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Why Do We Fight The Inevitable?

Posted on Tue Nov 15th, 2011 @ 9:13pm by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.) & Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Commander Amoran Rai'ya & Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Lieutenant Commander Azumi Morganna & Lieutenant Mirella Yazhi & Captain Benjamin Boston & Lieutenant Commander James Barnes & Lieutenant Arseni Kozlov & Sergeant Major Ian Black & Lieutenant Christine Descharmes & Ufalla Zlan

Mission: Heaven Will Not Stop The Winter
Location: SF Headquarters

Relau had been through the gauntlet. Instead of giving him a ship that actually mattered, Starfleet had given them an old Steamrunner class - the USS Idolon and assigned them to deep defense of the Federation. He had to approve (not that he had a choice) so many crew rotations that it wasn't funny. To this effect, he was holding a gathering for anyone who chose to attend to receive their new orders.

Sun felt awkward even dropping by. She had been frankly told 'not to' by her newest superiors, but with the little bit of trouble she found herself in already, she had figured why not. She, unlike many, couldn't stay long - still under a bit of scrutiny, and assigned to a new role as a legitimate desk jockey - she hoped to be able to see who was trying to stay with the Admiral, or if the Court-Martial had been much worse than expected.

"Ni hao ma, Admiral," She spoke from a distance, her eyes still hidden behind the smoked glass of some protective sunglasses, as her eyes healed. She gave a light bow as she approached, and then paused, "I thought I'd stop by and see how this was going."

"Welcome, Captain." Relau said sadly. "I had hoped that you would stop by so that we may chat." He said, sitting down in a chair off to the side. He was banking on the fact that each person would come up to him individually.

"I don't have a lot of time, but I had to stop by to see who is left." She gave a light smile, but there was a clear sadness behind it. She was considered to have 'lucked out', being assigned to Earth. She couldn't rightly believe that many people were worse off, aside from the Admiral. She took a seat nearby, "So," She said, not sure how to drive the conversation.

Barnes materialized on the transporter pad at Starfleet Headquarters. He had just gotten settled back in at his home in Baltimore, on the east coast of the North American continent. It would seem that he would be spending more time there in the near future. Admiral Selok had no doubt found out about James becoming comfortable with the crew of the Shanghai, and the recent developments in his personal life. It was of no surprise to him that he had been recalled to Starfleet Intelligence Headquarters for 'consultations'. James hadn't met with the leadership of his department, but he could only imagine the options that would be laid out for him. He didn't anticipate them being plush assignments, that was certain. Barnes rounded the corner, entering the room the Admiral had reserved for his gathering.

"Captain, Admiral," James nodded to the two as he entered.

"Lieutenant," Sun gave a light nod to the man, but didn't want to over step herself. She was, at this point, just an observer here, an old friend.

Lyn frowned as she stopped outside of the room where the crew of the late USS Shanghai was gathering. She had tried to get assigned back with Admiral Chlan, but she'd been rebuffed and ordered to remain on Earth, with no pending duties.

She'd also been ordered to stay away from one Captain Sun Mei Xiang, for reasons unknown. The petite fighter pilot had informed that particular Captain, in no uncertain terms, how he could fold the padd with these 'orders' and where to stick it. Her freedom of association was a right enshrined in the Federation Charter, and no one... not Intelligence, not Command, no Admiral or Captain, would keep her away from her love.

Looking up as the door opened, she stepped in, almost immediately seeing the hulking Admiral, and by his side... her lovely Captain. She had barely seen Mei since the Shanghai exploded and their fighter had been overtaken by the subspace wave.

Sauntering over slowly, clad in a non-regulation civilian jumpsuit, Lyn smiled as she watched Mei and the Admiral and what looked like Barnes chatting. Pulling up behind Sun, she smiled up at the tall reptilian Admiral, "Admiral, Captain... Lieutenant."

"Ai," Sun gave a light smile, though she wasn't sure Lyn could see it, and then, a bit of nervousness. It was their first time near each other since Akilor, and Mei was still hidden under shaded glasses to protect her eyes. She was, still, a bit self conscious. And, she had the sneaking suspicion that neither of them were 'supposed' to be there.

Christine entered the room, stopping just inside the doorway. There were only four of them gathered so far, but still she felt more like an outsider than like someone who belonged, but that probably had to do with the fact she just wasn't Starfleet. Shifting uncomfortably from one foot to the other, she approached the group after a few minutes.

"Hello," she said and stopped beside James, just off of his elbow and slightly outside the circle. "Relau, Sun, Commander." She glanced out of the corner of her eyes towards James and gave him an acknowledging smile.

Relau handed the assignment first to Lieutenant Barnes. "Congratulations, Lieutenant. You're being transferred to the USS Idolon with myself. You're one of the lucky - or unlucky - few." He said, handing him a PADD with transfer orders. He motioned the Orion woman to him and handed her a PADD. "Commander Lyn. Transfer to Starfleet Medical Facility, Orion division. Commanding Officer Captain Gregory Faucett."

He stood up at Christine's entrance. "Ms. Descharmes. As you are a civilian, you have the pick of where you would like to go, if you would like to be retained in the service of Starfleet. Otherwise, they are offering you a job on Deep Space Station K-7 in the Beta Quadrant. It's your call." He said heavily. The few people in this room at the moment were the luckiest, from what he could tell.

"Well, that's at least two of us stuck on Earth in random jobs," Mei said quietly, leaning back lightly. She smiled at the thoughts, before continuing, "And seems like being a civilian may have been the best option yet." She said with a light smirk. "A choice sounds wonderful.

James noticed Christine the second she walked into the room, and he returned her smile with one of his own. His expression changed back to one of discontent when he turned to face the Admiral again. "I was aware this was coming. Welcome to the 'bad boy' list, Admiral. I've been on it for some time."

Relau just grunted. "There's enough of me to go around, so I guess everyone has to take their shot while they can. Most of the crew is being reassigned to a command under our dear counselor." Relau said in a straight faced monotone. "I hope they will be well received there."

Ben entered the fair sized meeting room where some of the crew had already assembled and were talking among themselves. Ben made his way over to the small crowd with the Admiral noticeably towering over them. "Admiral, Everyone." Ben spoke with a small polite nod.

"Hello," she answered and turned to face the Admiral. "K-7? I think that's quite an offer. But what if I want to stay with you? Will they let me do that?"

"Steamrunner is classed as an explorer, should be allowed to haul Civilians. Especially when not on a border. Shouldn't be a problem." Sun spoke with a nod.

Christine smiled. "Then it is the Idolon, with the request that I be assigned as a morale officer as well as the lounge manager."

"Granted" Relau said, smiling a little. "You'll have your work cut out for you though. Welcome aboard." He looked around at the room. "I wonder if anyone else is coming tonight." He mused out loud.

"Thanks, Relau," Christine said, relieved for less obvious reasons.

Lyn had silently taken Sun's hand in her own, as the others spoke. She smiled up at Christine, "I'm glad to see that you made it back in one piece, Miss Descharmes. You and Mister Barnes did very well over there."

Dark eyes turned up to the hulking Ryuu, "I wish you luck, Admiral. I'm going to push to be assigned back with you as soon as the Fleet will let me. Provided they let the Captain and I remain together. I go where she goes, even if that means I have to leave the fleet. Some snotty-ass Captain tried to order me to remain away from Captain Sun, already." She ended this by resting her head on Mei's shoulder, "I have no intention of following that order."

Rai'ya nodded. "... probably the same jerk who's ordered Jon and I off to opposite ends of the quadrant but they're only going to get away with that for so long before we either come back together as 'the Shanghai family' or they lose some of their best and most outstanding officers!" she grumbled.

"Excuse me Admiral?" Rani Anderson took the brooding silence that ensued as a chance to approach the CO. "I was given to understand my orders were to take over the medical facilities on the Idolon. If that's okay with you Sir, permission to join you?"

"Granted." Relau said, nodding to the CMO. "We'll be lucky to have you."

"Thank you Sir" Rani blushed, delighted to receive the compliment.

"I'm sure that Captain Sun and I will miss the bunch of you," Lyn said. "Try and keep us in-the-loop, if possible? Right now, I'm stuck rotating around at Starfleet Medical. I'm not quite fit for duty yet, but I don't intend to stay inactive for long."

"Yes, we will keep in touch." Relau said as he headed out the door and left his Yeoman to take care of any more crew that might come back. "Good night, everyone." He said, not looking back.


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