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The Betrayal

Posted on Sat Jun 30th, 2012 @ 12:25am by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.)

Mission: Intermission
Location: Marine Headquarters/Bajor
Timeline: Backpost


These are old backposts, and might not have anything to do with the current mission. I, as the CO absolutely hate throwing away good writing, so these contexts will be weird, out of place and generally incomplete. Please excuse our dust, but these are great writings!


Two armed marines made their way through the corridors of Starfleet command, pushing past anyone who happened to get in their way. After a few minutes of searching the marines found there intended target and made their way over to the security officer. "Commander Rai'ya. You are required to come with us." One of the marines spoke with an authoritative tone while standing ready in case she resisted in any way.

"My family name is Amoran, *gentlemen*. Commander Amoran! We Bajorans wear our names the other way around to you Terrans." she replied curtly, annoyed at their attitude and the fact that they hadn't got her name right.

"The only people who call me Rai'ya had better be my best friends or they're in danger of getting their teeth reset so far down their throats it'll put a whole new meaning into the expression *talking out of their arses*". she responded, her body language set to deal with any attempts to force her to do ANYthing she didn't choose to.

"I take it you're the *prime specimens* who are bringing me my orders?" she knew why they were here and she knew she'd be going with them but she wasn't going to be manhandled. There was a precedent to be set and they might as well sort it out here and now.

The marine who spoke just grinned at the somewhat small Bajoran, unthreatened by her aggressive pose. "Apologies commander, you seem to have misunderstood, you are our orders." The Marine spoke bluntly.

While the first marine was speaking the other had already pulled out a small device from his pocket and used it to initiate a site to site transport, not giving the Commander a chance to react before she appeared in a roomy office.

"Ah Commander Amoran Rai'ya, Glad to see you've beamed in... eventually." Spoke an older gentleman from behind his desk, his slightly wrinkled fingers drumming against each other making in front of his face slightly obscuring his identity. "Thank marines, you can leave us now." He said with a wave of his hand. The marines gave a quick salute before promptly leaving the small assembly of people already gathered in the office.

Rai'ya rolled her eyes. "Was I late?" she asked, rhetorically. She moved forward and held out her hand to shake his. "You have the advantage of me.... Sir?" it was half a question as to his name and rank and another half as to where he fitted into the vague bones of 'you're assigned on a joint undercover Special Op to break a drugs ring on Bajor, be prepared to leave in the morning...' instruction she had been bluntly given.

General Wilson quickly dismissed the extended hand the Commander had offered. "I am General Wilson, the head of Marine intelligence and special operations. So the next time you feel it necessary to express your frustration or disrespect towards me, be assured that you will not be the only one to pay the price for your mistake." General Wilson's facial expression or tone never changed while he issued the commanders only warning.

"Well since we are all here, I will first introduce you to the team you will be assisting. Firstly we have Colonel Delris Marion." The General spoke while pointing to the tall well-built Bajoran Colonel with greying hair. "Who will be running this operation; secondly we have Captain Felix Argyll who will be taking command of the Razgriz, with Captain Sung as the ships Executive Officer, Commander Amoran, you while be handing tactical while on-board and assisting the colonel's team with the investigation while on the surface."

The General paused for a moment taking a quick look at everyone "The information that will be given in this brief by the Colonel is of a highly classified and sensitive nature and will not be spoken about outside this room. So before we start everyone will place their hand on this identification PaDD to confirm their identity and compliance with keeping this information undisclosed" the General slide the PaDD towards the commander.

Rai'ya put out her right hand as the padd came within reach. She placed it palm down on the screen and it bleeped cheerfully. "Identity - Amoran, Rai'ya - Rank: Commander. Starfleet. Subject of Terran/Bajoran descent. Current Assignment - Classified." A mechanical voice recited, flashing a green light. "Genetic match confirmed"

With no comment, Rai slid the padd to the person on her left, the Bajoran Colonel who had been introduced as Delris.

It was some time later the the party left for their briefing and deployed to the Razgriz. The atmosphere in the cockpit was tense at first as they all settled in for the long journey. There were many awkward silences as their differences blocked them from socialising so the mission continued as it had begun, a collection of people with a common goal but with no common ground. They reverted to business mode in the absence of any 'lightening up' - all until the long-range call for Commander Amoran came in.

The already silent cockpit could not help but hear the transmission as she was connected to Commander Franz who in turn introduced her to his new XO, a Bajoran woman by the name of Dakin. The banter back and forth amused some and produced grimaces from others but after the call was over the former awkwardness of the atmosphere was gone, the ice now broken and plenty of new subject material and light heartedness available for them all to indulge in.

By the time they reached the co-ordinates for the beginning of phase two of their mission and the return to their 'business' formalities, the diverse professionals that had been gathered together knew enough about each other's personalities and attitudes to function as a 'team' at least temporarily.

Phase two went off smoothly and they each played their parts with almost surprisingly few obstacles presenting themselves. On the planet of Bajor, they deployed as planned and took up their strategic positions, sub-dividing off to their individual or paired instructions. Amoran was ordered to attempt an infiltration which she did without too much of a problem due to her soft Bajoran ridges and a well researched and plausible story.

Argyll and the Razgriz took themselves off to a position behind the fourth moon, Derna, to avoid detection until the rendezvous time, after they had managed to deploy the smaller teams in their various locations. Colonel Delris went off to undertake something that he did not choose to disclose to all the team, but he took Sung and Amoran with him. It went much against Rai'ya's better judgement to be kept so much in the dark whilst being thrust into the jaws of whatever unknown danger that they were pursuing, but she had no choice.

Promising herself never to allow herself to be metaphorically blindfolded like this again, she set about her orders and performed the seemingly disjointed tasks, apparently with efficiency and success.

It wasn't until she found herself at the rendezvous point, meeting up with Bajoran unknowns who shouldn't have been there according to what she had been led to believe, that she began to sense that this wasn't going according to the little Delris' had revealed of his plan.

Overpowered by sheer numbers she found herself fighting for her life and as she went down again and again, there came a point at which she was finally unable to get back up again and darkness seeped into her consciousness. Pain and a numbness were the only things she was aware of apart from the distant sound of a familar voice.

It was Delris' voice. "I want her alive, you fools!" he was shouting although his words were fading. "What use is she to me dead? By the fires of hell are you all *completely* incompetent?" He ranted on but Amoran could no longer hear him. All she was aware of was Jon's face, mouthing the words 'i love you'.... the last thing she had seen of him.

It went very cold and the pain seemed to fade, to be replaced by fluffy white clouds and images of Jon, his face, the way his deep hypnotic eyes seared into her soul, the touch of his lips, the scent of his skin. It felt as if she was with him until the darkness returned in a swirl like flood water, black, impenetrable, cold, so cold.....

"Jon...." her bloodied, torn lips tried to whisper his name but no sound left her.

The message that came back to her family on Earth some weeks later contained official words like "Missing in Action" and "Deepest Sympathy". Silent and ashen faced, Amoran Villa took himself to his room and remained there for two days, not even able to be comforted his sobbing second wife.

Meanwhile Ensign Delvok held his new wife Amoran Rel'Na tightly in his arms before sending in his own resignation from Starfleet as a result of her distraut entreaties. She couldn't bear to lose him too.

They had been sent word that Jon was missing too and it was all too much to bear. This family needed the strong Vulcan here with them, not out there at risk of becoming yet another of these 24th Century holographic equivalents of the dreaded bad news, the shadow of which every military family had to live under.

The Amoran family went into a period of the same terrible silences that they had endured when Rai'ya's mother had been beaten to death sixteen years ago, almost to the day. Fortunately they had no way of guessing yet how similar the mother and daughter's situations had become, on the very same planet.

A sad, emotional JP Between:

Commander Amoran Rai'ya (MIA)
Chief of Security and Tactical
Formerly of the USS Shanghai,
Temporarily Re-Assigned - Classified.

General Wilson
Colonel Delris
Captain Argyll
Captain Sung
by Ken (Boston)
& by Nate (Sun)


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