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Danger Close

Posted on Sat Jun 30th, 2012 @ 12:23am by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.)

Mission: Intermission
Location: Kzinti Colony 'Merehs', Ancient Ruins
Timeline: Two Weeks Prior to MD1


These are old backposts, and might not have anything to do with the current mission. I, as the CO absolutely hate throwing away good writing, so these contexts will be weird, out of place and generally incomplete. Please excuse our dust, but these are great writings!


OOC (Sun): This post would take place when those that where shunted into the mirror universe found a way back (as we originally planned). Since we drew them back. It would take place in hostile territory. It would take some of the newer crew, and allow them to play a bit with the 'rescue'. Before adding everyone I wanted to get your clearance. I would suggest taking Lyn's offer, letting the Mirror Universe people escape through too. It'd be easy to run additional plots with them. My twist on that is that the Mirror versions would come after. Tell me what you think, if you like it, or think it will work, I'll go through and add everyone.


Shanghai had been destroyed. In what could be seen as a career destroying move, the Captain of Chimera agreed to help them continue their search, as soon as they secured Akilor. Discovering that the Orions had been hired to secure an ancient civilizations structure within the moon around Akilor, and had subsequently destroyed the place as soon as it looked as though the Federation would win the day. The search was on to find a second facility, to try to find out why it had affected the destruction of Shanghai as it had.

A week of search, and a front line vessel fighting against the Kzinti detected similar readings in a small lunar colony known as Merehs. Chimera and a small contingent of other Starfleet vessels moved to the area. Long range scans, and tapped Kzinti communications indicated the symptoms at the colony were identical to Akilor. As the ships arrived, massive power readings were detected as the station activated from the other side, creating a bridge between the Prime and Mirror universes.

=== Ruins, Mirror Universe ===
"There!" The so called Empress yelled over the sounds of the weapons fire in the distance, clearly unhappy with the way things had turned in recent days. A bright light, almost like a doorway, shining behind them and the assembled combinations of what was left of the crews, "There is your damned bridge home. Never forget, I sacrificed everything to bring you here - astonishing to think what my counterpart would be capable of doing for you..."

[Tag Prime Lyn]

"Go," Zhen Ci spoke with a quiet tone, a surprising display of emotion in the woman as she let a light shake of her head hide welled eyes, "Get your people home," She cleared her throat and began barking orders, "Handmaidens, we have a Dragon to slay. We'll hold the corridors until our prime selves have escaped, and then plan from there. The rest of you," She looked about at the crew to a ship that no longer existed. "Make sure they get through, understand?"

[Tag Any Mirror/Prime characters]
[OOC Sun: We'll 'wrap up' mirror universe here. Say goodbyes between the prime and mirror counterparts, etc. Don't worry, they'll be back. And those of you (us) interested, will continue playing the MU mission as a back story.]

=== Merehs Colony, Prime Universe ===

A full squadron of Valkyrie burst over the stark white landscape, stuck deep in a series of fluid four formations, seemingly flying towards little dots in the distance, soon approaching a cloud of snow in the arctic landscape as the passed over a small contingent of Federation Marine Argo's and Starfleet Argos, each packed to capacity with Marines or Security personnel.

The plan was simple enough. Take the Ruins away from the Kzinti, retrieve whatever was coming through the 'bridge', fall back. In their wildest expectations they didn't expect it to be the crew they had lost. Of course, the Kzinti were smart enough to jam transporters, so they had to do it the old fashioned way, vehicles in, vehicles out. Hoppers were already prepped and ready to come pick them up.

"Dragon Leader to Boston," Sun's voice slipped in over the comms, clear and eerily calm, given they were in a warzone, "We'll keep their fighters and armor at bay - we're detecting heavy resistance forces in the ruins themselves," She adjusted in the cockpit, to get a visual of the Argos as the Valkyrie passed over them, "We're available for Close Air support as needed, just pop smoke where you want us,"

[Tag Boston]

"Copy," Sun responded lightly, "All craft, engage tangos at ruins during fly over; lets see if we can't give the Marines an easier time. Phaser's free,"

The Valkyries didn't waste time as they pushed past the edge of the ruins, opening fire. Phasers bursts smashed into the ground, sending clouds of snow, steam and debris into the air. The assault wasn't one sided. The fighters scrambled to avoid incoming photon missile fire, and periodic blasts from heavy phaser cannon placements. The Kzinti were ready for them. Chatter was quick, brutal, to the point. A few fighters shield lit up as they barely avoided direct hits. A couple explosions on the ground signaled that the cannons had been hit, and the action slowed as the fighters continued on by, darting off in the distance to engage incoming fighters and armor, as promised.

"Flight Control to Marines; Be Advised, fifty plus foot mobiles still in the vicinity. Cannot confirm that all heavy cannon or automatic weapons have been eliminated by flyover. Foot Mobiles are carrying shoulder mounted missile launchers and possible heavy weapons." A calm voice called over the comms from the newly coined 'TIC' aboard the Chimera.

[Tag Boston, and Marines - and any player who might want to play there]
[OOC Sun: We'll put the battle for the ruins here for the most part. The job will be to secure and hold the ruins until we retrieve what comes out of the portal.]

=== Deep Inside the Ruins, Prime Universe ===
Kzinti soldiers darted about the room where the portal had opened, taking up positions to watch it carefully. An explosion rocked the building though, the lights of the room flickering off for a second, before returning. The sounds of phaser fire were heard shortly.

"Federation soldiers have begun their assault, all soldiers to the battlements!" An officers voice yelled through the comms. The sounds of Federation Marines and Security calling out targets heard faintly in the background over the constant phaser fire.

The guards of the portal looked around at one another. Their commanding officer finally shaking its large catlike head, "Go, all of you. Cathis and I will stay and watch the portal." He waved them off, the room emptying except for himself and another soldier, who took cover and aimed at the portal. It was a few moments before anything happened. Dust almost constantly falling from the ceiling as the battle waged on around them. Then, someone stepped through the portal.

"Surrender, or we will open fire!" The Kzinti guard yelled at the new comer.

[Tag Any person coming back from the MU.]
[OOC Sun: Here, we'll let the people returning from the MU join the fight. Find cover, find a weapon - fight your way to the marines outside. Whatever you want to do returning from one warzone to another.]

=== Off: ===

OOC (Sun): Alright, this is my set up for the 'end' of the last mission. The return of the crew from the MU. This will be an all hands on deck post, in line with Franz's 'tactical simulation' we did a while back. By that I mean, I've set it up, now run with it. Add in other troubles, make twists, have fun - just remember, in OF Canon, at current (or when this mission was going on) the Federation and Kzinti were basically at War again.


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