal workings of Starfleet. "Will it really come to that? A court-martial?" she asked, then added, with a little embarrassment, "I thought they weren't working...?"

"Relax, relax," James grinned, "I highly doubt the recorders were working. And yes, it will come to a court martial. Any loss of a Starfleet vessel that doesn't occur in a time of war as a direct result of enemy action is required to be reviewed by a court martial."

"Oh, I see," she said, relieved. "I hope it all works out for the better. You know, once we get back to our own universe."


Christine Descharmes

Commander Lyn
Aerospace Commander

Lieutenant James Barnes
Chief Intelligence Officer

Sun Xiang(mirror)


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