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Lucky Eights

Posted on Sat Dec 10th, 2011 @ 1:58pm by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.) & Commander Sun Mei Xiang & Commander Amoran Rai'ya & Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Lieutenant Arseni Kozlov & Lieutenant Christine Descharmes & Captain Benjamin Boston

Mission: Intermission
Location: Officer's Mess


Relau was looking forward to the evening. He had commissioned a fine string quartet for the night, and had invited some of his senior officers and closest friends to enjoy the dinner and music with him. As he adjusted his sash in front of the mirror, he couldn't help but think that this, in some ways mirrored how he felt at the moment. It was just mission trepidation, he told himself. But, tonight, he just wanted to get away from it all and spend a quiet evening with his friends.

Moving towards the door, he stopped and paused for a moment, remembering that he had forgotten to put his pips on. Laughing a little to himself, he went and retrieved them from the box by the washstand and carefully put them on the sash. He was a bit more jovial as he stepped out of his quarters and made his way down a deck to the Officer's Mess.

Arseni Kozlov moved uncomfortably through the hall in his dress uniform. He didn't mind uniforms, but dress uniforms never did suit him well. As he turned the corner nearing the Officer's Mess he spotted the Admiral just ahead of him. Nearly having the jog to catch up to the Admiral large strides Arseni covered the ground to move along side of him.

"Good evening sir," Arseni said politely.

Relau slowed down a bit when the Ensign came up next to him. "And a good evening to you, Ensign. I apologize. I often forget that my stride is extremely fast for some people. How have you been?" He asked conversationally.

"Good sir, good." Arseni said slowly to a brisk walk now that the Admiral had shortened up his steps now, "And yourself Admiral, how have you been?"

"Fine, thanks." Relau said quietly. "I'm looking forward to the meal tonight. I often find that a good way to alleviate any apprehension about my appearance is to dine with members of the crew." He said.

The two of them then made their way inside the Officer's Mess. It was now decorated extravagantly, with a small stage set up in the back of a room. A small band was already set up playing mellow tunes as they strolled in.

"You've outdone yourself Admiral," Arseni said.

When Christine had recieved the invitation to come to the Officer's Mess, she wondered how that came to be, being neither a senior officer nor a member of one of Starfleet's branches. She was certain she would be the only civilian in attendance. For the occasion, she selected a short black strapless dress that came to mid-thigh, clinging to her hips and torso with a low-neckline. It left little else to the imagination and as her mother would have said if she saw her, 'Less modesty than an Orion slave girl'. Christine laughed as she pictured her mother's expression. Looking in her vanity mirror, Christine ran her fingers through her long blonde hair and shook it out. For a minute, she wondered if it was too much as she stared at her reflection but shrugged and left her quarters behind to head to the mess hall.

James adjusted his dress uniform one final time, placing his pips on the collar. Checking his chronometer, he wondered to himself the purpose of the dinner. There were no dignitaries coming on board - he'd have known about it probably as soon as, if not before the admiral - and there were no special functions planned. He shrugged to himself as he looked in the mirror at his hair. Maybe it was just an old fashioned social gathering. He didn't have to spend all night if he wanted, especially considering the amount of work that was piling onto his desk. He looked down, reaching into a small tub and rubbing his hands together. He rubbed them through his hair for a bit before washing his hands. His friends in the academy had often made fun of him for the amount of time he sometimes spent getting ready, but who knew? Maybe there would be some single women at the get together. He pivoted on his heel and started out of his quarters, grabbing his commbadge by the door as he stepped out into the hallway. He started down the corridor, heading towards the messhall. As he rounded the bend, he came up behind a woman in a black dress. He raised both of his eyebrows for a split second before covertly speeding up his walk to come alongside her.

"Hey," he started, then he saw who it was, "How are you Christine?"

Christine , who was in no particular rush, turned to see who it was and smiled. "Hello, Jim," she replied. "I'm fine, although a bit surprised to find myself invited." She slowed down her walk slightly so as not to arrive at the gathering too soon." She glanced over at him every once in a while. "And how are you?"

"I'm great," he slid his hands into his pockets as they walked, slowing down to match her pace, "Running the mess hall is a big responsibility. The Bund has a big effect on crew morale, and I'm sure your invitation is reflective of the Admiral's acknowledgment of that fact." James shrugged. "At worst, at least you get a nice dinner with some of the best company in the quadrant. Not every bartender gets to dine with the El-Aurian James Bond," he said, winking.

"I like the sound of that," Christine said and flipped her blonde hair over her shoulder. "You did promise me we'd have drinks again." She laughed quietly as she reached the mess hall. She found a pair of empty chairs together and sat in one of them.

"Admiral," Barnes nodded as he sat next to Christine. He looked around at the rest of the assembled senior staff as more filed in. He turned to Christine, lowering his voice to a more private level. "I'm sorry I hadn't gotten back to you sooner. I've gotten slammed at work. I had planned on a more private get together," he smiled, "But this should be fun."

"I hope so," she replied as she glanced around the room.

Sun entered late, for whatever reason, she had kept a tardy schedule in the past little bit. For whatever reason she seemed to be preoccupied with work. She was surprised a bit by the amount of people that had beaten her there, and paused as she entered, glancing at the various officer assembled. She felt odd being in uniform at a function that wasn't technically official, but she was growing accustomed to wearing it even when she didn't have too. Still, it felt odd to her. She slipped in, and tried to be discreet for a time, hoping someone would come up to her to start a conversation versus her starting one; maybe because of her mindset, a bit tired, and not really having gotten to know some of the newer crew yet weighed on her mind somewhat.

Relau stood up from the table that he had seated himself at and brought out a chair from the table, allowing Sun to make her way over and sit down. Most other people were filtering to the table, and making sure that he had a good seat at one end of the table, he sat down and welcomed the Captain. "Ni Hao, Captain."

"Ni hao, Admiral," Sun spoke with a clear voice and quick bow, before moving towards the nearest seat.

Lyn had followed a respectful distance behind Mei, luxuriating in her scent that trailed delicately behind her as she walked ahead of Karsel`lyn. The change in pressure as she entered the Officer's mess from the corridor threw the scent off, leaving Lyn somewhat annoyed.

She heard the Admiral greet Mei, and looked up to the table where most of the senior staff was gathered and gathering. Pushing her annoyance and unusual timidity aside, Lyn approached the table, letting her fingertips brush over the small of Mei's back as she passed behind the woman.

Sitting down next to Arseni Kozlov, Lyn nodded to the Admiral, "Sir."

"Hello Commander." Relau said in reply, kind of jovially.

"Commander," Arseni said the Lyn with a curt nod as she sat down.

Ben tugged on the bottom of his unused and slightly too small marine dinner jacket making a mental note to get himself a new one while the ship was still docked. Ben eventually made his way into the officer's mess.

First thing Ben did when he arrived was make his way over to the bar to order his dink. "Single malt Whiskey, neat and with one ice cube, please" the barmen slide the beverage over "thanks." Raising his glass to the barmen before taking a nip after which he made his way to one of the few remaining empty seats and sat down.

Arseni nodded to Captain Boston as he sat down, "Good evening sir. I don't believe we have met, my name is Arseni Kozlov."

"Ah, you're the chief Operations officer, it's a pleasure to meet you" Ben gave a polite smile and returning nod, something not seen very often from a marine, if at all. "I'm the new Marine 'liaison' officer, Captain Benjamin Boston." Ben took another nip from his whiskey. "Though you can call me Ben while we're off duty."

"Nice to meet you sir.," Arseni said, "Quartermasters falls under my department, I imagine we will need to set up a meeting once you get situated. I noticed a lot of equipment in our stores that must have been ordered by your predecessor."

Ben gave Arseni a nod. "Most definitely, I'll have a look at my schedule and try and set a meeting that will be convenient for us both."

"Ensign Kozlov, how have you been? How are your new operations personnel working out?" James asked.

"Sir," Arseni replied properly, "it's good to see you. My staff are managing well. Thank you for your quick response on those checks I asked for."

After the main course was served, Relau was in the middle of a quite animated story with Commander Lyn down the table. It was then that suddenly, the lights went out. There was just that, no lights, nothing. Relau stood up carefully from the end of the table, his story forgotten. He tried his commbadge. "Chlan to Bridge, report." Nothing. "Chlan to Engineering." There was no answer, and now there was silence at the table. It was eerie.

Lights out in space was an interesting sensation for most. Only distant flickers of light from distant stars to light anything. It was pitch black, in old earth parlance. The realization that even emergency power hadn't kicked on would have been a terrifying realization to some. Sun smirked, before quietly speaking, "Goi taam din tung," She paused for a moment and shook her head. It had taken her a moment to even think that the Universal translator hadn't worked for her, "We should find torches," She spoke again, shaking her head lightly, "Get a couple officers to Engineering, the Bridge, the Hangar, TIC - see if we can't get a handle on the situation."

Ben rose from his own chair, unimpeded by the sudden darkness due to his bionic eye, 'no back up lights, which means no secondary power or life support, that's a little more worrying.' Ben noted to himself "Everyone Stay still for a moment I'll grab the torches and equipment from the wall locker." Ben said as he mad his way over to the small locker near the entrance. With a bit of effort Ben was able to open the rather stubborn panel allowing him access to the emergency equipment. He put one of torches on his own arm and turned it on before picking up the rest of the supplies. Ben made his way back to the table, making sure to shine his own torch on the ground so not to ruin everyone's night vision.

"I would suggest we go in pairs and have one of the groups check out the secondary support systems, so at least we can try to get some lighting and life support back online." Ben noted as he handed out the other torches to everyone.

When the lights suddenly shut off, Christine gave a little yelp of surprise, dropping her fork. It clattered off the table to the ground, the sound echoed through the dark room and much more louder due to heightened senses. "Oh, mon Dieu!" she cried out and thought, Thank goodness someone had the sense to find a light!. She reached out and grabbed onto her neighbor's arm, which happened to be Barnes, and hung on with a death grip.

"I agree," Sun spoke quietly as she let her eyes adjust to the sudden bit of light before attaching one of the torches to her left arm, and letting it face the floor under her before flipping it on. "There are eight of us here, we can split up into teams of two." She adjusted the light on her wrist for a moment, "The team headed to the Hangar can handle subsystems en route. Engineering, bridge, TIC need to get straight there. Any volunteers, or other suggestions for how to get the comm badges working?"

Relau started to speak. "Gurn'aer havuei ghayeeio kchat'laty." He stopped after a second after he realized the comm badges weren't working. He wished that he had learned a few more words in common at that moment, when he realized he couldn't speak to anyone. Thus, he found himself receiving orders from Sun, something that didn't happen too often.

"I'll volunteer myself to go to the hanger, as my marines are on route, where I'll able to get access to the field radios which have their own power source. That way at if we don't have any success with the secondary system we'll still have way of communicating with each other." Ben replied. "I would suggest you and the admiral head for the bridge, since that's just a straight route through the turbo lift shafts, as I don't think the Admiral will do all that well in the Jefferies tubes." Ben suggested, knowing that in the current situation the admirals size and lack of communication was going to pose some problems.

Sun blinked a bit confused at the Admiral for a moment, completely unable to understand him, and not sure until Boston spoke that it wasn't just her. "Probably a plan... If the U-T is down, I have known the admiral longer than any," The light mix of her Chinese pronunciation and the learned accent she had picked up in Sydney made for an interesting combination, "I expect Lyn will want to accompany you,"

Lyn produced a palm lantern from one of her flight suit's many pockets. Lyn almost always wore her nice white satin flight suit to dress-up events, as she got kind of lonely without all of the pockets, pockets which were used for an assortment of necessary and potentially necessary items.

"Well then, Mister Boston. Maybe we should get ourselves downstairs," Lyn remarked saucily. Turning to look at Sun, "Captain, I will get my deck staff to work coupling what we can into the ship's EPS conduits down on the deck, see about providing SOME power. We can also use the runabouts, shuttles, Hoppers, and Talons as communications arrays until then. Like we did back when we were on the way to run into the 8472. Alright?"

"My thoughts exactly, though," She was nervous about suggesting the same thing quite a bit, before giving a light shake of her head

Lyn turned to Sun when they were once more in the dark, unable to be seen by the other officers, and needily pressed her lips to Mei's. Lyn missed her lover, having spent a fair bit of time separated from the lovely human Captain given how her pheromones had been affecting Mei. She licked over Mei's soft lips quite lovingly before pulling away, squeezing Mei's empty hand. She whispered, "Be careful, love."

"I will," Sun spoke quietly, a deep blush hidden away by the darkness, as she gave a small smile and watched the petite Orion move away.

"I could use an engineering savvy officer or two to direct my staff down below for managing this. I'm tech savvy, but don't trust myself in the dark, especially with my arm not at one-hundred percent," Lyn then said to the assembled officers.

"I've got that covered Commander," Ben said with a slight wave of his hand. "I've got 2 Squads of field engineers in my detachment that should be able to help in our current situation," Ben answered while to making his way to the door.

Lyn picked a type-II phaser out from the wall locker, as well as a tricorder, and followed behind Boston. Picking up her pace, the small pilot caught up to the Marine, "I know I'm short, Captain, but let's try to keep from leaving me behind, okay?"

Ben gave a small shake of his head. "Apologies Commander, I can be a little impatient at times." Ben replied. Ben then forced the doors opens with a light grunt from the effort. "I'll let you lead, that way you can set the pace, plus you know the ship a little better than I do." Ben said while motioning the Commander through the door.

Lyn pointed to a Jeffries access hatch, "The tubes will get us there quickest, and I can keep pace with you in there." The woman reached down and popped the heavy hatch open, thankful for the hydraulics not requiring power, as she'd be hard pressed to lift a hatch as sturdy as this.

"Any volunteers for Engineering? Perhaps someone a bit better with languages for the bridge? Or TIC?" She finished with a light smirk, though hardly visible in the darkness.

James looked over at Christine. "You have quite the grip," he whispered, peeling her hand off of his arm. He squeezed her hand with his and smiled, hoping to reassure her as they sat in almost total darkness. "We'll be ok, Christine."

James looked up at the Captain. "Ma'am, I speak Federation standard and Klingon very fluently, and my Cardassian, Vulcan, and Bajoran are passable. If you want me to head to the bridge or the TIC, I can."

"TIC, you know the turf better than any of us. Given the current condition, the emergency systems there may be intact." She let out a light sigh, showing her observation skills off a bit, "Ms. Descharmes, it is probably safest in the TIC," She looked between the two, "If you're more comfortable with Mr. Barnes, we can allow it, until the systems are fully back online. Given proper protocol is followed otherwise,"

Barnes raised an eyebrow. Fascinating she should question his protocol considering the display they had just been privy to. "There will be no issue with protocol, ma'am," he said matter of factly, grabbing two lights and a phaser. He handed the second light to Christine, "I'm ready whenever you are."

Christine strapped the light to her forearm rather awkwardly, the device cool against her bare skin. "Yeah, I'm ready as I will ever be I guess."

(tag Sun)

Relau just huffed in frustration. He wasn't doing too well, not being able to communicate. He bided his time a little bit, hoping that the entire thing would be resolved quickly.

"Not to put to fine a Point on it but the more time we spend gassing here, the less time we'll have to fix the problem at hand." Ben said trying to remind people the fact that there was only limited breathable air and warmth one the dead ship. "Captain, make sure the Admiral stays out of trouble, Everyone else, good luck, you'll hear from us as soon as we get communications back."

"Agreed," Sun said, giving a distinct look to the marine before giving one last series of orders, "We should have systems online soon, at least a work around. Until then, you'll be mostly alone. Barnes and Descharmes, Amoran and Kozlov, Boston and Lyn, and Myself and the Admiral. Inform other officers to report to station. Limit talking, try not to panic. Try to direct non-essential personnel back to their quarters. Stay safe, as soon as contact is back, we'll be in touch with additional orders. Understood?"

"Aye Ma'am" Rai'ya responded. "We'll take Engineering." She nodded at Arseni and they spun open the hatch on the wall and disappeared inside, heading downwards towards the Engineering Department. As they closed the hatch behind themselves they found themselves out of sight and sound of all the others, climbing relentlessly down and down, one after the other, carefully picking their footing on the rungs. There was independently powered emergency lighting inside the tubes which meant they could save the batteries of their torches for now.

Relau followed the Captain out the door after the motion. Trying to keep himself from stepping on and trampling the petite Chinese woman, he tried to keep from taking the lead as well, but it didn't work out too well. He hung back even more, making sure that he wouldn't butt into the Captain.

Barnes started out into the corridor with Christine in tow, heading for the nearest Jeffries tube. He opened the access hatch and turned to look at her. He grinned a mischievous school boy grin. "I'd offer to let you go first, but considering your outfit, I don't think that would be appropriate. Just try to stick close and let me know if you need any help. We'll be at the TIC in no time and I'll figure out what's going on," he ducked down and started to go into the tube before turning back to face her. His grin widened to a smile. "This still doesn't count as our date, either."

"No? Kind of romantic, don't you think? I at least don't have to worry about someone taking a peek down the front of my dress because it's so damn dark," she laughed, quietly. Before entering the tube, she kicked off her heels and started to climb in. "Just how far is this 'TIC'?" she whispered, wondering how many decks they would have to climb to get there.

"Oh, only five decks," James smiled, looking down at her as he climbed up the ladder. "Maybe I wanted to peek," he laughed, turning back, "And I suppose it is kind of romantic. I'd still prefer a holodeck or nice private restaurant table somewhere. Certainly beats this. This just reminds me of some unpleasant times in the war."

"Oh," she answered, steadily climbing the ladder, focusing her eyes ahead of her and not down. She grinned, "I hope that's a promise, it's not nice to tease, you know."

"Trust me, Christine, that most certainly is a promise. Especially as soon we get out of this situation," he looked down and laughed, winking at her, "I promised the Captain we'd behave in the TIC, though."

A JP Between:

Rear Admiral Relau Chlan
Commanding Officer


Lieutenant (JG) Arseni Kozlov
Chief of Operations


Cmdr Amoran, R,
Chief of Tactical and Security


Captain Benjamin Boston
Marine/Starfleet Liaison Officer


Christine Descharmes


Lt. James Barnes
Chief Intelligence Officer


Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias
Commander, Aerospace Group


Captain Sun Xiang


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