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USS Darwin: Fitting in the Pieces

Posted on Sun Nov 20th, 2011 @ 10:19pm by Lieutenant Commander Azumi Morganna & Lieutenant Arseni Kozlov

Mission: Intermission
Location: USS Darwin: Engineering
Timeline: Current


Lieutenant Junior Grade Arseni Kozlov moved through the engineering section of the USS Darwin. The Nova class was spectacular, despite all the open panels, tools and starfleet personnel both from the starbase and the ship itself working hard.

Arseni didn't have time to admire his surroundings though, he was now wearing too hats and boths jobs needed a lot of attention, but he knew Franz wanted his ship running smoothly before it left dry dock and he intended to help the Captain out.

He knew Commander Morganna could handle it, but she would need the extra personnel from his Ops department in order to get it done and was seeking her to find out exactly what was needed.

He spotted Azumi studying the warp core carefully, her fine features reflecting the blue ambient light. Her gaze caught his and he blushed realizing he may have been caught staring, but recovered by giving her a wave.

Then from behind he heard his name called, "Lieutenant Kozlov! Lieutenant you can't ignore me!" he half turned to see the second in command of security, a young trill woman, Lieutenant Junior Grade Larista Ris approaching him.

"Lieutenant, I need to speak with you, it is a matter of important security," she demanded.

Arseni shook his head, "Not know Lieutenant, I'm wearing my ops hat today, can't you tell," sounding clearly annoyed. He glanced back over to Azumi trying to motion her to come over and save him with his eyes.

The Chief engineer noticed the disturbance and made her way over. "What's going on here?" She demanded, but there was a twinkle in her eye.

Arseni played his part snapping to attention and the young trill officer followed suit.

"Sorry ma'am, I was just trying to get things straightened out. I can do it later," she gave the Commander a curt nod and Arseni an evil glare and then hurried off out of engineering.

Arseni gave a sigh of relief, "Sorry for the interruption Commander and thanks for the save, she is trying to show her worth to Jon. She knows I won't be on this ship forever and wants to secure the Chief of Security position when I leave. I can't blame her. Anyways, I was here to see you. Most of my Ops crew our specialized in sensors or some other science field, which is all wrong because I pride Ops in being the jack of all trades. Anyways I was hoping I can borrow some of your crewmen and officers for a couple of hours."

Azumi gave him a hard stare, but the corners of her lips were threatening to curl into a naughty grin. "You will have to make it worth my while Lieutenant." She smirked. "What's in it for me?"

Arseni smirked with unprofessional thoughts, but shrugged it off and worried if Azumi could actually read his thoughts, "A working ship and less work for you in the end. Besides I could your expertise."

"Flattery will get you everywhere." She quipped. "Turns out I can spare a few crewman for a couple of hours, just have them home by eleven." She joked.

"Thank you ma'am. And if you mean by 11am the next day, they won't be late," he said with a smile and started to make his way out of engineering.

"Oh and Commander don't be a stranger to the Ops suite, we could use your help and it would be nice to have a familiar face around as well," he said as he left.

"That's 11pm same day!" She shouted as trhe doors slid shut.


A Joint Post between:

Lieutenant (JG) Arseni Kozlov
Chief of Operations and Security
USS Darwin


Lieutenant Commander Azumi Morganna
Chief Engineering and Second Officer
USS Darwin


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