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Native Auriga-Perseus Species


A Protectorate species, the Corvian people are warriors. They maintain their power through force, and are not afraid to use exceptional displays of it when pushed even a little bit. They are considered incredibly dangerous by Starfleet. They are larger, generally a bit taller than humans. While mostly humanoid in appearance, their biology is distinctly Avian, and even still includes wings. Human crew have described them as like Harpies of folklore. Not much is known about their internal biology. Like all Protectorate species, they use cybernetic augmentations.


A Protectorate species, the Cyen people are a smaller species. They act as the first contact species of the Protectorate, and are known traders in the region. As a people, they value community and freedom of expression and press, and may be the most like the Federation out of the region. They are mammalian, and roughly humanoid, but only stand about a meter and a half tall on average. They are possess angular faces and features, with thinner and longer skulls than say humans or similar species. Internally, they are most similar to Trill, but with some distinct differences. Like all Protectorate species, they use cybernetic augmentations.


The founding species of the Protectorate, the Edasichian Homeworld and its people were eradicated to stop the advance of the Borg. Otherwise, little is known about them by the Federation. They are revered in the Protectorate, and the Cyen refer to them as very similar to humans in many ways.


A Protectorate species, the Rana are a legalistic and largely enigmatic people. They have a fanatical devotion to the Convocation of the Protectorate, which manifests as nearly religious structure in their day to day lives. They are largely a mystery to Starfleet still. Physically, they are very tall, and eerily thin - not unlike Kelpiens of the Federation. However, they are distinctly predatory in both physiology and psychology.

Initiative Species


Humans are a common sight in the Federation, as one of its major members. They make up a large portion of the Initiative. Like with the Federation, they were one of the founding members of the Initiative, bringing the idea to the Council floor alongside the Andorians, Saurians, and Trill.


The Andorian people have put a large effort into colonization and exploration initiatives of the REI. Along with Humans, they were one of the primary systems backing the Initiative. Andor has sent independent civilian vessels and military vessels as part of the Initiative, including the USS Shune.


Betazed was early to opt into the Initiative project, but memories of the Dominion Wars made them somewhat reluctant to put forward as much support as some other species. Still, a number of Betazoids have made their way to Auriga as colonists or explorers.


With Cait being the closest large Federation world, Caitians make up a large part of the Initiative, offering supplies and a link to much of the rest of the Federation. Due to their role as a major connection point, they expect to send ships and colonists in the near future.


In a surprising move, the Klingon Empire entered the Initiative late in its setup. Mostly, the Klingons have sent supplies, colonists, officers, and some troops. They do intend to send ships during the third wave, however.


The Orion people are not an official member of the Initiative - though several high profile members are of Orion descent. Orion Syndicate operations in the area, as well as Orion traders operating with the Consortium, have made the species a common sight in the area - and one often defined by locals as an Initiative species.


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Saurians were a less common sight in the Federation despite being an long time member, but recent population growth has made them more and more common. The Saurian people were quick to join the Initiative.


Tellar is a member of the Federation, and so some Tellarites have found their way into the Initiative. However, they are rare, as the Tellar System did not opt into the Initiative fully.


The Trill Science Ministry was an integral part of the initial push to set up the Initiative, making Trill a common sight within the Initiative.


Vulcan scientists were quick to join the Initiative. They are an important part of the system, just as they are within the Federation. However, the Vulcan system has decided to concentrate on later waves of the project.

Consortium Species


Breen mercenaries serve as the primary fighting forces of the Consortium.


Coridanite are a Federation species known for its important location in the quadrant and skill with logistics and mining. Many Coridanites abandoned the Consortium to move to Golovin after the attack.


Ferengi founded the Consortium, hoping to find new sources of profit in a new section of space. They lost their leadership privileges after attacking Golovin.


Illyrians were a seemingly small contingent of the Consortium, serving primarily as engineers and ship's crew - but they have taken aleadership role after recent events.


Rigellian are a long time Federation species known for its trading talents and proximity to many other quadrant powers. Like the Coridanites, many Rigellians abandoned the Consortium to move to Golovin after the attack.


Selelvians were a former member of the Federation, cast out due to the use of their empathic powers. They are technologically advanced, and act as the Consortium's intelligence and diplomatic branches.


Yridian are as always information brokers. They are not too common in the Consortium, but a few Yridian shuttles have been seen in Consortium areas or Protectorate trade posts.

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