The Auriga Perseus Section

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The Auriga Perseus Area

Void Space

Between Federation Space and the Auriga Perseus area is mostly empty space between galactic arms. Three months at warp eight brings you from the edge of Federation Space to the edge of the Auriga Perseus section and Seppala Station. It is a barren stretch of space, with its own mysteries to explore eventually. For now, the link between the two is distant, and aside from the probes exploring the direct path between the two sections - there is little exploration happening.

Auriga Perseus

The Auriga section of the Perseus arm of the Galaxy is much younger than the rest of the Beta and Alpha quadrants. New stars, new systems, all are more prominent here than elsewhere in the galaxy - as are various anomalies and dangers. And yet, life thrives here as it does in so many other sections of the galaxy. At the very edge of this section is the Federation outpost of Seppala Station, and Golovin colony. The only ports in a very unknown section of the universe.

The Rimward Exploration Initiative

The Rimward Exploration Intiative, more commonly called REI or the Initiative, is a Federation push to explore out towards the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. This Initiative is made up of Twenty Six (26) Federation Member systems, or allied systems with the hope that explorations of the younger parts of the galaxy will help provide new and exciting glimpses of our universe. The Auriga Section of the Perseus Arm is the first step in the exploration. This area is twelve sectors of void space separate the nearest Federation Sector to the Arm making it very remote.

Below you will find links to information on the Initiative.

Organizations in the Auriga Perseus

Colonies and Station in Auriga Perseus

Ships Operating in Auriga Perseus

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